Meeting minutes 11 1-12


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Meeting minutes 11 1-12

  1. 1. National Society of Collegiate Scholars Central Michigan University Meeting Minutes 11-1-12PresidentContact information:Scarlett ValdezPhone: (989) 326-4829Email: hella1sr@cmich.eduFundraisingPop can drive – Bring in the slips from returned pop can, or if you don’t have a car, bringin the pop cans. At least $5 worth or slips or cans. Turn them in by the last meeting(November 29th) to get your fundraising point.Community Service / Social OpportunityWe are having a letter writing event where we will write letters thanking our troopsoverseas for their service, especially over the holidays. It is going to be before our nextmeeting, Thursday November 15th, at 6:00, with the meeting following at its usually time(6:30). There will be pizza and pop as it is a social too! Please respond via Facebook,Orgsync, or email an officer, so we know how many to expect for pizza. Replying to theevent on Orgsync would be the best way.More Community ServiceIssue Day- Issue Day is a one-day conference providing education, information and orientation on issueschallenging society today. The conference focuses on a variety of vital issues including hunger,homelessness, HIV/AIDS, youth, animal endangerment, and education. Issue Day provides resources foradvocacy and encourages civic engagement among attendees.You must register ahead of time on Orgsync. It is Saturday Nov. 10th from 8:30am – 2pmIf you go, bring a paper from the event signed by someone in charge and it can count fora community service point. For more information go to: can always do other community service events like the soup kitchen in your owntime, just call ahead of time and schedule a time to go!
  2. 2. Make sure you are following us on Facebook and Orgsync. Here are the links:Orgsync: you ever have any other questions feel free to contact me at Stempien (Secretary & Social Media)