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Comprehensive Facebook Marketing Play Book (2009)


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Presentation to Direct Marketing Association, October 2009. Thanks to Facebook, people are sharing more about themselves online than ever before. Not only is this affecting personal relationships, marketers too can use this information to better target their messages. The ultimate holy grail for marketers is a 100% response rate for their campaigns. The data shows unequivocally: response rates go up dramatically when the communication feels personalized or is endorsed by a friend. With hypertargeting, news feeds, and retweets, Facebook and Twitter give us the opportunity do both. Marketers need to be where their customers are and communicate via the channels preferred by their audiences. Increasingly, this is on Facebook. To be successful in the Facebook Era, marketers need to master the new skillset and consumer psychology of the social web.

In 2007, Clara Shih developed Faceconnector, which integrates Facebook with Salesforce and was the first business application on Facebook. Shih is CEO of Hearsay Labs and author of the business bestseller "The Facebook Era."

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Comprehensive Facebook Marketing Play Book (2009)

  1. Marketing in the Facebook Era How hypertargeting, broadcast referrals, and new methods of measurement are yielding higher response rates and lift “Clara’s book recognizes that we’ve come to a place where people can represent their real Clara Shih (@clarashih) identity—and use the social filters on the Web to connect with the Author of The Facebook Era & world around them.” CEO, Hearsay Labs —Sheryl Sandberg Chief Operating Officer, Facebook
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  4. The trends and numbers
  5. Welcome to the Facebook Era Over 300M active users 6 billion minutes spent each day 1M developers from 180 countries is email dead?
  6. PUBLISH everybody-to- everybody many-to-many 1-1 1-many CONSUME
  7. Facebook’s growth is staggering 300 mm 250 200 150 100 Sept 06 Sept 07 Sept 08 Sept 09
  8. Winning mainstream audience appeal Source: Nielsen Online Global Index, Dec 2008
  9. CMOs are shifting dollars to social media CMO Council – March 2009 “ Digital marketing and new media dominates demand generation and advertising spend allocation priorities for the coming year, with budgets aimed at online and Web 2.0 initiatives almost 50% higher than spend earmarked for traditional media. ”
  10. Four Pillars of Facebook Marketing Facebook Apps Facebook Pages Facebook Ads Engagement Ads
  11. The new consumer pyschology
  12. (short video)
  13. Why Facebook was different
  14. Facebook as a forum for online identity Photos and interests Demographic info Employer, school, city Friends Socially acceptable to share
  15. Facebook Connect extends trusted identity to any website
  16. As a result, user expectations have changed Due diligence expected Personalized interactions Transitive trust
  17. Facebook and Twitter invented new modes of communication Casual But emotional Foster weak ties Capture long tail
  18. Transitive trust in marketing: the power of referrals Word of mouth automated Michael Jones and implicit is a fan of Bonobos Existing customers = your volunteer sales force
  19. eMarketer: Consumers trust their friends
  20. Recalculating Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) Social CLV = CLV + Level of influence x Size of network
  21. Direct marketing through hypertargeted ads
  22. What is hypertargeting? Photos and interests Demographic info Employer, school, city Friends Wealth of information from Facebook profiles
  23. On Facebook, ads are a form of direct marketing “ Fifty percent of my advertising is wasted, I Define your idea marketing list attributes just don’t know which Minimize “wasted” ads fifty percent” Test and iterate
  24. Tip: Start campaigns with a broad audience, then hone in on segments You may be surprised who is converting Bid differently for different “lists”
  25. Think global, act local CASE STUDY Bonobos Pants Company Targeted men ages 25-50 Geo/college-specific Timed with sporting events Pay more for premium audiences
  26. The Facebook “landing page” tab
  27. Try it yourself Limited Time Offer Receive a free Facebook ad credit with book purchase
  28. New Facebook-Nielsen ‘Brand Lift’ tool measures ad impact Polls to measure sentiment and purchase intent No personally identifiable information General availability in early 2010 Must be a Nielsen customer
  29. New Facebook ‘Engagement Sampling Ad’ Home page campaigns start at $50K CASE STUDY: Texas Pete hot sauce 5000 samples in 2 days Facebook starting to store mailing addresses Mailing addresses shared with advertisers for sample only, not as for list use after the fact
  30. Tip: Use Facebook’s ad tool to check your audience size Analogous to the size of your marketing list
  31. All about Facebook Pages
  32. The ultimate opt-in marketing channels CASE STUDY Dell Outlet moved $2M in inventory over Twitter last year
  33. Tip: Create drip campaigns for your Facebook Page Campaign calendars provide brand consistency, build trust, and are more easily measured Tip: link your Facebook Page to your Twitter handle
  34. Drive and measure response with special offers
  35. Tip: Test which days/times yield highest response rates for your audience
  36. Tip: Target messages to fans Eg, Social Networking Conference in London More targeting options coming soon
  37. Facebook and CRM
  38. Faceforce: Bringing Facebook into Salesforce (2007) Developed by Todd Perry and me in summer of 2007 First business app on Facebook platform Faceforce pulls real-time Facebook profile and friend information into Salesforce lead, contact, and account records Cannot permanently store Facebook data Updated version now available in private beta
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