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OWBC Chapter 4


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Spontaneous Sims OWBC
Chapter Four

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OWBC Chapter 4

  1. 1. Spontaneous Sims An Officially Wacky BoolProp Challenge by clarinetplayer15 Chapter Four
  2. 2. Welcome back to the OWBC! Boomerang is glad you’re here.And speaking of Boom, there’s important news to announce--- the heirship.The winner is none other than Boom, and I can’t say I’m not surprised. Thankyou all that voted!Now, to follow our heiress’ journey through the rest of college. I will warnyou now—it gets a little, ahem, dramatic.
  3. 3. Where we ended last chapter, Orchid had had a very unsuccessful, fully-paid-for, Matchmaker date with Jimmy Phoenix. In hopes of finding a better man,maybe some supernaturals, and to help Orchid’s mood, I sent her to the localRapid Racers Rink. She ran into none other than my very dear founder of thischallenge, and her mother, Janna.
  4. 4. Ooh, lookie here~According to the Apartment Life bonus rules (which I am doing), I need tocreate a Witch at some point in this challenge.
  5. 5. She seems like our kind of lady.Now, I don’t think Orchid here is suited to be an evil Witch with her ninenice points, but there’s someone else in this family that would make anawesome one….
  6. 6. Has anyone else seen this before? I wasn’t sure if this was normal or not, soI had Orchid leave before my game could explode.
  7. 7. “A new phone?! *barf*”College is plodding along at the house, not too quickly, and not too fasteither.
  8. 8. The phone was for Orchid to invite Caitlyn Palmer the Atrociously EvilWitch over. It’s the last time she’ll need it, though, because I’m hopingshe’ll be racking up relationship points with a certain someone during hervisit….
  9. 9. Shoot. Man, I should have seen this one coming. I won’t hold it against mySims if Cheese doesn’t get fetched back, as it was due to my ownincompetence that he was stolen.-_-
  10. 10. Anyway, the one I wanted to be introduced to Caitlyn was Boom. I’ve neverhad an Evil Witch before (I’ve had some good ones, but still, my experienceis limited), but I do know that they cackle, and I cannot pass up theopportunity to make Boomerang even more awesome. ---- I’ve had three good Witches/Warlocks, actually. But no evil ones yet.
  11. 11. Oh good, Boom gets the drift. I just hope she can build the necessaryrelationship on her own, since I don’t want to use her eight-a-daycommands on this.
  12. 12. Cooking skill point? Wha--Oh, Boom. Glad you’re controllable now.
  13. 13. “Oh, come on! I’m hungry!”I just put some Grilled Cheese out for you, dear. Eat that instead. Then goout and socialize in the hottub with Caitlyn.
  14. 14. Hey, Boom, where ya going? I didn’t tell you to get out yet. *peeks at Boom’squeue*Oh, yes, do go Steal Back Gnome!
  15. 15. But then Boom went inside. Guess she changed her mind. But it’s all right,Arachane is here to save the day and steal back our gnome, despite Caitlynstill being in the hottub.(How she’s hiding Cheese under her bathing suit, I’ll never know.)Let’s catch up with some other members of the household….
  16. 16. No better way to start the day than punching your sister through the stomach.
  17. 17. Since Ohme is a Pleasure sim, he wanted to ask someone on a date. He calledup Lark and then I left them to their own devices, and it seems Ohme doesn’tneed any of my help. I’m pretty sure these two are going to get married aftercollege.
  18. 18. I also had Boom call up Caitlyn after class.
  19. 19. As soon as she hung up she did this. Oh dear. Don’t you worry, Boom, I’llhave you call Cooper soon, to get you aspiration points and also so youcan tell me if you like him enough that you want to keep him.
  20. 20. It appears socializing got us a little farther. Now, Caitlyn--- turn Boom intoa Witch, please?
  21. 21. The Chest Pound still reigns strong around here as the favorite interaction.I think the cheerleader and the mascot know it, as well as a randomassortment of walkbys. The cow might, too, if anyone had any inclinationto be nice to him.
  22. 22. “Dirty Joke” runs a close second.
  23. 23. Orchid has started a garden out back behind the house, for two reasons.One, to give her something to do, and two, to obtain a wishing well. It willmake putting spouses in order much easier, especially if Boom decides shedoesn’t want Cooper.Also I figured it appropriate for Orchid to be the one to do the planting,seeing as she has the name of a flower.
  24. 24. Orchid seems to be the right Sim for the job. She hasn’t even planted allthe plants and she’s already got a bronze Gardening talent badge and hasmastered the art of planting above ground, with her arm through herthigh, no less.
  25. 25. The cheerleader is a regular addition to the household goings-on, andapparently she’s won some fights while she’s been here. A nice thing aboutthese college NPCs is their autonomous research. I often use one of Boom’scommands to tell her to study with them to hopefully keep her grade abovesea level.(Getit?)
  26. 26. Oh, baby! An arcade game! Congrats, Lark, you’ve earned yourself more dateswith Ohme.She’s delivered a gift before this one, but it was just a small sculpture. This ismuch better!
  27. 27. The machine certainly works great for my Bad Apple.
  28. 28. Man, Orchid, you’re a badge gaining machine! I’ve never seen a Sim getGardening badges this fast (and I’ve done it plenty of times), and she’smanaging schoolwork as well.
  29. 29. After all the weeding was done, Orchid called up the Garden Club to applyfor membership.
  30. 30. Aw, man, I forgot that the Garden Club hates flamingos. Well, excuse me,I happen to think they’re cute. I would totally put one on my lawn.
  31. 31. Of course Sad Old Guy showed up with the other members. I was happyto see him in my game.
  32. 32. I didn’t put up a fence around the flamingoes in the middle of theinspection. My game crashed, and I lost the results of the first timearound, so this is from the second, after I thought of the brilliant idea ofputting a fence far enough around so the members couldn’t reach themto go “Ewww, disgusting!” over them. Now maybe they’ll actually payattention to the SUPER EXPENSIVE sculptures on the other parts of thelot.
  33. 33. Around this time inside…. Boom is getting her aspiration changed. Her currentone was definitely low enough.
  34. 34. Now it will (hopefully) be much easier to keep her in the green.
  35. 35. Heading back outside, our inspection was successful and we now havethe Wishing Well out back under a big willow tree. (Thankfully this one isthe less violent, more depressed cousin of the Whomping.)I figured Orchid deserved the first wish, since she did all the work. Now,I’ve never had a Well before, so we’ll see how this works….
  36. 36. The mailman was dropped for her. He has a funky jaw, but I’m not too pickyabout Sim genetics. Your decision, Orchid.
  37. 37. She seems more than happy with the Well’s choice for her. ‘Kay, honey, he’syours.Onto the next day. Boom has someone she needs to call….
  38. 38. That someone is no other than Caitlyn Palmer the Atrociously Evil Witch.You know what, she’s just going to be CPAEW from now on. I’m tired oftyping that all out.Now, can she show Boom the Path of Darkness yet…?
  39. 39. Huzzah!*waits anxiously*
  40. 40. “Hee hee hee. I made it rain.”*loves Boomerang even more*
  41. 41. Then I got distracted by Ohme stomping on some roaches that I haveno idea where they came from. Boom doesn’t kick the bin anymore andno one is enemies with anyone on campus. Janna was enemies with thecow when she was here, but the cow doesn’t kick bins.
  42. 42. Gah, not again. I even saw her going for it, but everyone was eating (ormaking out, in October and Arachane’s case) so I couldn’t snag her withan interaction.
  43. 43. October immediately went to fetch the gnome back, though, so it’s allgood. If you’re wondering why I was distracted from CPAEW, it wasbecause something else was going on upstairs with another guest….
  44. 44. I did promise Boom I would have her invite Cooper over so she couldshow me how much she liked him. Show me she did. Just look at thatgrin! And a peek at her relationship panel shows me she has three boltsfor him.
  45. 45. Orchid’s still keeping a garden, and as a result she now has a GoldGardening talent badge. She’s currently growing eggplant, so I canmake some juice for Boom to get her skill points she might need to getthrough college.
  46. 46. There’s another member of the house now, too. Remember this girl? Ifnot here’s a refresher….
  47. 47. You remember G, of course. He’s holding Starla, his daughter with thePollination Technician.
  48. 48. By the time she’d aged to child, all of her half-siblings were teenagers,and quickly heading off to college. So she stayed behind with her elderparents. Not too much happened, but a few things did…
  49. 49. Shelia stole the gnome without even being invited over. Sigh….
  50. 50. Janna built another Servo. I’ve decided to give this another try,especially since I’ll need extra hands this next generation.And since I feel guilty about kicking Nuts out, this one was initialized asfemale. Meet Jumble.
  51. 51. I also redecorated the house, which led to the elders and Jumblestomping around the house with “Where did it go?” in their queues.Gee, I’m so glad I did this for you guys.
  52. 52. Anyway, now Starla is here at college with her half-siblings. She’s aKnowledge sim and is still super awesome. She will also be playing animportant role in this challenge, but I’ll get to that later.
  53. 53. In the kitchen, Ohme is proposing to Lark. I try to let my Sims run thegame (it also kind of just happens when you have a Bad Apple), sowhen he rolled the Want, I immediately let him fulfill it.
  54. 54. Boom has thoroughly convinced me she wants Cooper to be her husband.I don’t know if she’s rolled the Want or not, since I’m not allowed to viewher panel, but the way she acts is more than enough evidence.
  55. 55. And Cooper has proved himself to me as well. He’s always extremelysweet to Boomerang, caressing her and holding her hands.
  56. 56. *spits out water*Starla, what are you doing?!Something tells me she has an appointment with the Wishing Well inthe morning.
  57. 57. *chokes on next swallow*What the hey is going on here?! Arachane, are you sure you haven’tgotten the twins mixed up?Thankfully, no pink or red hearts came from this. But I will definitelybe keeping an eye on a certain sim. *glares at Arachane*
  58. 58. I bought Boom a bird in hopes of her gaining Charisma skill points on herown. I have no idea what points she needs for this semester, but I knowCharisma is one of her lower skills.
  59. 59. Hot dog! A flat screen TV! Lark, you can have a date with Ohme wheneveryou want.
  60. 60. Gah. Arachane, I know you’re hungry, but would you just wait a minutefor me to pull some sandwiches out of someone’s inventory?The thing that’s really annoying about this is that all my otherhouseholds not bound by Beyond Cheesy rarely make food on theirown, and these guys do it ALL THE TIME.Hang on, I think there’s something else going on outside….
  61. 61. ….Okay, let me back up and explain….
  62. 62. Logan and cheerleader Maxine started talking back in freshman yearwhen Logan rolled the want to Make a Friend.
  63. 63. They became best friends just the other day.
  64. 64. Which is also when I noticed this.So I told Logan to Wolf Whistle her to let them know I’m okay withromantic interactions.But then she rejected him! Which is weird, since the Popularityaspiration doesn’t really clash with any other one. I had Logan ask whatturns her on, and the bubble was blank, and I knew what the problemwas. I fixed it so she had turn-ons and a turn off…..
  65. 65. Boom. Instant chemistry.So after all the work I did for these two, you can see why I’m gladthey’re finally going after each other.
  66. 66. Ahem?
  67. 67. Thank you, that’s much better.
  68. 68. Orchid has already wished at the well and found love, but upon playingthe main house I realized something. Janna and G’s mailman isn’tSheldon, and he doesn’t appear in Orchid’s phone book. I’m willing to dosome tweaking and cheating for her, unless she finds someone she’smore compatible with…
  69. 69. With his long hair and…. Interesting outfit, this guy (Todd, I think hisname is) reminds me of Raoul from Phantom of the Opera.And he and Orchid are three-bolters! I think he’s the one that’s going tomove in with her after college.
  70. 70. I’d like to take a moment to recognize Starla. She is the most prompt andreliable gnome stealer I’ve ever had. I don’t think anyone else has stolenCheese back since she’s moved in.
  71. 71. She has to go fetch the gnome quite often too, since Cooper seems tohave some fixation with it.
  72. 72. … I’m not sure what possessed me to take a picture of Charles shakinghis butt back and forth, but here you go.I guess.
  73. 73. It’s the next day, and Charles has his suit back on. It appears that Starlahas a thing for guys wearing foam masks.
  74. 74. Oh, hey, wait, what’s going on here?! Arachane hasn’t flirted with Ohmesince the end of sophomore year. They have one semester left TOTALnow, and…..
  75. 75. I think this was when I just stared at the screen gaping and my mouthopened and shut a few times. Then I had to go get an aspirin for mysudden headache before I un-paused.
  76. 76. The next morning….Is it just me, or does this seem a little awkward? Especially since the two onthe left are both sporting big fat “Get Engaged” wants, despite alreadybeing engaged to different people.
  77. 77. HEY! You only have one bolt for her, Mister. ONE, versus the TWO you havefor Lark.
  78. 78. Ohme’s The One is still set to Lark.Arachane’s is still on October.Which I guess explains why I found these two out in the hottub about 15sim minutes after that last picture.Oh, man, I hope this doesn’t bring on a slap-fest….
  79. 79. Those two are fulfilling purple wants right now…. But Ohme doesn’t seemto mind.Then I remembered that I have ACR now, and since Ohme is Pleasure sim,he isn’t going to care about whatever those two get up to. (Of course, this isthe least the hack can do, since thanks to it, I have this situation in the firstplace.)WHEW. That’s a weight off my chest. Maybe with this, I can get themthrough the rest of college without hearing “BOING!”
  80. 80. Ugh, not again. Am I going to have one of these every generation atcollege?
  81. 81. This guy… just scared the living daylights out of me. I was watching some of thehousehold play poker and he and his censor blur ran SMACK in front of myscreen. I thought for a second there that my game had exploded.
  82. 82. Oh…. HEY. You leave my heiress alone! She has never done a dang thing toyou!
  83. 83. Oh you poor thing….LOGAN. You’re not bound by Beyond Cheesy. Make yourself a hamburger.
  84. 84. Starla goes on a hike every morning to fulfill one of her and Orchid’s wantsand she has a nasty habit of bringing home skunks. I didn’t know they wereallowed to enter houses.
  85. 85. She brought home some bees once, too. But how realistic is this, Maxis? Aswarm of bees, in the winter, inside the house?
  86. 86. Heeheehee. I’m sorry. I love watching Sims get chased by bees. And how theirqueue says “Be Chased By Bees”…. Hee….Hang on, I sense a disturbance in the Force….
  87. 87. Uh-oh. I’m not sure I’m comfortable with this situation. Actually, I’m positiveI’m not comfortable with this….Thankfully Ohme still doesn’t care, so I might be oka---
  88. 88. GAH, what are you doing, Ohme?! (He initiated it this time.) Not only doesthat look painfully awkward with your chess elbow, you are not alone withArachane right now….
  89. 89. And Family Sim October DOES care!And you know what the worst part about this is? It’s not because Octobercaught them, it’s that he caught them mere HOURS before their final examsof their last semester!
  90. 90. I really did mean to get a full picture of this incident, but…. I got distracted byOctober’s pout. I’m sorry, his lips just look like spikes on a javelin!
  91. 91. Oh great, now I have guilt….This is depressing. Let’s go check on someone else.
  92. 92. Starla, please stop making me feel even more guilty by doing homework.(Yeah, guess, what I should be doing right now?)
  93. 93. This picture signifies my heiress graduating from college. I don’t know what herGPA was, but she made it and that’s all that matters. I am definitely ready to getback to the neighborhood and away from all these drama llamas…..
  94. 94. “Ohme, I’m not sure we should be doing this.”You think?! But I guess no more damage can be done….
  95. 95. How wrong I was! I forgot that October and Arachane are still engaged soit’ll still be seen as cheating. October came racing from the corner of the lotwhere he was talking to Logan to slap Arachane as soon as they initiatedWooHoo. Which left Arachane and October even more furious with eachother, made October furious with Ohme, and left Ohme with a rejectedWoohoo memory.Ugh, I was going to wait until morning, but these guys are calling taxis andleaving NOW.
  96. 96. Logan and his apparently glitchy teeth went first.
  97. 97. Eeep. Ohme’s calling a taxi next.
  98. 98. Again with the vacation wear, you two? Fine, I’ll send you on a vacation. Maybe.October grew up badly. I hadn’t eventhought to check, but I guess it’s a giventhat his aspiration would’ve taken a hitwith everything that’s been happening.
  99. 99. Boom, however, grew up well this time! Time for my heiress to move back homeand start generation two.See Starla back there? She is going to finish college. And since she is playing arelevant role in this challenge, I have (sort of) documented her last two years ofcollege.
  100. 100. After using the energizer (something that turned into habit), I set Stelladigging in the backyard. Okay, that’s not entirely accurate. I had to use theweather aspiration award first to get rid of the mountains of snow, despite itbeing SPRING. Then once it melted somewhat, I set her digging.
  101. 101. Along with two burst pipes, an assortment of bones and rocks, she found myfirst ever treasure chest, then two more, and the three Vacation maps. Themaps are what I was after, the one for Two Lakes in particular.Stella is a Knowledge sim, and already an alien, so this makes her perfect for myMonster Mash challenge.
  102. 102. I kept the chests in her inventory for now and sent her on a vacation withJessie Day, one of her Wishing Well drops that she has the most chemistrywith. He’s a Family sim, and wanted to get engaged, so I had her propose.
  103. 103. She also met Bigfoot. I have no idea if relationships will carry over fromwhen she goes to Three Lakes again when she’s an adult, but it’s worth ashot.
  104. 104. Back at home, Stella kept gardening and sprayed plants. Lots and lots ofplants. Before I realized that PlantSims don’t have a Young Adult age, so shecan’t be turned into one yet. Guh.
  105. 105. She did meet Countessa Ivy, though, and this is a transformation she canembark on right now.
  106. 106. It took for freaking ever, but she did eventually get vamped. It actuallypopped up in her queue last night but the Llama bumped it out so he could“Say Goodbye.” Needless to say, I was less than pleased with Charles.
  107. 107. Then I sent her back to White Lotus to get started on the rest of thetransformations. And let me tell you, those huge red eyes look pretty funnycloser up.And this brings the chapter to the end! Come back next time to see Boom’schildren and what else Stella gets turned into. Thanks for reading!