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Clothes and accessories


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Published in: Lifestyle
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Clothes and accessories

  1. 1. Clothes and accessories necklace bracelet belt chain ring The others are jewellery
  2. 2. Clothes and accessories top shirt skirt jacket jumper The others are all tops
  3. 3. Clothes and accessories jeans trousers tracksuit bottoms earrings leggings The others are all clothes
  4. 4. Clothes and accessories socks trainers boots sandals high heels The others are all footwear – socks go under them
  5. 5. Clothes and accessories scarf gloves wollen hat T-shirt thick jumper The others are all things you wear when it's cold
  6. 6. Clothes and accessories scruffy untidy and dirty They live in a rather scruffy part of town. a small, scruffy-looking man The others are all positive trendy modern and influenced by the most recent fashions or ideas trendy clothes a trendy nightclub smart having a clean, tidy and stylish appearance Guy looks very smart in his new suit, doesn't he? I need a smart jacket for my interview. cool fashionable or attractive Angie's got some cool new sunglasses. Now I know it won't look very cool , but this hat will keep the sun out of your eyes. nice pleasant, enjoyable or satisfactory This orange is nice and juicy..
  7. 7. Clothes and accessories colourful stripy bright tight plain This is about fit but the others are all about pattern, colour and design checked
  8. 8. FIT to be the right size or shape for someone or something SUIT to make someone look more attractive MATCH / GO WITH If two colours, designs or objects match, they are similar or look attractive together