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Internet Service
chapter of ICT Grade XIII

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  3. 3. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. World Wide Web (WWW) Search Engine Electronic Mail Chatting Mailing List Electronic Commerce (E-commerce)
  4. 4. A global information media where users can read and write through any coumputer connected to the internet. → Most popular browser application : →
  5. 5. An application for searching document with definite keywords and providing with results in form of document, where the keywords are found. → Some of famous search engines : →
  6. 6. A kind of service that is no more than a text message typed through keyboard. → Many Internet sides provide with free e-mail : →
  7. 7. Conversation in a definite group with someone registered in IRC server. → Example of Chatting : →
  8. 8. A group of Internet discussion where each person can subcribe and participate in it. → Some of popular Mailing List : →
  9. 9. Online commercial transactions through Internet media. → Popular merchants on E-commerce : →
  10. 10. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. E-mail Address Naming Creating E-mail Sending E-mail Attaching File to E-mail Opening and Replying E-mail
  11. 11.  There are three main parts of e-mail address : User name Symbol @ (stating at) Computer address
  12. 12.  To create an e-mail, do the following steps : a. Click on either Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator browsers. b. Type address of After Yahoo! Page appears, click Mail. You can also directly type to come into e-mail service provided by Yahoo! c. And then, Yahoo! Mail will appear d. To create a new e-mail account, click on Sign Up, and registration form will appear.
  13. 13. e. After the form is completed properly, click on Create My Account on lower part of the form. If you fill it correctly and e-mail is registered, you will receive a success message from Yahoo! Mail. f. If e-mail address has been registered in Yahoo! Mail, you can directly open mailbox by clicking on Continue button. You receive the first mail of congratulation from Yahoo! Mail.
  14. 14.  For sending e-mail, follow these steps : a. Select New (Compose) from opened e-mail page. Next, dialog box for composing e-mail will appear. b. After completing all required form, click Send to send the e-mail. If the e-mail has been sent, a confirmation will appear.
  15. 15.  User can send files in any form including documents, images, sound, or video to e-mail. If you want attach any file to e-mail, follow these steps : a. In e-mail page, click on Attach Files button. b. There are 5 columns to attach files. c. Click on Browse button and select any files to attach. Next, click Open.
  16. 16. d. After defining name and location of file to attach, click on Attach Files. And then, wait for the scanning process. e. If the files are successfully attached, the page will return to compose e-mail. f. Continue typing e-mail and if it is completed, click Send for sending e-mail.
  17. 17.  To understand more about how to open e-mail, Internet should be firstly closed and then start from initial steps. Whereas the steps are as follows : a. Open either Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator browsers. b. Type e-mail provider address in address bar box, for example After finishing, press Enter or Go.
  18. 18.   There are many sites providing with free service for creating blog including, among others,,, In this section, we will create a blog in Creating blog is divided into there step: ∫Creating account ∫Naming blog ∫Selecting template
  19. 19. To create a blog, do the following steps :  Go to  When the site page opens, click on CIPTAKAN BLOG ANDA button.  Registration from will appear as follows. Fill in any available columns. Don’t forget to tick on Penerimaan Persyaratan box. After finishing, click on LANJUTKAN button.  Next, form to name user’s blog with appear. Fill in form columns with proper information. After fnishing, click on LANJUTKAN.
  20. 20.    Next, several template designs will appear. You may your favorite template. Select one design by clicking on the circle under image precise beside design name. to view its real display, click pratayang template. After finishing, click on LANJUTKAN button. After moment, a statement that a blog has been created will appear. You have got your own blog. Click on MULAI BLOGGING button to write in your blog.
  21. 21. These are the step of creating Facebook account:  Go to  To create Facebook account, enter your name, e-mail address, gender, date of birth, created of password, and click the sign up button.  Next, you will have to enter the information from box 1 into box2 for a security check. After finish, click a sign up button.
  22. 22.   You will need to confirm your e-mail address before moving on. Click Go To [name of your e-mail provider] to confirm. This will take you to your e-mail account. You’ll receive an e-mail from Facebook with direction on how to confirm your e-mail address. Once you’ve confirmed your e-mail address, you account is valid. Congratulation! Just enter your password to get started.