Mise-En-Scene Plan


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Mise-En-Scene Plan

  1. 1. Mise en scene Produced by Clarissa Thompson Costume: Modern day teen dress code. Casual: boys – jeans, hoodie, short sleeve t-shirts, trainers, etc. Girls – leggings/jeans, t-shirt/shirt and jacket, and boots/trainers/shoes. NO high heels. This idea of casual clothing is associated with horror films as this creates fear among the audience as they see that any, every day 'normal' people can be a demon/killers subjective for death. Props: Each character to be holding a backpack/big bag reasonable for camping for a weekend trip. Demonic book with self-drawn images of ‘demons’ and symbols associated with spirits. Tent (set up for image shots in the forest). Camera/ Phone for character/s to film. (Forest scene and café scene). Chain (tied around tree for one frame. Holding the book up for another frame). CHANGES The use of having backpacks as apart of a prop was changed due to the change in storyboard and characters. Location: Epping Forest From: Westminster Kingsway College, Grays Inn Road, London. Destination: Epping Forest, Ilford, Essex. By using Google maps, a clear planned journey from Westminster Kingsway College to Epping Forest was presented to the group. No characters were needed for the forest scene. https://maps.google.co.uk/
  2. 2. Coffee shop/café – Café Carmel From: Westminster Kingsway College, Grays Inn Road, London Destination: Café Carmel, 229 Grays Inn Road, London By using Google maps, an image and map layout of where the shooting of the café scene will take place. Characters will need to be present, however precise directions were not needed as it is situated down the road from Westminster College where we all attend. https://plus.google.com/111084279996755857798/photos CHANGES From: Westminster Kingsway College, Greys Inn road, London Destination: Primrose Hill, Primrose Hill Road, London Changes were made to our prime location from Epping Forest to Primrose Hill. Due to the current 48- hour tube strike throughout London; this made it far too long of a journey for our group in only a few hours to carry out our filming that afternoon from Westminster Kingsway College to Epping Forest. The torrential downpour had also caused flooded streams and very saturated soil, which would have been very difficult to film and set up equipment. Primrose hill also allowed us more open space and a panoramic high city shot of London.
  3. 3. Thus, by using Google maps, a clear thorough planned journey from Kings Cross Station; our group meeting spot; to Primrose Hill. No characters were needed for filming at this location. https://maps.google.co.uk/ Lighting: A lot of natural lighting with additional direct lighting will be used throughout the film as filming will be exterior (in daylight/sunset). Thus sunlight will be used as our main source of lighting as well as using a light bouncer to achieve lighting when filming the café scene to reflect natural lighting when needed. EXTERIOR Scene 1: As this is a long shot, only natural lighting from the sun/set will be used in this scene of the forest and the book (prop). Scene 2: Close – up. Dimmed background light will be present in this scene with small lighting (flash torch) which will be held at bird’s eye view to portray details of the close-up shot of the book. Scene 3: Wide-shot. Sunset background among the trees with a 2-point lighting surrounding the tent for only 6-second camera shot. Scene 4: Low angle shot meaning that the sky will be in the shot. A silhouette of the trees should take place with low sunset of the sky lit up. Scene 5: Wide shot with slow zoom. 2 point (left and right) torches either side of chained tree (prop). Lighting will be placed either side of the camera to avoid shadows from the cast/scenery, i.e. trees. Estimated 6 metres distance between each torch. Scene 6: High angle shot. One flash torch; lighting at high angle position. Dimmed low to create ‘horror’ effect of the leaves blowing on the ground. INTERIOR Café scenes Natural lighting is to be used throughout this short scene in order to create realism. Camera work is specifically used to ‘flow with the light not against it’. Only additional 2-point lighting is essential when sun begins to fade, in order to keep the film footage consistent and realistic within the time of day. CHANGES: The café scene become exterior unfortunately due to crowding of the café inside, and therefore resulted within filming outside the café. This meant only natural lighting
  4. 4. would be used and a guidance to the camera person to help insure the right angles were used within each shot. Actors:  Four main characters, all in in their late teens.  Two girls.  One boys.  One homosexual boy. For the actors, I wanted to have a wide range of gender, ethnicity and class. CHANGES One white British teenage girl. One afro-Caribbean teenage girl. As a group we discussed that for short filming, there was too many characters involved and this was not needed for just an opening sequence. I decided on one boy and one girl to be the opening actors. Unfortunately, there was not a male teenage boy that we could find to fit our schedule. This meant that two girls were my two main characters; for the opening title sequence; however the topic of boys would come up to create a more teenage atmosphere and realism. In the conventions of a horror females are prone to be the victim for example in opening sequences such as The Ring and Scream. As a result, I wanted to include class and ethnicity by having one white British middle class girl, beside one afro-Caribbean 'street' working class girl. Actors’ movement: Café scene: Characters are supposed to be sitting down, relaxed and casual whilst having a conversation. The working class teenage girl would have a slight attitude that is conveyed through her hand and body language. The middle class teenage girl will be holding one the latest smartphones. This character will portray the stereotype of teenagers always being on their phones and not always paying attention to the subject of conversation at times. This can be exemplified in horror opening sequences such as Scream - the teenage girl is distracted; making popcorn; by a phone conversation with a male. Forest scene: There are no characters at the forest scene, and therefore there are no character movements. Actors make – up: The characters will have minimal make-up. The working class girl will have some of her hair shaven and to one side of her head to create an urban and ‘street’ style, along with no make-up. The second character – the middle class girl – will have short hair that is middle parted and subtle. No make-up or costume is needed for the opening sequence for the villain as it is a demon/spirit that is only heard but not seen.
  5. 5. Present the mise-en-scene plans to their group for feedback. Changes throughout were changed after discussion with the group and are detailed and edited into my plan as shown above. Discussed to the group was my idea of the key prop, which is a chained worn out book. This is the ‘killer’. Meaning that the killer is not necessarily seen, but the demands/spirits are hidden from within the book. Upon this idea, the group agreed on my idea of forest shot images. This included one shot with the book chained and slightly buried under the soil/leaves on the ground. The second was an image shot of the tent in the distance of the forest/field. These will all be taken towards the ending of the sun setting.