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Dia de são martinho3


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Dia de são martinho3

  1. 1. The "Magusto" is a Portuguesefestivity where we celebrate SaintMartins Day (11th November). It is believed that the word“magusto” comes from the Latin“magnus ustus” which means “bigfire” (grande fogueira). Martin and the naked beggar.
  2. 2. If you are in Portugalduring this period, you can eatroasted chestnuts (castanhasassadas) and drink the traditionaljeropiga and água-pé. Jeropiga Roasted chestnuts and água-pé
  3. 3. Both in Portugal and in the Paper bagUnited Kingdom hot roastedchestnuts are often sold, insmall paper bags, in the streetsduring the colder months.
  4. 4. VOCABULARY: Leaf Mushroom Autumn tree Pumpkin Chestnuts Jam Grapes Wine Pomegranates Por: Maria Inês Almeida (Professora da AEC de Inglês)