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General meeting 2 19-1


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General meeting 2 19-1

  1. 1. NSCS CMU General Meeting 2/19/13Thanks to everyone who came to the study social and meeting!SocialThere is a social at the Women’s Basketball game this Sunday, February 24th at 2pm in Rose. NSCSmembers will meet outside of the entrance in the lobby.We are also having a social in which we are coming together to make a trifold of information andpictures to promote our club at different events we put on or attend. There will be snacks andrefreshments available. This will take place next Tuesday, February 26th in Pearce 107 8pm.Community ServiceThere is a Mobile food pantry volunteer opportunity this Saturday February 23rd from 7:30am – 1:00pmlocated at Finch Fieldhouse.There is also an opportunity to volunteer for the Up All Night event this Saturday as well. Go to to register. The only timeslotsthey need now are from 11:50am-2am and 1:50-4:00am. When prompted for your organization leaderscontact information, you can put in Scarlett Valdez, .We are also still taking donations for items the animal shelter is in need of. Visit the following link toobtain a list of the items and bring to any NSCS function. are selling NSCS T-shirts for $10. This will count as a fundraiser point.We are also collecting pop can slips or the cans again for a fundraiser point. We would like at least $5worth. If you hand in the slips please have them be from a store we can cash them in at here in MountPleasant (WalMart, Meijer, Kroger).SGA
  2. 2. There is currently an amendment in the university constitution stating that pepper spray is not allowedon campus. However, SGA voted to change this so students may have pepper spray for protection oncampus without penalty. It is now in the process of being changed.SGA also voted to open a women’s service on campus and is awaiting approval.RUSHWe will be having tables around campus on March 11th and 12th for RUSH to get more new members tosign up for our club. We will also have additional informational meetings on March 14th from 5-6 and onMarch 19th from 8-9. More information will to come.