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Trio of Tips & Tricks


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Published in: Technology
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Trio of Tips & Tricks

  1. 1. Trio of Tips &Tricks Clarinda Brown Executive Conference Wednesday 30th May, 2012
  2. 2. #1: Email AttachmentRequiring Edit and Reply
  3. 3. Google Docs allows for real time collaboration on documents withothers. The document is ‘live’ online but can still be kept private. • Choose public or select recipients • Easy to send via a URL • Pictures, links and tables can be used • Easy to convert existing document into a Google Doc Solution #1 Google Docs
  4. 4. • Google Reader in Plain English - • Create a free Google account • Good to use to back up documents • More advanced functions – using Google Forms W6GIs Resources Getting Started with Google Docs
  5. 5. #2: Website UpdatesFrequent Updates and Notifications
  6. 6. Google Reader is attached to your Google account and allows youto centralise all website notifications into one space. For example: • Board of Studies • Blogs • Online magazines/regular publications • News sites Solution #2 Centralise RSS Feeds – Google Reader or Edmodo
  7. 7. • Google Reader in Plain English - • Setup an Edmodo Group just for yourself and use the RSS feed feature on websites • Look for this symbol on sites to subscribe – RSS (Really Simple Syndication) Resources to Centralise RSS Feeds – Google Reader or Edmodo
  8. 8. #3: New PortalNew locations and functions
  9. 9. Using the Settings icon, customise: • Essentials – add links • Colour and appearance • Alphabetical navigation • Quick access Staff Directory #3: New Portal Portal Playtime and Customisation