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Evaluating web sites critically


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This is a lesson on evaluating websites.

Published in: Education
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Evaluating web sites critically

  1. 1. Critical Evaluation of a Web Page Lesson Page Knowing Good Sites...
  2. 2. Objectives ● You will be able to use technology to locate, evaluate and collect information from a variety of sources ● You will be able to research and evaluate the accuracy, relevance, appropriateness, comprehensiveness, and bias of electronic information sources concerning real world problems.
  3. 3. Let’s Brainstorm…. What do you look for in a web site to know if it is useful to your research? We can do a little mind mapping to collaborate. Poplet Brainstorming
  4. 4. The 5 W’s for Evaluating Websites 1. Who wrote the pages and are they an expert? Is a biography of the author included? How can I find out more about the author?
  5. 5. The 5 W’s for Evaluating Websites 2. What does the author say is the purpose of the site? What else might the author have in mind for the site? What makes the site easy to use? What information is included and does this information differ from other sites?
  6. 6. The 5 W’s for Evaluating Websites 3. When was the site created? When was the site last updated?
  7. 7. The 5 W’s for Evaluating Websites 4. Where does the information come from? Where can I look to find out more about the sponsor of the site?
  8. 8. The 5 W’s for Evaluating Websites 5. Why is this information useful for my purpose? Why should I use this information? Why is this page better than another?
  9. 9. Let’s Evaluate a Site to Practice cred/webcred/dhmo.html Please get into groups to evaluate this site. When everyone is done, we will discuss this together and see what we all came up with.
  10. 10. Well What Did You Think? Pros? Cons? Why? Would you use this site in your research?
  11. 11. Assessment Please now go to Infinite Campus and complete the assessment called Evaluating Websites Critically Please read the directions carefully. Read over the writing rubric.