The body shop powerpoint final


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Final presentation on The Body Shop

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  • Please read the annual reports before starting with youre project!! So many things are wrog especially the figures that you are using!! THey are out of date!
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The body shop powerpoint final

  1. 1. Team:The green leaves
  2. 2. Outline• The brand• The product• Market analysis• SWOT• Goals / objectives• Strategic options• Choice for an option• Marketing mix
  3. 3. The brandFounded in 1976 by Anita RoddickCosmetics shop2 400 stores in 61 countriesBought by l‘Oreal
  4. 4. Brand system Brand values : •against animal testing •Defend human rights •Protect our planet •Support community tradeThe body shopNatureResponsibility Shea body butterFair trade Moisturizing cream
  5. 5. ProductShea body butterOne of best seller of Body shopPLC : maturityPurchase decision category : emotion andhigh involvementProduct category: skin care
  6. 6. The product Shea body butter
  7. 7. The product : impact matrix Cultivation Packaging Distribution Consumption primary disposal processingResource useAirWaterSoilWasteEco systemsHealthEquity
  8. 8. Market : competition3 types of competitors The beauty cosmetics The bio cosmetics The professional cosmeticsA very innovative marketOligopolistic market
  9. 9. Positioning The Body Shop L’Oréal Olay & NiveaProduct line Mainly skincare Broad Focus on skincareMarket position Environment Leader Major competitor friendly in skin & body care marketCompetitive Natural-based and Very experienced Low price andadvantage brand value global brand product innovationPrice range Mid range Slightly lower than Mid low the Body Shop
  10. 10. Target groupWomenFrom 20 to 40 years oldWorkingTaking care of herselfAware of economical and social aspects
  11. 11. Consumer insightEco investment– Biodegradable– Waste limitation– Protect water resourcesMotivation for choosing this product– A trendy brand– The best ingredient for moisturizing– Fair trade with a women association in Ghana– Helps education
  12. 12. PersonaLouise22 years oldSingleStudies LawHobbies: tennis, yoga and cinemaStudent job: babysittingValues: fighting for human rights (women’s condition for example),recycling
  13. 13. PersonaReasons for buying a sustainable product- Taking care of herself- Buying a trendy but not to expensive product- Engaging herself in a social and environmental causeKnowledge: Advertisements, salesperson adviceAttitude towards sustainable innovations: Word of mouthDecision: It corresponds to her valuesMedia behaviour: Likes the Facebook page, talks about it on a forum,twitts about her body butter
  14. 14. SWOT Analysis STRENGTHS WEAKNESSES• The brand itself • Loss of trust from different stakeholders• Being part of the L’Oréal group • Small number of stores in UK• Leading player in a niche market • Problems in franchise system• High brand loyalty • Many products are in the mature or declining stage• Innovative products • No marketing or advertising• Good quality and services department
  15. 15. SWOT analysis OPPORTUNITIES THREATS• Metrosexual factor • Chemical legislation• Crisis • Unstable supplies of raw• Increased awareness of materials organic and eco-friendly • Legislation banning animal product tested products• Increasing number of online • Strong competition buyers • Suppliers are not required to• Ageing population adhere to ecological standards• Ban of sale of animal tested • No environmental certification products in EU
  16. 16. Goals and objectives• Create a marketing department which will: – Develops the visibility of the brand – Communicates about the non animal testing policy – Refreshes the image of the brand to: • Wider the target : men/young men/ mature women• Reinforce environmental policies by : – Working only with eco-friendly suppliers – Obtaining environmental certification
  17. 17. Strategic options2009 : new range of products « Nature’sway to beautiful »Keep their identity even if they werebought by L’Oreal in 2006Strong valuesCommunity trade programCommunicate about ecological and ethicalarguments
  18. 18. Our strategic option Reinvent the design of products and shops in order to make them younger more attracting Make forget to people L’OréalNew positioning: “Haut de gamme” brand with average price
  19. 19. Social media marketingTwitter : 20982 followersFacebook : 455 000 followersDozens of forumsHundreds of videos on YoutubeArticles on wikipediaCommercial mails
  20. 20. Marketing mix Product Price Place Promotion• Shea body • 15 € • B2C related • Against butter • Medium price • Direct target: promotion• Made of oil and • Affordable consumers • Own website organic sugar product • Mix between • Products are• Organically intensive and organically grown body selective grown product distribution • The Body Shop• Short durability • Shops are run is against• Relatively low on a animal testing price franchising basis
  21. 21. Thank you for your attention