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  1. 1. Jesmond –fit for people or justcars?Tony Waterston
  2. 2. !TRANSITION(JESMOND!!!Transition)Jesmond))!are!Transition!Towns?!Transition!towns!aim!to!be:!• Sustainable!–!that!means!!living!within!our!means,!now!and!forever!• Resilient!–!that!means!not!being!dependent!on!outside!resources!• Healthy!–!that!means!having!a!strong!sense!of!community,!and!sourcing!our!food!locally!• Supportive!–!that!means!working!together!to!develop!our!local!economy!to!mutual!benefit!!T ackling clim ate change and peak oil in our com m unity here and now !Making!our!local!community!sustainable!!!Supporting!renewable!energy!with!demonstrations!!!Developing!local!cycle!routes!to!school!and!shops!!!Reducing!the!use!of!plastic!bags!in!shopping!areas!!!Showing!films!on!Transition!themes!!!Making!Acorn!Rd!more!pleasant!for!people!on!foot!!We welcom e new m em bers – older people,  parents, students and teenagers can all  be involved – it’s fun and you can m ake  a difference 
  3. 3. Receiving our chequeFrom Waitrose!
  4. 4. Jesmond Safe CyclingWe are working to improvecycling facilties in Jesmondbetween home and schooland from home to shoppingCycling in JesmondJesmond is perfect for cycling: distances areshort, the terrain is flat, motor traffic isrelatively slow, and many students use a bike.But how often do you see an elderly person or achild cycling on Osborne Rd? The problem isthat there is no special space for bikes, crossingmain roads is dangerous, and route signing isappalling. Can’t we do better?More info see http://newcycling.orgExamples of ideas: cycle lanes, cycle crossings, cycle traffic lights, morespace on the roads for cyclists, traffic calming, 20mph zonesMore info/enquiries we want6 cycle routesconnecting peripheryCycle lane onOsborne RdDouble cycle laneon TankervilleAdvance stop lineat all traffic lightsEurope leads the waySigning on allcycle routes
  5. 5. 1. Cycle planning 2011-2013• Cycling with councillors• Cycling with officers• Cycle ward newsletter• Council survey• Cycle plan – 6 routes from residential areas toschool or shopping
  6. 6. Cycling with councillors 2011: Nigel Todd,Chris Boyle, David Hardman
  7. 7. Cyclingwith officers(and child)Late 2011
  8. 8. In the Chron again
  9. 9. North andSouth JesmondWard newsletterFeb 2012
  10. 10. Press release March 2012• LET’S TALK BIKING IN JESMOND• The campaign for a more people-friendly Jesmond gets underway as theCouncil issues a special ward newsletter for North and South Jesmondwith a particular focus on cycling.• A newsletter will be dropped through every door in Jesmond stating:“Jesmond is the perfect place for cycling. It’s flat as a pancake, filled withtrees and flowers, and few people live more than three miles from wherethey need to be or want to go”. Yet currently many people, particularlythe old and the young, don’t use a bike owing to their fear of cars andheavy, fast traffic. So, working with all six Jesmond Councillors, TransitionJesmond and the Newcastle Cycling Campaign have helped to design asurvey which can be filled in online at or apaper copy can be obtained from the local ward co-ordinator orcouncillor.
  11. 11. Council cycle survey with mapping• Do you have problems cycling in Jesmond owingto speeding traffic and busy road crossings?• Would you like to see cycle lanes and cyclefriendly routes in Jesmond?• IF SO – PLEASE COMPLETE THE COUNCIL’S CYCLESURVEY•
  12. 12. Our proposals• We have identified the following areas where there are particularproblems for cyclists (photographs are available):• Coming from Gosforth through Jesmond: crossing Jesmond Dene Rd,Highbury, Tankerville – fast motor traffic• Osborne Rd (whole length) – fast motor traffic and no assistance atjunctions or traffic lights• Osborne Rd- Jesmond Rd junction – no assistance for cyclists• Holly Ave – Osborne Rd junction – cycle sign but what happens onOsborne Rd?• Bottom of Osborne Ave, Jesmond Rd – difficult crossing for cyclists comingin from coast route (Armstrong Bridge)• Sandyford Rd – designated as cycle route but not cycle friendly, pavementon South side too narrow for joint use• Sandyford Rd/Jesmond Rd junction – same
  13. 13. 6 Jesmond routes1. Cradlewell to Acorn Road and West JesmondSchool2. Brandling village to West Jesmond School3. High West Jesmond to West Jesmond School4. Brandling village to Acorn Road shops5. Armstrong Bridge to Portland and OsborneRoads via Jesmond Road6. Central Jesmond to Gosforth
  14. 14. Timeline• July 2012 cycle plan finalised: 6 routes• November 2012: officers’ response• Jan 2013: our comment and questions• June 2013: further response awaited…• Councillors are supporting changes at Haldaneand Highbury ? In this year’s ward budget
  15. 15. Officers respond• 7 November 2012• Ref: SD/LF/AC/12• Response to Jesmond Cycling Plan V6• Thank you for your proposed Cycling Plan for Jesmond and your proposals for improvementsto the routes which you have identified and prioritised.• We would like to offer the following responses to the points raised. It should be noted thatthere is currently no funding in place to undertake these measures from the Cycling budget.This budget is dedicated to the provision of Strategic Cycles routes for the next 8 years.• Some facilities could potentially be provided from the Traffic Management budget. It shouldbe noted however that any such requests will be prioritised based on road safety on a worstfirst basis, treating those areas with a defined road safety issue as a priority. Schemes areprioritised City wide and not ward wide.• With this in mind it would be sensible to engage with Local Ward Members to determine ifan alternative source of funding such as Ward budgets could be used to implement some ofthe measures requested.
  16. 16. Family cycle ride during Jesmond festival May ‘13
  17. 17. 2. Acorn Rd• The problems – congestion, traffic fumes,narrow pavements, difficult to cross, bad forcycling• Acorn Rd Improvement group – residents,traders, campaigners, councillors• Surveys: polling machine, trader survey, streetsurvey, traffic survey, resident discussion• A plan + public meeting (23rdMay)
  18. 18. What has been your main means of travel today?17 July-7 Aug 201229 Oct-20 Nov 2012Polling machine surveyWalking Cycling Car Bus MetroAll337 (35%)229 (52%)88 (9%)44 (10%)401 (42%)126 (28%)42 (4%)14 (3%)89 (9%)31 (7%)Tesco137 (31%)74 (44%)28 (6%)15 (9%)209 (47%)62 (37%)20 ((5%)2 (1%)52 (12%)15 (9%)Waitrose191 (40%)155 (56%)53 (11%)29 (11%)183 (38%)64 (23%)21 (4%)12 (5%)32 (7%)16 (6%)library 9 (29%) 7 (23%) 9 (29%) 1 (3%) 5 (16%)
  19. 19. • Vehicle use of Acorn Road, the general flow of movement is east to west.• 79% of traffic was observed to enter and leave Acorn Road within a 10 minuteperiod, suggesting significant use for through movement.• Total movements were 5.5 vehicles per minute, about one every ten seconds.Traffic survey
  20. 20. Street survey: mode of travel
  21. 21. Street survey: daily spendShoppersMean spend pershopper Total spendAll 290 £25 £7,112Car/van 94 £41 £3,827Walk 167 £16 £2,686Cycle 13 £19 £244Bus 5 £7 £37Metro 10 £29 £294How much do you expect to spend today (shoppers only)?
  22. 22. How many times a month do you usually visit Acorn Road? How muchdo you usually spend when you come shopping here?Street survey: monthly spendMeanmonthlytripsTotalmonthlytripsMeanspendper tripMeanmonthlyspendTotalmonthlyspend% totalmonthlyspendAll 15.9 4,593 £ 20.12 £ 319.91 £1,469,337 100%Car/van 12 1,117 £ 28.07 £ 336.84 £376,250 26%Walk 18.6 3,104 £ 16.62 £ 309.13 £959,546 65%Cycle 12.7 165 £ 16.31 £ 207.14 £34,178 2%Bus 15 75 £ 16.75 £ 251.25 £18,844 1%Metro 13.4 132 £ 11.30 £ 151.42 £19,987 1%
  23. 23. Street survey: quality of experience
  24. 24. The Plan• One way East to West• ‘shared space’ concept• Widen pavement on North• Remove parking from North side• Alternative parking by introducing 2hr limit inneighbouring (residential) streets• Trial the one way system to investigate effects
  25. 25. Progress to report?• Cycle plan: some measures underway but veryslow movement by officers• Acorn RD: support for traffic calming andimprovement of corners but council not atpresent supporting a pilot
  26. 26. What’s the problem?• Council does not appear to translate centralobjectives into local action• Highways officers are resistant to change andseem unaware or uninterested in newerpolicies• Councillors are not prepared to upsetresidents by taking away parking• There is a lack of a district wide approach toenvironmental planning
  27. 27. What next?• Involve local opinion formers• Keep up local pressure• Public meeting(s) with outside speakers• Neighbourhood planning?• Further ideas welcome! (eg guerilla cyclelanes)