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Norwegian Immigration to America


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The story of immigration from Norway to the United States, primarily focusing on the period of 1825-1925. View the presenter's notes for each slide by clicking the Notes tab below.

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Norwegian Immigration to America

  1. 1. Where We Came From Norwegian Immigration to America Clarissa Peterson June 15, 2012
  2. 2. Map data ©2012 Google
  3. 3. Population of Norway
  4. 4. Norwegian Immigrant Arrivals by Year
  5. 5. Where We Are TM GENERAL REFERENCE C A N A D A CE TIC AL AN O LAN AS er KA Seatt Riv AT le Olym WA S Spokan Lake of the pia HING e Woods TO N R 90 15 H AW Portla i A 95 nd C o lu our PA I I O m bia Missoula iss River NE CIF La k e S M A I Bangor IC O Salem M MON Grand Forks upe CEAN TA N A NO RT H DA KOTA r i or Helena C Butte s ta Euge ne 94 Fargo Duluth Augu 84 Bismarck M elier ORE Montp K nd GON Billings MINNESOTA I La Burlin gton Portla T MON G 5 VER E C Y 75 P S H IR ke 35 87 HAM H Boise rd NEW Conco TS Hu IG I DA H Minneapolis R U S ET O Green Bay ri o n t a Syracuse M AS S AC H La k e Michigan ron SO UT H DA KOTA 91 oston A St Paul 94 ke O WI SC ON SIN43 La YO R Klbany B ence N Provid E Rapid City Pierre NEW A eld uffalo pringfi S Pocatello W YO M IN Sioux Falls Grand B S rd LAN D 90 Rapids Hartfo D E IS A G N Milwaukee ton R HO Casper ie Scran T Madison Lansing Detroit Er UT M E C T IC T ke ork C O N N M 80 25 Sioux City Cedar La N IA 80 New Y Great IOW A Rapids Chicago Toledo Cleveland SY LVA Trento n P E N N Harrisburg O 29 EY Reno G R Salt J E RS E A Salt Lake Cheyenne NE BR AS KA NEW N E VA T Lake Des Moines Wayne rgh lphia San Carso DA City U Omaha Fort Pittsbu Philade n City Provo O H IO 80 Fran re Sacra Peoria Baltimo lis Dover E L AWA R E R iv e r 65 cisco mento Fort Collins Oakla nd UTA H Lincoln IL LI NO IS IN D IA N A 70 Columbus Annapo D P A C gton N San J Denver 35 ose Springfield Indianapolis W E ST Washin LAND A N DC C ALIF Cincinnati IA M A RY ORN 70 V IR G IN 95 T B A 55 IA Kansas City Kansas City S I NIA C O LO R A D O n V I R G I hmond N Fresn Topeka MIS SO UR I St Louis Frankfort Charlesto Beach io o Virginia A Oh Ric O C E Evansville Louisville Lexingto n N Pueblo KANS AS Jefferson City Norfolk I F I P 81 A 5 Las Veg 15 Ark 85 KENTUCKY I as a Wichita I r H Baker sfield Rive oro GreensbRaleigh L ns Springfield C N as 44 on-Sale m ille A INA Nashville Knoxv L Winst C A RO L C A Los A N O R T Hharlotte 40 ngele R Tulsa EE A S Flagstaff NESS River s 40 TE N San Be C I C 40 rnardin Santa Fe OKLA HOM A P o do ton I ARIZO P Greenville Wilming O C NA Albuquerque Amarillo Oklahoma City Fort Smith Memphis 65 ora 10 A olumbia San D N ARK ANS AS C N T Co l iego N E W M E X IC S O UT H ippi Phoenix O 27 Little Rock 59 IN A Atlanta C A RO L S Red Birmingham n Charlesto Mississ E A 55 R G IA B A M A G E O Macon 25 30 Roswell Lubbock 95 L A Tucson ALA Fort Worth MISSISSIPPI 85 Columbus Meridian Savannah N Dallas Shrevep ort ery El Paso 20 Montgom A T TE XA S Ri Jackson 75 65 ve lle 59 Jacksonvi r 45 Tallahassee 10 Biloxi Mo bile ARCTIC OCE 10 LOU ISIA NA HAWAII AN Austin Baton Rouge Rio Honolulu Houston New Orleans PA C RU Orlando IF SS IA San Antonio IC B ROOKS Tampa 95 G ra RANGE M OC 35 Hilo A F L O R ID EA 370 100 mi nd N E MEXIC O e ALASKA R Lake obee T F OF X Okeech0 100 km on Fairbanks UL H Miami E I C G A k ASK Yu B C AL NGE A A R A H N Anchorage O A A BE Albers equal area projection M D RIN AS A G 0 100 200 300 mi SE A GULF OF ALA Juneau 0 100 200 300 km PA SK CIF 0 200 mi A IC OCE AN 0 200 km CUBA U.S. Department of the Interior The National Atlas of the United States of AmericaO R U.S. Geological Survey genref1.pdf INTERIOR-GEOLOGICAL SURVEY, RESTON, VIRGINIA-2003
  6. 6. Thank You
  7. 7. Photo Credits via Creative CommonsDerek Jensen Randen Pederson EfarestvPeter Gorman Caleb Williams David HunterShihmei Barger Bobak HaEri KsteinnesJonathunder Richie Diesterheft Terry ChristianJonathunder Mat783 Jonathunder