Room 18 Inquiry Learning


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Room 18 Inquiry Learning

  1. 1. Room 18Inquiry Learning
  2. 2. Our term topic is ‘Changes’, we havebeen investigating flax and bambooin more detail. As part of our researchwe have looked at how bamboos rootstructure helps to prevent erosion. Wewere investigating the effect of wateron sand and so the effect of erosionon soil if there are no roots to hold theground in place.Room 18
  3. 3. Bamboo is ideal to help control soil erosionRunning bamboo has a net like root system that creates aneffective mechanism for watershed protection. It works tostitch the soil together along fragile riverbanks, deforestedareas and in places prone to earthquakes and mudslides.Studies have shown that because of this wide-spreading rootsystem along with the unique shape of the bamboo leafcreate a stem flow rate of 25% which means that bamboogreatly reduces rain run-off, prevents massive soil erosionand keeps up to twice as much water in a watershed. Whatmakes bamboo even far more ideal for use in soil erosion isthat its hearty enough to flourish in areas where poor farmingpractices and overgrazing have damaged the soil.