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Clariant Corporate Brochure


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Clariant Corporate Brochure

  1. 1. Corporate BroChurewww.clariant.comClariant International LtdRothausstrasse 614132 MuttenzSwitzerland
  2. 2. Clariant Corporate Brochure - Facts & Figures 3Facts & Figuressales BY BUsiness Unit 1 regional markets 1 21% Industrial 20% Performance & Consumer Asia/Paci c Chemicals 2 Specialties 21% 5% Leather Europe Services Sales by Sales by 42% 8% Oil & Business Unit 18% Latin Region Mining Services Masterbatches America 17% 12% Textile Chemicals 16% North Pigments America MEA 12% 8%1 Excluding Süd-Chemie businesses Sales refer to 2010 figures. Total: CHF 7120 mn2 Performance Chemicals includes the BUs Additives, D&I, Emulsions and Paper SpecialtiesClariant – exactly your chemistryWe are a world leader in the field of specialty chemicals. keY FaCtsOur products enhance every aspect of modern life byproviding color and a vast array of functional effects. Sales -Our outstanding application know-how, world-class Annual sales of CHF 7.1 billion in 2010research and manufacturing capabilities make us apreferred partner, wherever our customers are. Global structure -Headquartered in Muttenz near Basel, Switzerland, Clariant is represented by more than • Headquartered in Muttenz near100 Group companies and employing more than 16,000 people globally. Clariant Group Basel, Switzerlandhas twelve Business Units: Additives; Catalysis & Energy, Detergents & Intermediates, • More than 100 group companiesEmulsions, Functional Materials, Industrial & Consumer Specialties, Leather Services,Masterbatches, Oil & Mining Services, Paper Specialties, Pigments and Textile Chemicals. Employees - • More than 16,000 employeesWe are committed to sustainable growth, which means we are serious about ourresponsibilities to the environment, the communities in which we operate, and our • 86 nationalities representedemployees. Our innovative technologies provide environmentally friendly solutions Management -for products used in applications ranging from face creams and cleaning fluids tothe production of textiles and leather. Chairman: Jürg Witmer CEO: Hariolf KottmannOur world-class solutions add value to our customers’ products. Our success is basedon the know-how of our people and their ability to develop innovative, efficientsolutions to meet our customers’ needs. For further information visit
  3. 3. 4 Clariant Corporate Brochure - Index Clariant Corporate Brochure - Business Units defined 5index Business Units definedFacts & Figures page 3 Additives Leather Services Our Additives create value by improving We are a leading provider ofIndex page 4 efficiency, safety, protection, durability chemicals, technical services and appearance of products such as and solutions over the entire plastics, coatings and printing inks. value chain of leather production.Business Units defined page 5Additives page 6 Catalysis & Energy Masterbatches Catalysis & Energy is a highly Local focus, global standards – ourCatalysis & Energy page 10 innovative provider of catalysts Masterbatches business is a global for the chemical, fuel, and automotive leader in color, additive concentrates industries and produces materials and innovative performance solutionsDetergents & Intermediates page 14 for electric vehicles and energy for plastics. storage systems.Emulsions page 18 Detergents & Oil & Mining Services Intermediates Solving local challenges with Our Detergents & Intermediates global capabilities and a deepFunctional Materials page 22 reservoir of resources. business is a leading supplier of key raw materials for laundryIndustrial & Consumer Specialties page 26 detergents and cleaning products.Leather Services page 30 Emulsions Paper Specialties From paints, adhesives and construction Our products improve the optical and to the textile, leather and paper functional properties of all kinds ofMasterbatches page 34 industries, our Emulsions can be found paper and board via tailored solutions. in a wide range of applications.Oil & Mining Services page 38Paper Specialties page 42 Functional Materials Pigments Based on our bentonite products we offer Based on extensive experience and environmentally compatible solutions in expertise in color, our PigmentsPigments page 46 order to improve products and processes business helps to color the world. in various industries including the consumer goods, packaging and foundryTextile Chemicals page 50 industries, as well as water treatment. Industrial & Consumer Textile ChemicalsClariant Key Contacts page 54 Specialties From fiber to finish, Clariant’s chemical The innovative products of our technology plays a key role throughout Industrial & Consumer Specialties the entire textile supply chain. business are used in skin and hair care, household goods, to protect seeds or de-ice airplanes.
  4. 4. additivesour additives create value by improving efficiency, safety,protection, durability and appearance of products such asplastics, coatings and printing inks.
  5. 5. 8 Clariant Business Units - Additives Clariant Business Units - Additives 9additives 1 3 keY prodUCts Waxes including Licocene®, Licowax® and Ceridust® Flame retardants including Exolit® Polymer additives such as Hostavin®, Hostanox®, Hostastat® and Nylostab® 2longer lasting, better looking keY markets regional marketsOperating in three main areas – waxes, Clariant is a leading supplier of a wide variety of specialty waxes based on leading technology. Our new Licocene® Performance Waxes - plastics, coatings, inks,flame retardants and polymer additives 1 polish, technical textiles, adhesives, Polymers are among the leaders in the Polyolefin wax world– our Additives business serves a broad and offer our clients tailor-made solutions mainly in plastic and powder metal, road construction 3 Asia/customer base. hotmelt adhesive applications. Our wide spectrum of Ceridust® 2 Flame retardants - intumescent Paci c offers micronized waxes mainly for use in surface protection in coatings, electronics and electrical 1We supply for example plastics and appliance, automotive and Sales by Sales by coating and ink applications. Our Licowax® Montan Wax range Market EMEA* transportation, military Regioncoatings manufacturers serving the offers solutions as a processing aid in plastic applications as wellconstruction, electronics and automotive as protecting surfaces in polish applications beside many other Polymer additives - antioxidants, advantages. 3 Latin antistatic agentsindustries with a comprehensive range 2 Americaof products. Decades of experience, with We have a leading technology in non-halogenated flame North retardants, which provides more environmentally compatible Americasupport through our global technical *Europe, Middle East and Africa protection for buildings, electrical and electronical equipmentcenters, make many of our products as well as for textiles and materials used in transportation.the industry standard for technical Additives in plastics and coatings provide the desired effects andperformance and quality. quality to a given product and allow for maximum optimization in manufacturing processes. Stadium seats with our products, for example, have light fastness to keep the color bright, weather fastness to prevent the impact of rain or frost, as well as strength, flexibility and durability. Our polymer additives include antioxidants, processing/light stabilizers and antistatic agents. For further information on Additives visit
  6. 6. Catalysis & energyCatalysis & energy is a highly innovative providerof catalysts for the chemical, fuel, and automotiveindustries and produces materials for electricvehicles and energy storage systems.
  7. 7. 12 Clariant Business Units - Catalysis & Energy Clariant Business Units - Catalysis & Energy 13Catalysis & energy keY prodUCts ReforMax®, ShiftMax®, METH®, AmoMax® and MegaMax® catalyst series for ammonia, methanol and hydrogen production, as well as catalysts for the production of many other chemical compounds OleMax®, PolyMax® and Actisorb® catalyst series for steam cracker olefin purification STYROMAX® and Houdry CATOFIN® catalyst series for styrene and olefin production PolyMax®, HDMax®, HYSOPAR® and 1 3 HYDEX® catalyst series for refinery and alternative fuel upgrading ZeoSorb® and ISOXYL® specialty zeolites for hydrocarbon adsorption, separation and aromatics production MTPROP® and FTMax® catalysts for propylene and diesel production from coal or natural gas C-MAX® catalyst series for polypropylene production EnviCat® catalysts for industrial and mobile off-gas treatments HyProGen® catalysts for the production of hydrogen for fuel cells LIFE POWER® Lithium Iron Phosphate cathode material for electric vehicles and energy storage 2 4 systemsCreating performance technology keY markets regional markets Latin AmericaHeadquartered in Munich, Germany, Our catalysts contribute significantly to value creation in our customers’ operations, ensuring that finite raw materials Chemicals manufacturing -and operating on a worldwide scale, 1 catalysts for production of commodity and energy are used efficiently in the production of industrialthe Business Unit comprises the activities chemicals, plastics, and fuels. Our products enable the use and speciality chemicals Northof the two former business units within of alternative raw materials – such as natural gas, coal and Petrochemicals and Plastics - 2 America 2 production of petrochemical 1the catalyst division of Süd-Chemie. biomass – as chemical and energy feedstocks, and are used EMEA* to clean emissions from industrial processes and combustion intermediates and polymers Sales by Sales by engines to limit the impact on the environment. Our high Market Region Refinery operations - catalysts to performance cathode battery material and catalysts for fuel 3 make clean fuels and for hydrogen cell applications set the benchmark in their applications and generation Asia/ 4 3 are increasingly important to our society and global markets. Environmental, automotive and Paci c 4 energy industry - catalysts for We are committed to R&D and customer service to off-gas treatment and products ensure that our products are well positioned to meet *Europe, Middle East and Africa for power systems the global challenges of raw material scarcity, energy efficiency and the need for Cleantech solutions. For further information on Catalysis & Energy visit
  8. 8. detergents &intermediatesour detergents & intermediates business is a leadingsupplier of key raw materials for laundry detergentsand cleaning products.
  9. 9. 16 Clariant Business Units - Detergents & Intermediates Clariant Business Units - Detergents & Intermediates 17detergents & intermediates 1 keY prodUCts Detergents TAED, SKS®6, Soil Release Polymer and Paraffin Sulphonate Intermediates Glyoxal, Glyoxylic Acid, Oxalic 2 Acid, Building Blockskeeping it clean keY markets regional markets North AmericaModern detergent formulations must be We work in close co-operation with the detergent industry, 1 Household & cleaning - includes Asia/Paci cindividually adjusted for a wide range of from multinational consumer brands to specialized producers of cleaning agents, stain removers, laundry and cleaning products, to research, develop and supply laundry detergents, dishwasherrequirements, which vary from region to the solutions they require. Our detergent products can be found in detergents, liquid all-purposeregion. These adjustments are needed to household cleaning agents, stain removers, washing powders and cleaners, liquid metal/ceramic cleaners, sanitary cleanersenable optimum results in terms of wash dishwasher products. Sales by Agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals 1 2 Sales byperformance and cost-efficiency – and We are a major supplier of chemical intermediates, especially for 2 & other specialist applications - Market Regionlower impact on the environment. the manufacture of agrochemicals and pharmaceuticals. Clariant includes ingredients for fungicides, is a global leader for the production of glyoxal and glyoxylic herbicides, medicines, fragrances, acid and their derivates, for metallocene and special catalysts, flavors, dyestuffs EMEA* with over 40 years of experience of these complex molecules. These intermediates are used in agrochemical, pharmaceutical *Europe, Middle East and Africa industries as well as in the wider chemical industry. For further information on Detergents & Intermediates visit
  10. 10. emulsionsFrom paints, adhesives and construction to the textile,leather and paper industries, our emulsions can befound in a wide range of applications.
  11. 11. 20 Clariant Business Units - Emulsions Clariant Business Units - Emulsions 21emulsions 1 2 keY prodUCts Mowilith® used in paints, adhesives and construction Mowilith® for our ready-to-use adhesive lines Appretan® and Printofix® binder used in textiles Melio® used in leather Cartaseal®, Cartacoat® and Cartacol® for paper Major monomer systems include: Polyvinylacetate (PVA), Vinylacrylate (VAC), Vinyl Ester of Versatic Acid Copolymers and 3 4 Terpolymers, Acrylates, Styrene-Acrylatesapplication excellence keY markets regional marketsOur technical expertise and constant With a global network of 14 production sites located exclusively in emerging markets, our Emulsions business is a major supplier Paints - decorative interior andproduct development in emulsions 1 exterior, primers, varnishes, anti- of solutions in water-based emulsions/polymer dispersions for 2help our customers to add value to their paints, coatings, adhesives, construction, and for the textile, corrosion and industrial applications MEA*end-products and improve efficiency. leather and paper industries. Construction - concrete applications, 2 roofing, tiling, sealants and primers 3Meanwhile, our knowledge of the sector 1 Our products improve the properties of decorative interior and Sales by Sales by Latinindustry trends helps them to differentiate exterior paints and varnishes. They are also found in all types 3 Adhesives - wood, paper, lamination, Market Region America packaging and Pressure Sensitivethemselves from competition. of adhesives such as glues used in the wood, paper, textile and Adhesives (PSA) Asia/ leather sectors. We also offer a wide range of emulsions for the Paci c refinishing and formulating of construction products. Textiles, leather and paper - 4 4 for a wide range of functional effects Being water-based, our products are particularly suitable for the and coatings manufacture of products with less impact on the environment, *Middle East and Africa avoiding the use of solvents. More than 90 years of technical application experience makes us a trusted partner. Through tailored solutions we help customers to enhance their brand, reduce costs, improve efficiency and capture new markets. For further information on Emulsions visit
  12. 12. Functional materialsBased on our bentonite products we offer environmentallycompatible solutions in order to improve products andprocesses in various industries including the consumergoods, packaging and foundry industries, as well aswater treatment.
  13. 13. 24 Clariant Business Units - Functional Materials Clariant Business Units - Functional Materials 25Functional materials 1 2 3 4 5enhancing life keY markets keY prodUCtsThe Business Unit Functional Materials is Headquartered in Moosburg, Germany, and operating on a 1 Consumer industry - various 4 Water treatment - products and • Various bleaching earths and bentonite worldwide scale, the Business Unit comprises the activities of products and applications including solutions to process waste water productsa leading provider of specialty products bleaching earths for processing for the oil, beverage and mining the former adsorbents division of Süd-Chemie. The Businessand solutions to enhance products and Unit serves about a dozen markets with main ones including the and purification of vegetable oils, industries as well as for communal • Hydrotalciteprocesses in various industries. detergent additives, and animal waste water treatment and drinking • Tubes, stoppers, packets dessciant bags, consumer goods, packaging and foundry industries, as well water feed additives water processing treatment. The activities are divided into the three business lines humidity indicator cards etc. adsorbents, water treatment and performance packaging. Plastic additives - Hydrotalcites - Performance packaging - 2 (eco-friendly lead-free PVC stabilizers 5 protective packaging solutions for • Water treatment chemicals and equipment In the adsorbents area, we provide specialty chemicals derived and acid scavenger for poly-olefins) pharmaceutical and diagnostic from the natural clay mineral bentonite and based on the products; desiccant systems for Foundry and construction protection of high-value goods synthetic mineral hydrotalcite. Due to their high surface and 3 industry - Bentonite-based additives consumer goods and equipment strong binding properties, these products enhance products for stabilizing moulding sands for during global transportation and and processes in various industries. With our bleaching earths iron castings and bentonite-based storage for the purification of vegetable oils, we are the world leader additives for supporting fluids in in a worldwide growing market. With our water treatment civil engineering works like special and water management solutions, we are a niche supplier in foundations, tunneling, pipe jacking attractive markets in both developed and emerging economies. and drilling Our performance packaging line provides functional protective packaging solutions for pharmaceuticals and high-grade desiccants for logistics and consumer products. For further information on Functional Materials visit
  14. 14. industrial & Consumerspecialtiesthe innovative products of our industrial & Consumerspecialties business are used in skin and hair care,household goods, to protect seeds or de-ice airplanes.
  15. 15. 28 Clariant Business Units - Industrial & Consumer Specialties Clariant Business Units - Industrial & Consumer Specialties 29industrial & Consumer specialties 1 2 3 4 5 6added-value solutions keY markets keY prodUCts regional marketsWe combine high quality products with Our Consumer Care business focuses on specialty ingredients for Paints, coatings & construction Aristoflex® Rheology modifiers that simplify theformulation expertise across these diverse skin and hair care cosmetics and pharmaceutical applications. 1 North - additives for concrete & mortar, manufacture of attractive Personal Care products Our Industrial & Home Care business helps customers gain a Americafields to deliver solutions with compelling competitive advantage with its range of cleaning solutions. dispersing agents, defoamers, biocides, and emulsifiers for emulsion Genamin® Ingredients for hair care formulationscostperformance ratios and environmental polymerization for excellent conditioning and brilliant shine Our Industrial Application business combines technical Latinbenefits to customers. Hostacerin Emulsifiers for all skin care Sales by America excellence, application know-how and a strong product Personal care - ingredients for skin ®* EMEA* 2 & hair care cosmetics, wet wipes and Region portfolio to serve a broad range of industries. In crop protection, formulations we offer high-quality inerts and adjuvants. We are a partner of pharmaceutical applications Emulsogen® and Genapol® High-quality Asia/ choice in areas such as industrial lubrication, construction and Industrial & home care - emulsifiers for formulations in consumer care Paci c paints & coatings. 3 ingredients for household and and industrial applications industrial cleaning solutions We have a global strength in aviation de-icers, heat transfer Synergen® Efficient adjuvants for crop fluids, automotive fluids and special solvents. Industrial lubricants - ingredients *Europe, Middle East and Africa 4 for hydraulic, metal working and other protection formulations The business has a strong focus on ecologically sustainable performance fluids solutions. These range from skin care formulations based on Engineering & aviation - including 5 raw materials from renewable resources to aviation de-icing aircraft and runway de-icers, special recycling systems. solvents, and fluids for heat transfer, gas scrubbing and automotive Crop protection - formulations 6 for fungicides, herbicides and seed treatments For further information on Industrial & Consumer Specialties visit
  16. 16. leather servicesWe are a leading provider of chemicals, technicalservices and solutions over the entire value chainof leather production.
  17. 17. 32 Clariant Business Units - Leather Services Clariant Business Units - Leather Services 33leather services 1 2 3 4Complete solutions keY markets keY prodUCtsClariant is one of the world’s leading With a worldwide presence, Leather Services has a global reach and is represented in all major tannery locations. We Shoe & accessories - including Granofin® Sustainable tanning solutionssuppliers of leather chemicals for 1 handbags, belts etc. have an international team of dedicated leather specialists. Tergotan® New generation of retan andretanning, dyeing and finishing for clients Customized technical solutions are a key feature of Clariant’s Automotive - leather seating and 2 2 soft polymers for a supple, natural andin the leather industry. We focus on best Leather Services. In the automotive and shoe sectors, for associated uses relaxed leatherservices to fulfil our clients’ needs. Our example, our technical expertise in areas such as performance Furniture - sofas, chairs and other leathers, combined with our strength in more environmentally 3 1 Sales by Melioderm® To cover all dyeing needsLeather Services business offers chemical furnishings Market friendly solutions, help our customers stay steps ahead of the Melio® Aquabase Value-adding maskingand technical solutions for the complete competition. Garments - coats, leatherware, fur 4 3 of leather defectsleather manufacturing process, frombeamhouse to finishing, to customers The application development of all these chemicals takes place in 4 Aqualen® High performance, low VOC, our modern fully equipped laboratories worldwide. Our high-tech NMP-free topcoatsin the shoe, automotive, furniture or production plants are continuously adapted to the latest findingsgarment and fur segments. and developments to remain competitive in the world market.We provide high-quality leather processing chemicals and Clariant Leather Services supports the entire production chain Sustainability and process efficiency are the success factorsservices with less impact on the environment and with a world- in our industry. Therefore we have introduced a large numberclass knowledge of leather upgrading and chrome-free tanning of innovations in recent years not only to meet new legal Leather production chain Beamhouse Tanning Re-tanning Dyeing Finishingsolutions. Our technical expertise and colorants help customers to requirements for environmental safety which become more andachieve consistently brilliant colors and natural tones, combined more important, but also to become the industry benchmark forwith performance every time. the upcoming years. For further information on Leather Services visit
  18. 18. masterbatcheslocal focus, global standards – our masterbatches businessis a global leader in color, additive concentrates andinnovative performance solutions for plastics.
  19. 19. 36 Clariant Business Units - Masterbatches Clariant Business Units - Masterbatches 37masterbatches 1 2 3 4 5local focus, global standards keY markets keY prodUCts regional marketsWith a truly global scope, we can The business operates more than 50 full-service manufacturing Remafin® Masterbatches, liquids and specialty facilities in 33 countries with a complete technical service Packaging -provide major advantages for today’s 1 includes home & personal care, compounds for olefins offering for all products and applications. Proximity to customers Northmultinational companies, whose means we can react quickly to local demand while at the same food & drink and industrial Renol® Masterbatches, liquids and specialty Americaproducts may be designed in one region, time we can deliver consistent quality and standards worldwide. 2 Consumer goods - compounds for non-olefinsmanufactured in another, and marketed includes appliances, electrical, Cesa® Standard and specialty additive Latin Our customers operate in a broad range of markets including sports, toys and construction Sales byaround the world. packaging, consumer goods, medical, textile and automotive. Our masterbatches EMEA* Region America Medical - leading technology enhances plastic everywhere – from medical 3 Hydrocerol® Chemical foaming agentsA worldwide presence and local support includes devices and devices, such as inhalers, to drinks bottles made from recycled pharmaceutical packaging Mevopur® Dedicated masterbatches and Asia/make Masterbatches a preferred materials and innovative car components. compounds for the medical and Paci c Textiles -supplier for thermoplastic processors 4 includes carpets, non-woven, pharmaceutical sector The business is also supported by a dedicated network ofand brand owners, as well as for fiber ColorWorks™ design centers to help customers increase their sports apparel Enigma® Special effects *Europe, Middle East and Africamanufacturers globally. speed to market and differentiate brands. These centers provide Automotive - Omnicolor Multipurpose masterbatches ® 5 brand managers, designers and marketing personnel with global includes interior and exterior parts, color management services and design tools. engine components For further information on Masterbatches visit
  20. 20. oil & mining servicessolving local challenges with global capabilities and a deepreservoir of resources.
  21. 21. 40 Clariant Business Units - Oil & Mining Services Clariant Business Units - Oil & Mining Services 41oil & mining services 1 2 3speed with experience keY marketsIn today’s oil and mining industries, Clariant Oil Services’ industry-leading experts develop and apply 1 Production chemicals custom chemical technologies and services designed to deliver and services - well servicesproviding the right chemicals is simply additives, production optimization the highest value throughout the oil and gas life cycle. From wellnot enough. Customers demand the services to deepwater and onshore production optimization to technologies and services, pipelinebest chemical technologies available, chemicals and services and water pipeline, we deliver innovation and value while maintaining the management solutionsas well as services that are second-to- highest standards for heath, safety and the environment.none. Likewise, local infrastructure and Clariant Refinery Services provides fuel additives tailored to meet 2 Refinery additives - fuel additives, process chemicals and terminalmanufacturing with global support is now our customer’s unique and growing demands using in-house treatment additivesa requirement of service companies in manufacturing, application and performance testing and on-siteorder to deliver enhanced value through technical support capabilities. Globally renowned for middle 3 Mining chemicals and solutions - distillates and fuel oils specialty additives, we also provide a mineral processing, flotation,improved supply chain, cost reduction full range of chemical solutions for biodiesel, refinery process, dust control, explosive emulsifiersand the ability to custom design both terminal and water treatment challenges. and fertilizer additivesoperational and technological solutions. Clariant Mining Solutions offers chemical solutions for a rangeHeadquartered in Houston, Texas, Oil and Mining Services of challenges across the mining value chain, maximizes themanages a growing network of service and research centers efficiency of mineral processing, improves the reliability ofwithin all major oil, refinery and mining markets. Supported by blasting and controls dust at the mine site. We also ensureour parent company, we have access to a deep reservoir of global the quality of fertilizers in all application media. Likewise, ourresources on a scale unsurpassed in these industries. industry-leading collectors and frothers are custom-formulated, ensuring product specification is achieved at the maximum possible recovery. For further information on Oil & Mining visit or
  22. 22. paper specialtiesour products improve the optical and functional propertiesof all kinds of paper and board via tailored solutions.
  23. 23. 44 Clariant Business Units - Paper Specialties Clariant Business Units - Paper Specialties 45paper specialties 1 2 3 4Creating value in a world of paper keY markets keY prodUCts regional marketsClariant aims to provide first class Our innovative technologies deliver leading edge, environmentally 1 Printing & writing - photocopying Cartasol® M Best performance dyes forknowledge and expertise in the friendly and sustainable solutions for the papermakers around the paper, writing paper, magazines, packaging North newsprint Americamanagement of whiteness, coloration, world. Flexonyl® Pigment preparations especiallyspecial coatings and strength for all 2 Tissue & toweling - toilet paper, designed for paper applications Our key markets are printing & writing copy papers, coated paper nappies, napkins, tissues, hand towelskinds of paper, offering the most cost and board, recycled papers, newsprint, packaging and specialized Leucophor® Optical brightening agents for EMEA* Sales byeffective product choices and solutions applications. Packaging & board - cardboard, innovative whiteness solutions Region Latin 3 cartons, food packaging Americato its customers. Cartaspers PSM Keeping paper machines ® Specialties/non-wovens - including cleaner, faster, for longer Asia/ 4 medical masks and gowns, air filters Cartabond® Crosslinkers for improved offset Paci c printing and converting *Europe, Middle East and Africa Cartafix® A broad range of dye fixation solutionsClariant paper solUtions Whiteness Coloration surface & Coating process Chemicals Optical brightening agents, Anionic and cationic dyes, basic Crosslinkers for size-press Dye fixatives, deposit control shading dyes and pigments, dyes, sulphur dyes, pigment and coating, fluorochemicals strength agents, retention quenching agents preparations, security effects & barrier additives, rheology For further information on Paper Specialties visit control, defoamers modifiers
  24. 24. pigmentsBased on extensive experience and expertise in color,our pigments business helps to color the world.
  25. 25. 48 Clariant Business Units - Pigments Clariant Business Units - Pigments 49pigments 1 regional markets North America Latin America EMEA* Sales by Region Asia/ Paci c 2 3 *Europe, Middle East and AfricaColoring the world keY markets keY prodUCtsIn a wide range of applications from Decades of experience and know-how means our products have a Pigments Hostaperm®, Novoperm®, Hansa®, reputation for technical performance and quality, an offer which Printing - traditional & non-impact PV Fast®, Graphtol®printing to automotive paints, and from 1 printing and electronic displays is supported through global technical service centers.plastics to household detergents, Clariant Plastics and special applications 1 Pigment preparations Colanyl®, Hostatint®,brings significant experience in helping For paints and other coatings, our broad range of colorants 2 Hostajet®, Permajet®, Hostaprint®, Hostasin® - all plastic applicators includingcustomers get the best from color. includes pigments, pigment preparations, dyes and the innovative films, fibers and special applications, Dyes Duasyn®, Savinyl® easily dispersible pigments. including detergent coloration, 3 Sales by cosmetics and aluminum finishing Application Other products Easily dispersible pigmentsOur Pigments business is a leading global provider of organic For the plastics sector, our pigments, pigment preparations and from the Hostaperm® and Novoperm® rangespigments, pigment preparations and specialty dyes used in Coatings - automotive, industrial,coatings, printing, plastics, consumer products and other special dyes display excellent properties such as high fastness, color 3 decorative and architectural paints 2applications. Our broad portfolio includes high-performance stability and non-warping. We offer a wide range of colorants and coatingspigments and dyes to meet the exacting demands for automotive, designed to meet international safety regulations for use, forindustrial and architectural coatings, for the plastics industry, example, in toys or food packaging.for special applications as well as colorants used in traditional We also provide colorants for the full range of printingprinting, ink jet and laser printers. technology – from newsprint, magazines, food packaging and security printing to inkjet, other non-impact printing systems and electronic display technologies. For further information on Pigments visit
  26. 26. textile ChemicalsFrom fiber to finish, Clariant’s chemical technology playsa key role throughout the entire textile supply chain.