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Personalised Learning and Digital Tech (dish 2011)


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Published in: Education, Business
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Personalised Learning and Digital Tech (dish 2011)

  1. 1. Personalisation and Digital Technologies creating digital learning experiences with the visitor
  2. 2. Claire Ross Doctoral Candidate Centre for Digital Humanities Department of Information Studies, me: @clairey_rossBlog: claireyross.wordpress.comUCLDH
  3. 3. What isPersonalised Learning?
  4. 4. What does it have to do withDigital Technology?
  5. 5. participation dialogue empowering individuals.
  6. 6. Personalisationofinterpretation,of technologyand of learning
  7. 7. Choice and control opportunities open to the learner
  8. 8. Learning journeys
  9. 9. Activerather thanpassive
  10. 10. www.qrator.or g
  11. 11. Image: Matt Clayton/Grant Museum Zoolo
  12. 12. Questions Raised • What are the key issues that museums need to address when planning future opportunities for personalised learning with digital technologies? • Can you create meaningful digital learning experiences with the visitor? • Can you create meaningful digital learning experiences without the visitor?
  13. 13. Social Interpretation www.blogs.iw interpretation
  14. 14. Questions raised• Can social media models be used as a form of personalised learning?• Is social interpretation learning at all?• Can personalised learning experiences with digital technology be used when dealing with difficult or contentious cultural content?• Is it learning if we allow factually incorrect visitor interpretation?