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Let’s be clear about one thing: this eBook does not contain a magic formula for creating money. What it does contain is a step-by-step introduction to a robust and proven system for generating an increasing flow of money. It is a straightforward and schematic overview of my method that will bring you from zero knowledge to maximum potential knowledge in a sort time.
The system is based on the fact that when you generate on your site a large amount of targets content around a specific subject or “niche” and keep it growing, in the long run you will start to see an interesting phenomenon called "the long tail." Basically, your statistics data will start to fill with numerous keyword entries from search engines that hold a lot of target Expressions. These expressions will lead your visitor in thousands of ways right to your site. --------how to earn money,how to start a business,how to internet marketing,what is internet marketing,ways to earn money,internet marketing,affiliate marketing,what is affiliate,how to affiliate,what is an affiliate,how to money online,how to make money online ,affiliate program affiliate,affiliate program,program affiliate,what is affiliate program,affiliate programs,affiliatemarketing,make money on the net,

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The complete guide to auto blogging income

  1. 1. 1The Complete Guide to AutoBlogging income written by yos December , 2011The Complete Guide to AutoBlogging income
  2. 2. 2The Complete Guide to AutoBlogging income
  3. 3. 3Copyrights: This eBook and information contains copyrighted material, trademarks, and otherproprietary information. You may not modify, republish, transmit, participate in the transfer or saleof, create derivative works of, on in any way exploit, in whole or in part, any Proprietary or otherMaterial. You may distribute the eBook for free as is without any modificationFull Disclosure : To keep down expenses and ensure that this eBook and my continued supportwill always be free of charge, I have used my personal affiliate links to some of the services andsoftware. You can, of course, always skip it and use the developers’ direct links. My affiliation withthese services has not affected my professional decisions or influenced my method or your buyingcost . On the contrary, wherever possible I have tried to use free tools and, wherever possible, Ihave used my connections with software developers to get maximum discounts for you.Thank you, and welcome.You now have access to The Complete Guide to AutoBlogging income. Here I willprovide you with all the information you need to build your own profit units and maximizerevenue from this exciting methodBefore we start…The information in this eBook should be clear and straightforward to most readers, but ifyou need any support, please raise a support ticket using the Support system. I will getback to you within 24hrs. You are also welcome to contact me with anyquestions, feedback, or clarifications.Thanks for reading, and welcome to the exciting world of AutoBlogging income!yosDecember 2011The Complete Guide to AutoBlogging income
  4. 4. 4Let’s be clear about one thing: this eBook does not contain a magic formula for creatingmoney. What it does contain is a step-by-step introduction to a robust and proven systemfor generating an increasing flow of money. It is a straightforward and schematic overviewof my method that will bring you from zero knowledge to maximum potential knowledge ina sort time.The system is based on the fact that when you generate on your site a large amount oftargets content around a specific subject or “niche” and keep it growing, in the long runyou will start to see an interesting phenomenon called "the long tail." Basically, yourstatistics data will start to fill with numerous keyword entries from search engines thathold a lot of target Expressions. These expressions will lead your visitor in thousands ofways right to your site.Lets break the system down into some steps : 1. Chose a niche 2. Found an appropriate domain 3. Hire Hosting server & Register your domain a. Build your master site under robust and seo oriented parameters b. Rapidly and automatically inject targeted content & media to that site using the automatic content robot c. Build a self-exploit web2.0 system to distribute your content on the web d. Combine targets and advertise (e.g. Amazon and Adsense) e. After a while, your site will start to generate a small income on its own 4. Now multiply your master site hundreds of times ( with other target expressions of course) and dramatically increase your daily income! 5. Do some SEO-oriented revisingThe Complete Guide to AutoBlogging income
  5. 5. 5In other words: build an extremely efficient automatic income master site and rapidlymultipath it to different subcategories, thus creating an independent autonomous incomesystemFirst, what is an Autoblog? Autoblog is defined as an autonomic system thatautomatically builds target sites around predefined subjects. The results are very targetedniche sites, exactly what the big G likes.STEP 1 - Chose a nicheSo our first step is to choose a niche. I can tell you a secret : there is no such thing as abad niche. Any niche will have its loyal audience, so do not afraid to mess around, evenwith niches that may seem outlandish and strange. That said, some niches are still betterthan others, and the following guidelines will help you choose a niche that will maximizeyour income.To select a niche I recommend you stick to these important rules: 1. Choose a topic you are familiar with or at least interested in (if you are not familiar with the topic yet, try to understand it – you can read about it , visit professional shops etc.) 2. Choose a topic that is not by definition a trend or fad (“Crocs” shoes are a good example of a trend; camping equipment is good example of a niche). 3. Choose a topic that can be split to subtopics. For example, the topic “sports” can be split into dozens of sub-categories – basketball, football, etc.A good place to start is Amazon, the biggest and smartest eMarket in the world.In an robust and effective system like Amazon arena, it’s unlikely that you will findunprofitable categories .Amazon arena builds numerous categories and related sub categories on any subject youcan imagine, based on tremendous and valuable consumer data.The Complete Guide to AutoBlogging income
  6. 6. 6Let’s choose a main subject and start digging around on Amazon for sub categories(niches). You can chose main subject from here, the tag cloud. This tagcloud contains the most popular tags on Amazon.Lets say we chose sports as our main nicheOur next step is to find sub niches, and for that we’ll want to go to the main pageof Amazon. Well copy our main niche expression directly into Amazon’s mainsearch field and look at the popup suggestions:Try adding letters immediately after the main subject (for example, sports). Add the letterC or the letter S after the word “sports,” as shown, and you will find many interestingThe Complete Guide to AutoBlogging income
  7. 7. 7suggestion for your sub-niches.The Complete Guide to AutoBlogging income
  8. 8. 8In this way, we can start collecting our sub-categories. We can also find ideas for sub-categories on the left bar, for example on the left bar under sport clothing you can seerelated subjects like women’s athletic shirts , baseball , dance , Adidas etc.At this point, take an hour or so to think of a niche. Choose and write down a list of33 sub-categories on an excel sheet, word, notepad or whatever software you prefer.The Complete Guide to AutoBlogging income
  9. 9. 9STEP 2 - Found an appropriate domainOur second mission is to found our main domain, which should include our mainsubject expression (in this case sports)To select an effective domain that will be readily picked up by search engines, Irecommend you stick these important rules : 1. The domain name must contain your main niche term (e.g. “sports”) 2. Don’t use words that connote salesmanship (for example: sale, buy, cheap, etc. ) 3. Choose an effective domain type: our first priority will be .com domains, Second priority .net, and our third priority .org. If possible, try to chose only from those three domain type options.A very effective free tool for finding domains (but not not buying them!) can be foundhere at the Domain Search service .The Domain Search service is a tool used to searchfor current, expired and deleted domain names by keyword(s). Advanced options allowyou to specify the placement of search terms in the domain name and to excludeparticular terms. Following the initial search, additional options are available to excludedomains with numbers and/or hyphens and to limit domains to a specific length. The resultset lists domains with their registration status at major TLDs.After you enter a keyword, tweak and narrow your search using the advanced option. Hit“search” and you will see a large list of domain names that feature your desired searchterm. To locate an unregistered domain, look for the White circles (Domain is available forpurchase and has never been registered) and Dotted circles (The domain name has beenThe Complete Guide to AutoBlogging income
  10. 10. 10deleted and is now available for purchase). Other signs indicate that the domain is notavailable.In the example above we chose as our main domain.STEP 3 - Hire server hosting & Register our domainNow we get to the third step. In this step, we will combine our domain registration processwith purchasing a storage space (server hosting) for our profit machines. To do this, weThe Complete Guide to AutoBlogging income
  11. 11. 11will enter and use discount coupon 94hostgator, which gives the firstmonth of registration for free. (This hosting plan is suitable for unlimited profit units.(proper disclosure: the code is in conjunction with my affiliate membership)In total, you will pay $15 for a 1-year domain registration in conjunction with the first-month-free hosting plan (the domain pays on an annual basis and hosting on a monthlybasisI know a $15 yearly payment for a domain name sounds a bit steep, but it is worth payinga little more for the first domain in order to simplify the binding process on our hostingaccount. We will save ourselves from messing up with advanced settings like bindingother vendor domain to our hosting. From domain no.2 we will learn how to buy cheaperdomains and make that binding happenThe Complete Guide to AutoBlogging income
  12. 12. 12Don’t forget 1. Enter your desired domain name without its extension in the domain field. Your domain extension (.net in our example ) will be chosen separately from the drop down list ( step 2 ). 2. Important ! We are only working on the left side of the screen ( register a new domain). 3. If it does not appear, Insert the discount coupon 94hostgator in the left lower box field, The regular default coupon offers much less of a discount (proper disclosure: the link is conjunction with my affiliate member)After you hit the “continue to step 2” button you will be sent to the next page. There is aregistration form there that you will need to fill out you need to complete your registrationform . If you have any problems inputting your details, you can immediately contactthe support team via the chat window.At this point, the bottom of your screen should be similar to the following screen captureThe Complete Guide to AutoBlogging income
  13. 13. 13Hit the "CREATE ACCOUNT" button to finish the registration process.After you finished the process, you will receive a welcome email with important accountdetails - you may print and save it in a safe place.After receiving that email we are ready for the next stepSTEP 4 - Build your master site (master copy)As you will have already noticed, your welcome email from hostgator contains yourcPanel access details, so let’s dive in and login in to our cpanel (the control panel of yournew hosting).At first glance, the cPanel looks very confusing, with huge number of unfamiliar coloredicons that may give you a headache the first time you look at them, The good news is, weThe Complete Guide to AutoBlogging income
  14. 14. 14are going to use only a few of those icons to create and take full control of our incomeunits.Task # 1 - Creating 33 subdomains as a basis for our profits unitUse the list of sub-categories you compiled in Step 1 to create 33 subdomains on yoursystem following these steps : 1. Login to your cPanel. On the front page, scroll down to the Domains section and click the link for Subdomains 2. In the top left empty field Insert your first keyword from the list, as shown below 3. Click on the empty Document Root rubric ( the path will automatically insert ) 4. Hit “create” 5. Repeat these steps until you end up with 33 subdomains based on your listThe Complete Guide to AutoBlogging income
  15. 15. 15Task # 2 - Installing basic wordpress setups on each of our new 33 subdomainsIn order to do that, follow these steps : 1. Click on the quickinstall icon >>> 2. On the left, click wordpress and then click the continue link >> 3. Fill out the form according to the following capture>>>The Complete Guide to AutoBlogging income
  16. 16. 16 4. click install now! button* It strongly recommended to use a free email provider that you are not using as your main email address.The Complete Guide to AutoBlogging income
  17. 17. 17After the installation process is over you will immediately receive awelcome email with your login details (for the new WP installationyou have just created) • Now repeat step 1-4 until you finish installing all 33 subdomains • As your final step, make sure you also install wordpress on your main domain (in our example # 3 - creating your master copyThe master copy is the "father and mother" of all your profit units in each domain.As you know, each domain contains 33 subdomains and each sub domain is equal to oneautonomous profit machine!So under one domain we have 34 profit units (1 main domain + 33 subdomains)When we finish our master copy we will duplicate it on each of the other subdomains.To create the master copy, we first need to follow those stepsThe Complete Guide to AutoBlogging income
  18. 18. 18Setup Phases :Phase 1 : Downloading our must have WP pluginsDownload the following plugins to your computer (your desktop location is fine) for free: 1. WP Super Cache - Very fast caching plugin for WordPress, which will help us to reduce our sever load 2. HL Twitter - HL Twitter automatically tweets when you publish a new post with a customizable message 3. Whydowork Adsense - Insert Adsense code in your pages without modifying the template 4. WP Robot 3 – our major core system - Automatically posts target content related to any topic of your choice to your profit unit (this, unlike the others, is a premium plugin that costs money. The good news is, you can use my special 42% off discount code: kidumim) (proper disclosure : the link is conjunction with my affiliate member)Phase 2 : choosing one of our subdomains as master copyPickup one of your subdomain addresses (that we going to use as our master) and insertits full url into your browser address barImmediately after the address add the extension : /wp-adminSo if my chosen subdomain address is target address now will be enter and log-in page will show up, insert details according to your welcomewordpress installation email (the email you received when you created your sub domainThe Complete Guide to AutoBlogging income
  19. 19. 19installations)At this point you will see the main management screen (WP dashboard) of the subdomainyou have chosen to be your master copyPhase 3 : installing our WP plugins + Initial settingsWP Super Cache PluginThe purpose of WP Super Cache plugin - is to reduce our server loadsThe Complete Guide to AutoBlogging income
  20. 20. 20Installation process:The Complete Guide to AutoBlogging income
  21. 21. 21The Complete Guide to AutoBlogging income
  22. 22. 22The Complete Guide to AutoBlogging income
  23. 23. 23The Complete Guide to AutoBlogging income
  24. 24. 24HL Twitter PluginThe purpose of the HL Twitter twitter plugin - Automatically spread our posts to ourtwitter account and thus help our profit units exploit their presents to search enginesinstallation process: • Repeat steps 1-8 (as described on the WP Super Cache process, but now aim for the HL-twitter plugin and complete its installation) • Setup a new twitter account (use your subject as your user name, for ex. bsports) • Login to your new twitter account • On a different browser tab, go to your master dashboard (remember your subdomain/wp-admin) •The Complete Guide to AutoBlogging income
  25. 25. 25 • •The Complete Guide to AutoBlogging income
  26. 26. 26 •The Complete Guide to AutoBlogging income
  27. 27. 27Whydowork Adsense pluginThe purpose of Whydowork Adsense plugin - helping us to insert adsense adv code intoour posts in width-range-position without messing with any WP templates. You can addany ads you want in any post with few clicks and some copy/paste ad codes.installation process • Repeat steps 1-8 (as described on WP Super Cache process but repeat with the Whydowork Adsense plugin file and complete its installation) • if you dont have an adsense account, I recommended you follow this easy and proven method for getting one: a. register a BlogSpot account at ( is owned by Google) b. create a new blog c. make a post every couple of days. Make them informative. Bonus points if the content is original. Do this for about 8 blog entries, then apply for an Adsense account. Make sure you post a couple more entries while youre awaiting approval (this could take anywhere from 1 to 7 days, speaking from personal experience and what Ive seen of others). d. Once you have your approval, you can add the Adsense code to your blogspot blog as well as your other sites (in our case we are using the Whydowork Adsense plugin to embed adsense code into our profit units) . • enter to your master dashboard (your subdomain/wp-admin)The Complete Guide to AutoBlogging income
  28. 28. 28A short tutorial on using the Whydowork Adsense PluginWhat it can be used for: • Inserting either Adsense ads or, really, anything else, into posts. You can insert Adsense, YPN, CPM banners or buttons, a box with your top or favorite posts to bring them to the attention of your users, etc. • Controlling when the ads show and how. You can use no ads on the blog on article pages while they’re new, and you can set it up to start displaying ads once a certain period of time passes (you decide how much time). • Block ads from showing on certain pages or articles. For example, you may have a page where you want ads, but you might prefer that your About, Contact or Advertise Here pages are ad free. Another use is for paid reviews, which usually ask you not to have ads in those pages.Options:Set Code #1-10The plugin can remember 10 different codes that you might want to insert in yourblog. Paste the Adsense code in the box, then either set it up where you want toappear below, or if you want to paste a second code, scroll all the way down, clickSave, then click on Code #2 and paste another code. Don’t forget to save beforeyou click on another Code area, or the code you just inserted will be lost.The Complete Guide to AutoBlogging income
  29. 29. 29PreviewIt inserts your code in the admin page to show you how it would look like.Exclude posts and/or pagesYou can choose not to display ads in certain posts or pages. Either because adsare not appropriate there (About, Contact, Advertise Here pages) or becauseyou’re not allowed to have ads in paid reviews.To do this, go to the Manage page in your admin area, and find the IDs of theposts or pages that you want blocked. Enter those ID’s in the Exclude box,separated by commas, and Save.Displaying ads on the front page, categories, archive, and tag pagesYou can insert a maximum of 3 ads on these pages (the maximum allowed byAdsense), and you have drop-down boxes for each of them.Code # – click and select the code you want inserted for that particular positionAlignment of Ads – choose where you want that particular code to be displayed(ad positions explained below)Show to post number – choose where you want that particular code andalignment to be used in the page (posts 1-10)Displaying ads in pages and single pagesThe only difference from the front page example is that you’re missing the PostNumber option. Other than that, its the same. Choose the code that you want todisplay and in what position.The Complete Guide to AutoBlogging income
  30. 30. 30Please take into account your typical post length and image positions whenchoosing the place and size of the ads, otherwise you might end up with a badlook for your article.Single Page (older then X days)Here you can choose to display a different ad setup for older posts, so you don’tannoy your regular visitors. Usually only search engine visitors come on a regularbasis to old posts and now you can monetize those visits better by inserting moreaggressive ads.If there is any code selected in this area, then it will display this configuration toarticle pages once they turn the age listed in the box below. If you don’t select aconfiguration for this section, then all the posts use the setting you decided forthe pages and single pages previously.Ad PositionsTop – inserts the code between the title and the contentTop Left and Top Right – inserts the code in the top part of the content,surrounded by textMiddle – inserts the code in the middle of the post, between two paragraphs.Middle means here that it sees how many paragraphs there are in a post, thendivides it by two and inserts the ad there. For example, in a 12 paragraph story, itwill insert it after the 6th paragraph. You need at least 2 paragraphs in a post forthe middle positions to display.Middle Left and Middle Right – inserts the code in the middle of the post,surrounded by text. It actually inserts it in the top part of the second half of thepost, so it might seem closer to the bottom.Bottom – inserts the code below the contentThe Complete Guide to AutoBlogging income
  31. 31. 31Random – cycles the selected code among the positions that are not occupied byother ads. In order for the random setting not to use a position assigned to afixed ad, you will need to insert the random one to the last setting in use.Example: if you want to have a top left ad all the time and another one in randomposition, select first the fixed position, then the random oneThe Complete Guide to AutoBlogging income
  32. 32. 32The Complete Guide to AutoBlogging income
  33. 33. 33The Results :WProbot plugin (the heart of our system!)Short description: The WP Robot is a powerful and easy-to-use professionalautoblogging plugin for Wordpress weblogs. It allows you to run your blog on completeauto-pilot and drip-feed it with fresh content in regular intervals you specify. And the bestThe Complete Guide to AutoBlogging income
  34. 34. 34part: The posts created will be targeted to any keyword you enter and any topic you couldever think of! WP Robot is capable of adding Amazon product posts in conjunction withyour affiliate id, eBay auctions, Yahoo Answers questions and answers, YouTube videos,targeted articles, Flickr images, Clickbank ads and content from 12 more sources to yourweblog automatically. You have full control over which kind of posts will be created!This Plugin suite is for unlimited Usage on multiple domainsInstallation : Installing WP Robot is not different from installing any other pluginon your Wordpress weblog with some minor differences. Once you have uploadedand activated WP Robot on your blog successfully, you will find a new navigationitem in your Wordpress admin area called "WP Robot 3". Click on it and you willget to a screen that will prompt you to enter the Paypal email that you havebought WP Robot with. After doing that, click "Install" and the installation will becompleted and the default templates set up.Introduction: How WP Robot WorksUsing Campaigns to organize your AutoblogsWP Robot 3 uses Campaigns to organize its keywords, templates, and otherdetails it needs for autoposting. A Campaign in WP Robot can consist of anynumber of keywords, post templates, categories, and RSS feeds. If more than oneof any of those have been set up, WP Robot will select a random one for eachpost. Randomization is a key feature of WP Robot and thus it is recommended toThe Complete Guide to AutoBlogging income
  35. 35. 35make good use of those possibilities! Randomization ensures that your Autoblogsdo not use automatic or "spammy" content and thus will perform better in searchengines and be more useful to your visitors.Three different types of CampaignsThere are three different Campaign types in WP Robot: • A Keyword Campaign searches for and posts content related to the keywords you enter. ( our most valuable type ) • An RSS Campaign posts content from RSS feeds. Keywords can be used optionally to use other modules and filter the RSS feeds. • A BrowseNode Campaign posts content found in the Amazon BrowseNodes you specify. Keywords can be used optionally for other modules.You select a campaign type by clicking on the corresponding button. The bluebutton marks the type currently selected. Below the type you can specify theCampaign Name, which is used for organizational purposes only.The Complete Guide to AutoBlogging income
  36. 36. 36RandomizationAs mentioned before, randomization is a key feature of WP Robot and also anintegral part of a successful autoblog. When autoblogging, it is extremelyimportant that your sites look natural. Randomization helps with achieving that.The following is a list of things that are random in WP Robot: • Randomized Post Times - Post intervals are spaced out around the time you set to appear more natural. • Random Keyword Selection - A campaign can consist of any number of keywords. A random one will be selected for each post. • Random Template Tags - WP Robot has two random template tags, which will only display text/content at a certain percentage or select a random piece of text/code.Campaigns PageThe "Campaigns" page lists all the campaigns you have created in WP Robot aswell as information about them. To get a more detailed view of a campaign simplyclick on its name in the table.The Complete Guide to AutoBlogging income
  37. 37. 37For each campaign you have several actions available. You can... • Copy - Go to the "Create Campaign" screen with all settings from this campaign used. • Edit - Change any settings of this campaign. • Pause / Continue - Stop or resume autoposting for this campaign. • Delete - Remove this campaign. Created posts will not be deleted! • Post Now - Create a new autopost now.With the menu at the bottom of the list you can also delete several campaigns atonce or create several posts for any number of campaigns at once.Create Campaign PageCampaigns are used to organize what WP Robot is supposed to create automaticcontent for. Each Campaign you create will publish posts at regular intervals youspecify when creating the Campaign, unless you disable or pause the autoposting.You can start adding a new campaign by clicking the "Create Campaign" button inyour Wordpress menu sidebar.Two kinds of campaign methodoperatively when we going to create a campaign we use oneof two campaign methods: 1. The Modules Campaign 2. The Mix CampaignThe Complete Guide to AutoBlogging income
  38. 38. 38The Modules CampaignIn the example below, 50% of the blog post will be created from pure Amazoncontent (in conjunction with products including your aff ID), and the other 50%will be created from related questions and answers from yahoo answers)The Mix CampaignIn this example, all the posts will mix 100% content from Amazon, yahooanswers, and YouTube)The Complete Guide to AutoBlogging income
  39. 39. 39The Options PageOn the options page you can modify a wide range of settings WP Robot uses. Ingeneral all changes you make here will affect all WP Robot campaigns on yoursite, while settings in the "Create Campaign" page only affect this specificThe Complete Guide to AutoBlogging income
  40. 40. 40campaign. There are General Options as well as Module specific Options, whichare only visible if you have the particular module installed.General OptionsAmazon Options • Amazon Affiliate ID: You affiliate ID for Amazon, which usually looks like "name-20". • API Key (Access Key ID): You need a free Amazon Product Advertising APIThe Complete Guide to AutoBlogging income
  41. 41. 41 Key to use the Amazon module. You can sign up for the API for free here and then find the key under "Access Identifiers". • Secret Access Key: In addition to the API key, Amazon requires a Secret Key for all calls made to the API. You can also find this key under "Access Identifiers" in your Product Advertising API account. • Skip Products If: Gives you the option to prevent certain products with missing information from being posted. • Amazon Description Length: The length of the description from the Amazon product page that will be included in posts. "Full Description" does also include any images, tables and other data in the original description. • Amazon Website: Specify which Amazon website and language you want to use for your posts.Article OptionsThe Complete Guide to AutoBlogging income
  42. 42. 42Flickr Options • Flickr API Key: Your key for the Flickr API. You can get one here. • License: Can limit photo searches to specific licenses. See here for all available licensing options. • Image Size: The size of the images that will be added to posts. • Sort by: How the results from Flickr will be sorted. • Strip All Links from... Use this option to strip links from Flickr comments added to a post.Yahoo Answers Options • Yahoo Application ID: Enter your Yahoo Application ID. This is necessary to use the Yahoo Answers API. You can get an ID here. • Add "Powered by Yahoo! Answers" text to footer: The TOS of Yahoo Answers requires that websites which use their content add the text "Powered by Yahoo! Answers" somewhere on the page. This setting gives you the option to do that easily but of course you could also just disable it and add the text somewhere yourself. • Language: Sets the language questions and answers will be posted in. • Strip All Links from... Use this option to strip links from Yahoo questions and/or answers added to a post.The Complete Guide to AutoBlogging income
  43. 43. 43YouTube OptionsRSS Options • Content: Select if you want to post the full article from the RSS feed if it is available or only the description. • Filter: If this is enabled, only entries from the RSS feed will be posted that contain the associated keyword, specified when the campaign was created. • Strip All Links from... Use this option to strip links from the RSS feed content.Error Handling OptionsThe Error Handling Options control what WP Robot does if it encounters one orseveral errors for its modules. By modifying them you can control how manymodules have to be successful for a post to get created or how many errors untilThe Complete Guide to AutoBlogging income
  44. 44. 44a post gets skipped.Warning: Only edit these options if you are sure what you are doing and whateffect it will have. Entering wrong settings might stop WP Robot from creating anyposts. • Maximum Retries: If creating a post fails for whatever reason WP Robot will by default retry posting up to three times until it is successful. By editing this setting you can change the amount of retries. • Maximum Errors: The maximum amount of errors that can be encountered for modules in a template before skipping a post. Example: If set to 0, a post will be skipped as soon as one of the modules in the template returned an error, no matter how many other modules there were that worked. • Minimum Modules: The minimum number of modules necessary for a post to get created. Example: If set to 2 and the template contains three modules (i.e. {amazon}{article}{ebay}), at least two modules have to work for a post to get created.Disable Keywords By default WP Robot will disable a keyword if posting for itrepeatedly causes errors. Disabled keywords will not get selected for postinganymore from a campaign’s keyword list but can simply be reenabled on thecampaign page they belong to. By changing this setting you can have keywordsget disabled after fewer or more unsuccessful posts. If the option is set to zero,keywords will never get disabled (not recommended).The Complete Guide to AutoBlogging income
  45. 45. 45Rewriting Options ( nice to have as unique content option )WP Robot supports two external rewriting APIs which can be used to make anycontent produced by the plugin unique automatically and which need to beconfigured in this section. Supported are the API and theUCG Rewriter API. (proper disclosure: the link is conjunction with my affiliatemember)Enable Rewriter: Here you can enable either of the rewriters or both of them tohave one randomly selected for each post. Entering your account details isnecessary for the rewriters to work! Important: You also need to enable rewritingfor your campaigns individually on the Create/Edit Campaigns screen!TheBestSpinner Email: Your API login details.TheBestSpinner Password: Your API login details.Quality: Better and Best means less rewriting because only synonyms classifiedwith these categories are used when selected.Save Text with Spin-Tags: If this is checked, WP Robot will save the rewritten textwith all the spin tags intact instead of choosing a random spin for you. Beware: Ifselected your text will not be readable and contain tags like{synonym1|synonym2} - only use this setting if you want to create spun drafts touse in other places or scripts.The Complete Guide to AutoBlogging income
  46. 46. 46Resetting and UninstallingThe buttons at the bottom of your "Options" screen can be used to reset certainparts of WP Robot or uninstall the plugin.Reset Options to Defaults - Restores the default values for all options. • Clear Log - Removes all messages from the post log. • Clear Post History - Deletes all entries in WP Robots post history which is used to detect duplicates. If you do this WP Robot posts on your blog could get posted again! • Uninstall WP Robot - Removes all WP Robot settings and database tables.Phase 4 : create and setup your synergy stripin order to finish our master copy creation, we will need to create a synergy stripthat contains links to all the parts (subdomains ) in our profit cloud. It will help Google tocrawl our sites more efficiently and emphasize the synergy phenomena between all 34parts of our profit cloud.( 33 subdomains + domain )The result will be similar to this screen capture :The Complete Guide to AutoBlogging income
  47. 47. 47Setup Instructions : 1. Download my strip wizard ( simple xls file I created to help you to easily generate the appropriate html code ) - Download 2. Fill columns >> B + E with your data 3. Copy your results >>> Html code from column HThe Complete Guide to AutoBlogging income
  48. 48. 48 4. In your WP master panel (WP dashboard) under “Appearance,” click on widgets, choose the Text widget and drag it to the sidebar area. Then paste your Html code into his box, save, and you’re done!STEP 4 - multiple your master site hundreds of timesReplication processIf 5 dollars a day enough for you, you can certainly skip step 4. Otherwise, thatstep is crucial! for that Well have to buy - our third and the last purchase :-) – avery important utility called WPTWIN. This unique script can clone our mastercopy in under 57 seconds! No installation needed - in one operation it makes acomplete clone including any themes, APIs. & plugins setup.The Complete Guide to AutoBlogging income
  49. 49. 49This script suite is for unlimited Usage on multiple domains(proper disclosure: the link is conjunction with my affiliate member)After we complete and arrange our master copy, we can clone it for all 33subdomains (remember the 33 subdomains you have created with basic WPinstallation) The entire process is very simple: 1. Create an image file from our master (with wptwin software) 2. Deploy our image for all 33 subdomains 3. After the cloning process, enter each clone separately and change its Wprobot keywords campaign and blog title according to the target subjectTo create the process in an accurate and easy manner we need to useWPTWIN, which completely clones any given WP installation including its pluginsand configuration.Instructions at a glance...The instructions below are for easy reference and/or for those comfortable withusing WordPress and ftp programs already ... 1. Upload wptwin.php file to the root folder of the WordPress blog you want to clone 2. Go to the URL where you uploaded wptwin.php 3. If you are not already logged into WordPress as an administrator, you will be asked to log in, otherwise proceed to Step 4The Complete Guide to AutoBlogging income
  50. 50. 50 4. Click on the button that says "Click to Clone this Site" 5. Download the clone file (extension is .wpt) to your hard drive 6. Set up a new installation of WordPress in new location (new subdirectory and/or domain) - we did it already! 7. Upload both the clone file and the wptwindeploy.php file to the root folder of the new WordPress installation 8. Access wptwindeploy.php from a web browser (where you uploaded it) 9. Click the "Deploy Clone" button Finally log into the freshly deployed blog using the same username and password as used on the original blog, where you created the clone file.Detailed InstructionsDownload and unzip the files for WP Twin. Youll find two files youll need touse -- wptwin.php and wptwindeploy.php.Now follow the instructions.Upload WP Twin File 1. Upload wptwin.php file to root folder of the WordPress blog you want to cloneFirst, open up your favorite FTP program. If you dont have one, I recommendyou use Filezilla, which is free and can be downloaded here Use your FTP program to first connect to the server where the master site islocated that you wish to clone.The Complete Guide to AutoBlogging income
  51. 51. 51Upload the wptwin.php file in the ROOT folder of where the word press blogis installed. To upload the wptwin.php file, simply drag and drop it into theROOT folder. Youll know its the right folder because it will look something like this...The Complete Guide to AutoBlogging income
  52. 52. 52Go To URL2. Go to the URL where you uploaded wptwin.phpIf your master site is on then youd go in your web browser.If you go to the URL where you uploaded your wptwin.php and see somethingsimilar to the image below:then you need to log into your master site admin panel before you can clone thesite. Simply click on the "click here" link, and it will take you to the login page forthe WordPress blog you wish to clone.The Complete Guide to AutoBlogging income
  53. 53. 53Once you put in your admin name and your password, it will automaticallyredirect you back to wptwin.php where you can now proceed to the next step.* important notice - this process creates only once when you generate your clone imageClone Site3. Click the "clone this site" buttonNow youll be able to properly configure and clone your blog. Notice the optionsbelow...The Complete Guide to AutoBlogging income
  54. 54. 54The first says "Choose Cloning Option" and its left unchecked. This will stop youfrom cloning non-WordPress folders if you are on a server that has addondomains (this is the case for us!) and you are cloning the primary domain. Werecommend you always keep this option unchecked, unless you know exactlywhat you are doing. Otherwise, you may overwrite files on your add on domainswhen you deploy the clone.Now simply click on the button that says "Click to Clone this Site".When you do this, a clone file will be automatically created for you below the"Click to Clone this Site" button on the step beneath it.Download Clone4. Download the cloned file to your hard drive. After you download it to yourcomputer, you want to click on the "delete clone" option.The Complete Guide to AutoBlogging income
  55. 55. 55Why? Because your clone is first created in your root directory of your WordPressinstallation, and once you have downloaded it to your hard drive, there is noreason you should also have it on your WordPress directory (where others mightbe able to find it if they did some digging).So we recommend you always click delete clone" after you have made your cloneand saved it to your hard drive.Congrats -youve just made a complete clone of your WordPress site.Upload Clone Files5. Upload both the cloned file and the wptwindeploy.php file to root folder of newWordPress installation (for example: the clone file that you downloaded to your hard drive from step 4, andupload that file along with your wptwindeploy.php to the root folder of your newWordPress installation.The Complete Guide to AutoBlogging income
  56. 56. 56Validate Registration7. Go to the URL where you uploaded wptwindeploy.phpNow go to the location of your wptwindeploy.php file ( You will beasked to validate your email - use your email that you purchased WP Twin with.The Complete Guide to AutoBlogging income
  57. 57. 57Youve successfully cloned and deployed a WordPress blog!The Complete Guide to AutoBlogging income
  58. 58. 58Final Step9. Log into your freshly deployed blog. You will have to use the same nameand password you used on the master copy you cloned to log into your freshlydeployed blog.Finally, youll want to go into your admin panel where youve set up yournew blog and change your blog title and campaign keyword. And youredone! * Remember! the deploying process needs to create WP installation for eachof the subdomains you have created (33 times). The Results At this point, your profit units should look like this:The Complete Guide to AutoBlogging income
  59. 59. 59STEP 5 - do some handmade SEO How to build an Easy and effective link schemebuilding an effective link scheme is an easy task if we concentrate onauthoritative sites that have great visibility and authority on Google on theone hand and, on the other hand, do not rely on a human mediator like Ezine. • docstoc • scribd • esnips • slideshare • squidoo • hubpages • tumblr • • livejournal • Follow the process step by step : 1. On Microsoft word, create a simple article that contains at least 7 keywords from your subdomains names 2. Link each key to its "subdomain site father" (Hint - select the keyword and CTRL + K ) 3. Now convert your file to a pdf (to do so while keeping your links alive after the conversion, open a free account on Adobe acrobat ) 4. Repeat steps 1-3 until all your subdomains (in this group of 7 ) are covered. 5. Now upload your articles to each site separately (some of the sites will accept pdf files and some won’t, so an old-fashioned copy/paste command will do the job )The Complete Guide to AutoBlogging income
  60. 60. 60 The Big picture ( and what next ... ) 1. We have now built a perfect master copy of profit unit. 2. We have multiplied the master copy to the rest of our 33 subdomain in our profit cloud (remember one cloud = 33 subdomains + 1 domain) 3. After we finish our first profit cloud go ahead and Purchase another domain (less than $10 on or - yes your future cost for each new profit cloud is only the price of a new domain!)The Complete Guide to AutoBlogging income
  61. 61. 61 some important notice and useful shortcuts 1. Consider using the move command on your ftp in order to move your master site image + deploy.php from subdomain to subdomain instead uploading your files from your computer on each clone operation separately. 2. on wp Discussion Settings always block your surfer comments (to avoid spam)The Complete Guide to AutoBlogging income
  62. 62. 62 3. in WP Permalink Settings always use the /%postname%/ string instead of the default parameter (this is very important for maximizing search engine visibility) 4. To look more serious in front of google and increase your total search ranking, you may want to add a disclaimer, about, and contact pages to your master copy.The information in this eBook should be clear and straightforward to most readers, but ifyou need any support, please raise a support ticket using the Support system. I will getback to you within 24hrs. You are also welcome to contact me with anyquestions, feedback, or clarifications.Yosauto@mytargets.netThe Complete Guide to AutoBlogging income