Do You Know If Your Students Are Career Ready?


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A presentation made at the Career & Technical Association of Texas Conference, July 2009

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Do You Know If Your Students Are Career Ready?

  1. 1. Do You Know If Your Students Are Career Ready?<br />
  2. 2. Changes in Workforce Skills Needs Across 50 Years<br />Unskilled<br />12%<br />Skilled<br />20%<br />Professional<br />20%<br />Unskilled<br />60%<br />Professional<br />20%<br />Skilled<br />68%<br />1955<br />2005<br />
  3. 3. Many Middle-Skilled Jobs Pay as well as Jobs Requiring a Bachelor’s Degree<br />
  4. 4. Training for College or Workplace?<br /> The needs of college and workplace-bound students are merging:<br />“Whether planning to enter college or workforce training programs after graduation, high school students need to be educated to a comparable level of readiness in reading and mathematics.”<br /> - ACT, Inc.<br />Ready for College and Ready<br /> for Work: Same or Different?<br />
  5. 5. How to Measure Readiness for a Skilled Workforce or College?<br />We need:<br />A common language – what are the skills required?<br /> “We need to ask employers what are the math skills required for the job.”<br />Foundational skills – complement job-specific skills<br /> “69% of applicants are rejected at hire because they lack basic skills, 32% because they lack reading and math skills”<br />Applied skills – apply the knowledge<br /> “Students exiting our educational system have knowledge. But their demonstrated inability to apply that knowledge implies that they don’t understand what they know.”<br /> Jo Kister, Ph.D.<br /> Workforce Development Consultant<br />
  6. 6. The National Career Readiness Certificate Addresses These Needs:<br />Certifies the common workplace skills and trainability of students and job seekers<br />Is a nationally-recognized, portable credential<br />Is recognized by both education and business<br />Provides a common measurement between individuals and specific jobs<br />Has been adopted by over 20 states and growing<br /><br />
  7. 7. 2<br />Skill Assessments:<br />Measures an individual’s<br />skill level<br />Job Profiling:<br />Determines the level of skill necessary to <br />learn a job<br />1<br />3<br />Education / Training:<br />Efficiently closes<br />skill gaps<br />Based upon the WorkKeys® Job Skills System<br />
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  13. 13. NCRC Provides Information on Skills<br />
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  15. 15. Benefits of the NCRC?<br />Portable credential for basic workplace skills<br />Business: Easy way to measure skills<br />Individuals: Easy way to demonstrate skills<br />Economic Development: Document the quality of workforce<br />Education, Workforce Development, Training Organizations, and Business: Speak a common language<br />
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  17. 17. Frenship High School Implementation<br />Visited with 284 CTE seniors about the NCRC<br />157 CTE seniors took all three tests<br />113 CTE seniors received the NCRC<br />18 Gold<br />64 Silver<br />31 Bronze<br />These seniors received this certification at our Annual CTE Banquet<br />
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  20. 20. Market Leaders for WorkKeys Curricula<br />North Carolina – 41 of 52 Community Colleges <br />Arkansas – State License – all Community Colleges & Workforce<br />Indiana – State License (over 750 Sites) WIA, Colleges, Corrections<br />Oklahoma – State License - CTE Centers and One Stops<br />Ohio – State License Dept. of Admin Services, ABE recommendation<br />Louisiana – 47 of 49 Technical and Community Colleges<br />Virginia – 21 of 23 Community Colleges <br />West Virginia – State License - Adult Education and One Stops<br />Tennessee – State License - Technology Centers<br />Illinois – Chicago Public Schools over 350 High Schools<br />Kentucky – State License - KCTCS<br />North Dakota – Statewide License - One Stops<br />Georgia – Over 140 (1/3) High Schools, ½ Colleges, ½ WIA<br />Oregon– State License - Teacher/ParaPro<br />Hawaii – State License - Community Colleges <br />New Mexico – Statewide License - Corrections<br />Colorado – State License - One Stops, Statewide- Corrections <br />Connecticut - State License – One Stops<br />Mississippi – Statewide License – Community Colleges<br />
  21. 21. WorkKeys & KeyTrain Business Users<br />Advanced Glassfibers, Inc.<br />Arch Chemicals<br />AVX<br />Board of Light<br />Bowater<br />Bridgestone Firestone<br />BWX Technologies<br />Campbell Soup<br />CAPT (Honda Supplier)<br />Chrysler<br />Coors Brewing Co.<br />Dixie Group<br />Dow Chemical<br />DuPont<br />E J Gallo<br />Eastman Chemical<br />Eaton Corporation<br />Energizer<br />Farley Nuclear<br />Federal Mogul<br />Founder&apos;s Furniture, div. of Thomasville<br />Georgia Power<br />GM<br />GoodYear<br />Holnam Cement<br />Inova Health Systems<br />Kimberly Clark<br />Leiner Health Products<br />M & M Mars<br />Mail America<br />Mueller<br />Neptune Technology<br />Newton Instruments<br />Northrop Grumman<br />Olin Chemical<br />Owens Corning<br />Parker Hannifan Corporation<br />Pass & Seymour<br />Perry Foam Products<br />PGT Industries<br />Polyply<br />Protein Technologies<br />Rexam Pharma<br />S & W Manufacturing<br />Seaman<br />Siemens<br />Soffix<br />Solo Cups<br />Southern Company<br />Stanley Furniture<br />Steelscape<br />Temple Inland<br />Thomasville Furniture<br />Tyco<br />Unilever<br />Vermeer Manufacturing<br />Watson<br />Westinghouse<br />WIX-Dana<br />Wrangler<br />Wyeth Pharmaceuticals<br />
  22. 22. KeyTrain Unique Features<br />Instructional Design<br />Natural Voice Sound Track <br />Contextualized Feedback<br />Staff Experience<br />More than 120 years combined WorkKeys experience<br />Previous ACT executives, some of the earliest pioneers<br />Easy to use<br />User friendly yet powerful management system<br />Consistent , easy navigation: focus on learning, not software<br />Results<br />Their success = their clients’ success<br />Features and processes that focus on learning<br />Customer Service<br />24/7 for the last 11 years<br />Our philosophy<br />
  23. 23. Resources:<br />Presenter: Cindy Miller, Frenship ISD CTE Coordinator ( <br />ACT WorkKeys Texas Representative: Day Smith ( <br />National Career Readiness Certificate ( <br />WorkKeys Curricula—Career Ready 101 at <br />