Talking spirits 2011


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Talking spirits 2011

  1. 1. I found it funny how Governor Lewis and Cordelia were alwaysdescribing each other with words I wish I knew. I found it sad thatshe didn’t even know her husband died until someone told her. Ialso found it funny how she fainted right in the middle of thestreet. But I found it sad how he died.By JohnI really liked scene one (Governor and Cordelia Harvey) becauseGovernor Louis is an interesting person and Cordelia Harvey is agood person. Cordelia Harvey wanted to make a hospital for thesoldiers that are in the war. So Cordelia talked to AbrahamLincoln about the hospital. She got it. But Governor Louis died. Itwas a funny/sad story.By MelissaI thought they made an amazing act. Cordelia had a lot of guts togo up to the President and demand a military hospital straight tohis face….By Michaela
  2. 2. I liked how they acted. It was hilarious when Cordelia screamedat Governor Lewis. I liked the part where it says, “If you had todescribe me with one word what would it be? Handsome?” “NO!”It was just so funny.By TamaraI liked when they were sweet to each other.I liked the end because the husband said, “I love you my wife.”By KimberlyI liked them because they always told us about their life.By AlondraLewis and Cordelia were married. Lewis was Governor and heand Cordelia strongly disagreed that there was no militaryhospital in the north so she went to talk to Abe Lincoln but he wasin a meeting….Finally he came and told her that everybody in themeeting agreed to make a hospital in the north.By Alex
  3. 3. Governor Harvey’s wife Cordelia told President Lincoln that he hadto give the soldiers a hospital and he did.By Mekecia Cordelia was walking when a soldier came and told her the newsthat her husband had drowned. Cordelia fainted.By DanielCordelia heard about her husband’s death she fainted right in themiddle of the street. She carried on her husband’s work by talkingto Lincoln, the President of the U.S., She asked him to makemilitary hospitals for the injured men.By KhadijahGovernor Lewis had just been elected Governor and he was married toCordelia Harvey. When he was on his way back from the war he was on aboat and he fell off and died. His wife saw the flags at half-mast and thensomeone told her that her husband had died. She passed out right in themiddle of the street.By Jackson
  5. 5. Edward Bridgeman was a soldier with Company G of the 37thMassachusetts Infantry. He wrote many letters home trying todescribe his experiences. He described the chaos of battle and thesounds of suffering afterward. He described overwhelmingexhaustion and the pain of the memories of battle. “A common misery made all brothers”
  6. 6. I liked Edward Bridgeman because he described the battlefield very well. When he said,“I can’t put it in words,” it surprised me because what he did describe was gory, scary,and sad.By JamesI learned from him (Edward Bridgeman) that it is tough times a million to be in war. Hisdescription of his life was wonderful. I could feel myself hungry, aching and tired in thatscrimpy tent. I don’t know if I could go on after seeing those dead bodies like he did.By LilyEdward Bridgeman was a soldier who was writing to his cousin saying this is getting veryintense and I would be writing more but he was trying to get all the rest he could for hishealth. In one letter he was talking about how he would be stepping over dead men andthat he would have to find cloth to cover dead and dying men during a terrible storm.By KatieI feel bad about Edward Bridgeman because he cared about his soldiers in the battle whodied in front of his eyes. He cared about his soldiers. One of them had a big pool of bloodthere turning black. No! They’re dying! He tried to cover them because of the rain thatwas coming towards them. He went to the cabin and quickly gave as many blankets ashe could. By Bryan
  7. 7. Mark “Peg Leg” Smith
  8. 8. { {“Peg Leg” loved to tell children stories of “The Iron Brigade”.Nicknamed the “Black Hats”, they earned the name of Iron Brigade bytheir fierce resistance to Stonewall Jackson and his seasoned troops. “No retreat!”
  9. 9. Mark Smith, also known as Peg Leg, was a foot soldier in theIron Brigade. They were known as the Iron Brigade becausethey would never retreat in a battle, unlike some other menwould. They were also known as the Black Hats because theirhats were big and black. After the war, Mark would tell manystories about the war to kids. I thought he was the beststoryteller in the world, and would love to go back there again.By Will MandelMark “Peg Leg” Smith was a soldier in the Union infantry, the“Iron Brigade”. On Memorial Day, he traveled to the schoolsand told the children his stories of the Iron Brigade. In fact,one year, when he was sick on Memorial Day, the schoolchildren traveled to his house to hear his stories.By Andrew
  10. 10. I liked Mark “Peg Leg” Smith because of all the expression he used. Ithink it was very brave that they didn’t run away when they saw the otherpeople that they had heard so many stories about.By GenevièveI liked the way he described things with action like reloading and thesound going “Boom!” “Boom!”.By SamI really liked scene 3, the story ofMark “Peg Leg” Smith. I liked thateven if he had no leg he still told hisstories. I learned that he went toschools and told stories about thewar to kids.By Zaira
  11. 11. Colonel Hugh Lewis 
  12. 12. Colonel Hughes needed help to tell his story. He was injured in the Battleof Bull Run. His arm was amputated with a saw and no chloroform. Aftergoing to an army hospital his arm developed gangrene and had to befurther amputated. The rest is a strange story. 
  13. 13. Colonel Hugh Lewis was in a battle field when he was shot in the leftarm. All they had at the battlefield hospital was a saw and somebandages. The doctor said he had to amputate his arm or he would geta disease but they didn’t have anything to put him to sleep.By Joshua…my favorite person was Colonel Hugh Lewis. I really felt like he was aperson who went through some tough times.By MaiaHe (Colonel Lewis) was a colonel who was shot in the arm in the war.His arm was amputated to his elbow with a saw. Later he got the rest ofhis arm amputated. His arm was sent to a museum. He went to get hisarm from the museum but it wasn’t there. They had sent it to Canada.By EmmettLewis was shot in the arm and amputation was needed. They just took asaw and a hot piece of metal to stop the bleeding, and just went aheadand sawed his arm off!By Wilson
  14. 14. This Mighty Scourge of War