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Easy Twitter Guide Overview


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Clair Trebes Online created and launched Easy Twitter Guide Ebook for those people who want to learn how to use Twitter to generate new business leads and build a loyal community. I knocked this slide show up and I've turned it into video with some audio (me) of the sales copy on the website.

To find out more check out & check out this youtube that accompanies this :

Easy Twitter Guide Overview

  1. 1. Brought To You By Clair Trebes Online
  2. 2. WelcomeMy name is Clair Trebes & I am an Internet MarketerI specialize in teaching people about Social is me, in Frankfurt, Germany on holiday in July 2012
  3. 3. Why Twitter?•Quickly share & gatherinformation•Build & maintainrelationships with WARMleads•Keep people informed•Engage & interact in REALTIME
  4. 4. Social Media Has TransformedHOW The World ConnectsTwitter is a KEY player•Presented an OPPORTUNITY •Better COMMUNICATION• Brand TRANSPARENCY• TWITTER IS MUCH MORE THAN A LARGE ONLINE CHAT ROOM
  5. 5. As someone who had to teach myself HOWtap into the power of Twitter I UNDERSTANDhow important it is to learn this the rightway from the word go. That was MYmotivation for creating the Easy TwitterGuide: A simple step by step guide coveringpretty much everything you could need andwant to know about how to maximizeyourself on Twitter.
  6. 6. TESTIMONIAL“I am one of Clair’s friends, and I sell business grade internet for a living. Being acomplete beginner with using Twitter for business myself, I have found Clair’sknowledge and tips that are now being revealed in this ebook very helpful. I use thisinformation now when looking new business contacts and networking opportunities.The amount of business leads and sales that have come about as a result of Twitteralone is staggering! I recently closed a deal with my largest margin with a new partnerI met via Twitter. I am VERY happy to now have a better understanding of HOWTwitter works, and would highly recommend this product to anyone wanting to learn”Emma Parr | Channel Sales Executive | Exponential-E
  7. 7. DO YOU WANT TO LEARN HOW TO MARKET YOURBUSINESS ON TWITTER NOW?“@RT_Litho_LTD Brilliant service flyers arrived first thing inthe morning and excellent quality again – highlyrecommended print company!”“I have been very impressed with the excellentcustomer service @face2facepromo provide andI thoroughly recommend them!”“really can’t recommend @femmefatelessex enough -another treatment last night so happy ladies check themout”Testimonials About Businesses I Have HELPED With Their Twitter Marketing from theircustomers found as a result of using Twitter
  8. 8. •What is Twitter•Why I Use Twitter•Twitter Housekeeping•The Twitter Profile•The Types Of Tweets You Can Send•What Do You Talk About•Making The Most Of Your Time OnTwitter•Finding Followers•Building A Community•Twitter Lists•Hashtags, Keywords & Trends•The Twitter Search•Auto Following / Unfollowing Software•Hootsuite Social Media Dashboard•Best PracticesThis is a 73 Page eBook that covers the followingtopics in more detail and is as useful for ONLINEMarketing as well as OFFLINE
  9. 9. “Read this eBook last night and all I can say is that it isfantastic! A must read for any blogger or marketer. .Clairwalks you through the basics of Twitter and thenexplains some of the advanced stuff that you can do tohelp promote your business. I learnt a lot from readingthis and I have already started making changes to myTwitter outreach campaign”Matt Smith | Owner | OnlineIncomeTeacherCan MY business really benefit from usingTWITTER ?
  10. 10. STOP PRESS!! FREE GIFT ALERT“The Understanding HootSuite eGuide was designed with beginners inmind & will quickly introduce you to the power of using HootSuite tomanage all of your social networking profiles!”
  11. 11. When I started using Twitter I had NOknowledge about how to successfullyharness it’s power for business. Thisbook talks you through the benefit ofmy experience, and will help youunderstand quickly HOW Twitterworks for many people in business.Save Yourself Frustration fromTrying To Figure It All Out OnYour Own!
  13. 13. THANK YOU FOR LISTENINGHere’s to YOUR Success, I wish you all theluck on your Twitter journeyKindest,Clair TrebesPS – don’t let FEAR of not knowing stop you building your Twitter success – thisproduct WILL help you get results FAR quicker than figuring it out aloneCLICK HERE TO GET YOUR COPY NOW FOR $9.95