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20120421-IA Meeting


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Slides from April 21, 2012 Inventor\'s Alliance meeting provided by Chuck Lamprey

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20120421-IA Meeting

  1. 1. Leveraging the Internet In Your Product Licensing Process
  2. 2. Me Chuck Lamprey Fellow, long-time Inventor’s Alliance member 2 Recent licensing successes (2 - 3 more likely deals within the next month) Currently focused on licensing pet products
  3. 3. Process Overview (Licensing)
  4. 4. Ideation Amazon  Data collection and/or Idea generation  Browse categories and listings for inspiration  Look at what’s bestselling within categories  Look at reviews to see what customers like or don’t like  Browse manufacturers  Look for commonalities, differences, major players…  Look for “holes” in product lineups  Start list of potential licensees
  5. 5. Prior Art Search Commercial product  Google Product  Google Image  Amazon Intellectual property (patents)  (or or Google patents)  custom search
  6. 6. Feasibility Assessment Manufacturability, product differentiation, cost, profit, time and effort estimates… Cost and manufacturability  AliBaba Selling price and customer preferences  Amazon
  7. 7. Prototyping Supplies  Amazon 
  8. 8. Identify and Research Potential Licensee Companies Amazon and Google product  Look for manufacturers of competitive products (pay special attention to best selling manufacturers)
  9. 9. Identify and Research Potential Licensee Companies and Contacts  Sign up for a free JigSaw account via  Look at companies you’ve already identified via Amazon and Google product search  Find additional new companies  Get names of potential contacts  Sales, marketing or product development  Maybe “buy” contact info for points  Add info of people you know into JigSaw for “points”
  10. 10. Identify and Research Potential Licensee Contacts LinkedIn
  11. 11. Identify and Research Potential Licensee Contacts LinkedIn  Sign up for free account  Search for companies already found on Amazon, Google product search and JigSaw  “Follow” your potential licensees and/or their contact people  Search for names found on JigSaw  Join groups!!! (Join those that your potential contacts will have joined or join inventing groups)
  12. 12. Identify and Research Potential Licensee Companies and Contacts  Searches >125 sites, including USPTO, LinkedIn and JigSaw  Categories  Journal and news articles  Patents and patent applications (US and international)  Social networks (including LinkedIn and Facebook)  Legal (court cases and filings)  Videos  Business databases (including JigSaw, Manta and Lead411)
  13. 13. Contact Chuck Lamprey Connect:  LinkedIn network connection request  LinkedIn “follow” me  Twitter “follow” me: inventingU