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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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  1. 1. The fashion-forward teenagers involved in the front cover portraythe band’s target audience to be this type of people . Furthermore italso gives the CD an ‘indie’ feel rather than electro which couldmislead potential buyers. The title ‘Saturdays = Youth’ is connotedby the picture which shows blatant youth. This CD cover reminds meof Skins the TV show which is going to influence our music video alot due to the episode of being in the woodland – coincidently theCD cover also has a Woodland theme and comes across as veryBritish rather than French. Furthermore , this digipak seems like it isaimed at the same audience as the people who would listen toelectro/dance music such as Crystal Castles. I like how effortless thedigipack is and how it shows what audience it’s music is aimed at.This is a big influence for me as I like the simplicity of it andespecially the bright lighting and autumnal surroundings.I think it’s a creative yet simple digipak which I would like to achieve– however not having my digipack or advertisement looking like thisas I plan for mine to be more innovative.The idea of having a different picture of one of the models as thereverse cover is different to other digipaks i have researched which Iwould like to use for my own digipak as I think it looks moreappealing and more professional.The digipak definitely has an autumnal theme due to the lightingand other mise-en-scene other than the clothing which I thinkmakes the cover more eye-catching and colourful than if it wastaken in winter. The artist definitely establishes it’s target audiencethrough the digipak which I think is a subtle idea of establishing whothey would like to listen to their music and to grab the attention ofthose who they think would be interested. I find this a veryinfluential digipak due to the fact that my artist’s target audience for‘Not In Love’ would be extremely similar to this.
  2. 2. The inside of the front cover I think is very mundaneand doesn’t really appeal to anyone or make anyonewant to read it. As it’s the thankyou’s and who’sproduced/written the songs on the album I thinkthat they could have made this more appealing byperhaps using the background of the front cover andthen putting the text over it. I know that there’smore photographs of the models inside which couldperhaps connote that the artist is more interested infashion than building up their star persona andmaybe their music.I like the fact that the CD is brightly coloured incontrast to the CD , this could also perhaps connoteto matching/clashing clothing trends and the fashionorientated digipak. Furthermore it brings morecolour to the digipak and makes it less predictableand prevents use of the pictures of the models.
  3. 3. For this electro/dance artist I managed to find both the digipack and advertisement. I think thatthis digipack is extremely ambiguous as it gives nothing about the artists away. However as it’scall ‘Electronic music from the Swedish leftcoast’ then it could perhaps connote that the artistsare more interested and passionate about getting their music known than themselves andbuilding a star persona. The landscape picture used makes the music look more peaceful thandance/electro music which could perhaps disillusion people into thinking it was electronic. Ithink that the rainbow part in the picture arguably connotes electronic music as it’s vibrant andcolourful instead of just purely black and white. The font used is eye-catching and drawsattention to it rather than to the picture which could perhaps contradict the fact that i think theartist is more interested in getting their music noticed and could in fact mean that they are moreabout building up a star persona.
  4. 4. Like m83’s digipak cover Plej have used a similar style picture of one of the pictures on the front cover.However it has been edited and a white border has been put around it which I think has definitely achieveda professional look and looks simple to do. Unlike the Chemical Brother’s digipak I think that using thebackground of the picture on the front cover looks better and looks more effortless and simple rather thanmaking the digipak look too ‘busy’.
  5. 5. This advertisement for Plej’s album uses the picture on the digipack and changed the picture’scolour which is easy to do. However I think that it’s not a very creative or eye-catching way ofpromoting and advertising their digipack. Furthermore this digipack also includes journalist’spositive opinions on the CD which is meant to show people how good the CD is and that theyshould buy/listen to it . I think that they should have thought of a more creative way toadvertise their CD as it doesn’t look very interesting and wouldn’t grab my attention. Also thisadvertisement doesn’t really connote anything about their target audience other than thatthey have to like electronic music.
  6. 6. For this Chemical Brother’s digipack I found all parts of the digipack and also the CD advertisement.Obviously this was easier to find as The Chemical Brothers are well known for their electro and dancemusic. I think this digipack is very creative and unique as I’ve never seen one like this. The night skyillustrated on the digipack connotes the title ‘We Are The Night’ which proves the digipack to be to benarrative of a certain extent of the music involved within it. Whereas the hands with eyes and themountains appear to be quite disjunctive to the music yet somehow blends in with the theme of thedigipack itself. However, this is a very professional looking cover which I don’t think I would be able toattain due to the illustrations and amount of Photoshop editing a CD cover along the same lines as thisone would need. For the font of the artist’s name they have used the artists trademark font ofdisplaying their name which is also simple and helps the digipack to be easily recognisable.
  7. 7. The inside and reverse of the digipack are relatively simple as they have just used one ofthe illustrations from the front which I think is a simple and great idea to use for mydigipack to create a certain theme and give it a professional look. The digipack has a kindof ‘space-aged’ aura which I think connotes to electro music and makes the digipack seemmore amplifying of the genre it is portraying. Also the male hands and even the artistsname shows that they are male.The advertisement is also simple and just uses the digipack cover as the poster like Plej’sCD advertisement and moreover includes quotes from music critics from magazines andtheir positive opinions on the CD. This is also a very easy and simple idea to use for mydigipack advertisement.
  8. 8. I think this is a very good example of a successfuldigipack advertisement due to the fact that it’sbrightly coloured and a full page which isguaranteed to grab a readers attention. Also as ifound it in a International DJ magazine it showsthat the advert is aimed at a target audience ofreaders of IDJ that are interested in electronicmusic.Once again I think that the advert automaticallyconnotes its music genre due to the brightelectrical colours and also as it’s a ‘mix’.Furthermore the advertisement also includes pressquotes from other music magazines like IDJ whichflatter the CD and try and persuade people to buyit. It also shows a note on it which shows an‘exclusive cover version’ by the artist which theythink a reader or potential buyer would beinterested in.