Media - Evaluation 5


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Media - Evaluation 5

  1. 1. How did you attract/address your audience? By Clarissa Thompson
  2. 2. Through the process of my pre-production planning and research this enabled me to look at the key conventions that take place within the horror of an opening sequence. Being a horror fan myself, I knew that various camera shots, sound and editing, all play an important role along with mise en scene to create an ambiguity effect upon the audience to attract them to my product. Although a horror movie attracts a wide audience from the age of 15+, I decided to attract mainly the teenage/ young adult generation as results from my question state this age bracket prefer horror as a film genre. Results from my primary research also showed that a ‘ghost’ as a villain was very popular, therefore allowing me to attract the audience by this idea in my own product of the concept of a spiritual killer. I then decided to address my audience by my mise en scene plans such as through ethnicity, class, age and gender – to convey the male gaze theory.
  3. 3. My chose of the two characters meant that I could address my target audience specifically. One aim was through the idea of using two opposed ethnicities for the protagonist within my opening sequence. Character One: Character Two: This character address’ a teenage female, urban ‘street’ look and style. She is from working/middle class background by her sense of style that is common around the streets of London. Her Afro – Caribbean ethnicity address’ a wider audience; with more than one culture within the opening sequence; as well as my product takes place in London city which is very multi-cultural and diverse. This character is a female middle class teenager that appears to look reserved and well dressed yet casual, attracting a slightly different audience opposed to character one. This character also has a small amount of make up and is the stereotypical ‘Barbie’ with blond hair and blue eyes, attracting to the male gaze theory.
  4. 4. Camera shots are used to address certain aspects of an audience such as the use of extreme wide shots – to explore the surroundings – of London City, as well as extreme close ups – to explore key props such as an iPhone smartphone to attract the teenage audience. Wide shots of a tent in the forest is a key prop which attracts and address’ the audience into a sense of realism and escapism. The use of the tent prop attracts the 16-24 age is something that at this age enjoys doing or aspires to do for fun with friends, family or festivals. This elaborates the idea of realism which creates a stronger ambiguity effect as this is something they experience themselves in their life. The tent was also located at Primrose Hill, London which is very known by 16-24 year olds. I addressed this location by using an extreme wide shot - panning from left to right – to explore the setting of the opening sequence. I then decided to create a silhouette effect by going against the sunset lighting.
  5. 5. Editing was also important in order to attract the audience such as by adding non – diegetic sound into my opening sequence. I done this by making my own soundtrack on garage band by firstly looking at sound and editing within the conventions of horror within opening sequences. I then used other computer software's such as Motion Plus and Final Cut Pro to create fast movements of scenes and cutaway shots and transitions from simple and effortless dark scenes to pop-up images.