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Piont system


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Piont system

  1. 1. National Society of Collegiate Scholars Central Michigan University Points SystemTo achieve Active Member Status: • 1 Social Activity • 1 Volunteer Activity • 1 Fundraiser • 3 MeetingsMeetings are worth 1 pointVolunteer Activities are 5 pointsSocial Events are 2 pointsFundraising Opportunities are 2 pointsParticipation in PACE is 5 point for the first year, 3 points each year afterAttending the Induction Ceremony is 1 pointTo achieve Star Statuses: (any combination after Active Member Status is achieved)Bronze Member Star Status = 16 pointsSilver Member Star Status = 20 pointsGold Member Star Status = 24 points***** If you sign up for an event and do not show up, you will lose points. A point willbe taken away for every event missed that you sign up and failed to let an Eboardmember know that you could no longer attend (or extenuating circumstances). Thesepoints will NOT affect your “Active Member Status”, but rather it will affectachievement of higher statuses (Bronze, Silver, or Gold).*****