Newcastle CCAG Stakeholder meeting 18 9-2013 final


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Presentation from SUSTRANS and Newcastle Cycling Forum setting up the vision, aims, structure and key activities to be delivered by the CCAG over the next year and a half. In support of the works of the Stakeholders group.

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Newcastle CCAG Stakeholder meeting 18 9-2013 final

  1. 1. Delivery areas and budgets
  2. 2. Where did we come from?
  3. 3. xxx
  4. 4. xxx
  5. 5. This bid is about …….. AMBITION AMBITION AMBITION
  6. 6. Efficient use of road space £ £ £ £ £ £ £ £
  7. 7. DIY Streets Crazy, UNREALISITC? Bellingham, US Total “STT” Walking Motorised private modes Cycling 24 3 0 43 22 Motorbike Car as driver 25 64 23 1 1 41 Basel, Switzerland 30 22 16 1 17 Walking, cycling & 7 public transport 18 23 75 Car as passenger Public transport 8 9 5 0 Athis-Mons, France 20 2
  8. 8. Cycle4Health ACTIVE TRAVEL
  9. 9. The street Events Design workshops + + Getting involved + Better Streets = DIY Streets
  10. 10. Retail areas shared space
  11. 11. Active Travel Centre • “One stop shop” • • • • • Secure parking Cycle loans Repair & maintenance Confidence skills and mechanics training Travel planning information and support • In partnership with existing organisations.
  12. 12. Strategic Routes “Fit for Cycling” how do we get from here…. ….to here?
  13. 13. Department for Transport “The road network is the most basic (and important) cycling facility available. The preferred way of providing for cyclists is to create conditions on the carriageway where cyclists are content to use it, particularly in urban areas. Measures that reduce the volume or speed of motor traffic benefit other road users by making the roads safer and more pleasant for them to use.’ (Cycle Infrastructure Design, LTN 2/08)
  14. 14. Hierarchy of Provision Consider first Traffic reduction Speed reduction Junction treatment, hazard site treatment, traffic management Reallocation of carriageway space • bus lanes • widened nearside lanes • cycle lanes Cycle tracks away from roads Consider last Conversion of footpaths to shared use cycle tracks for pedestrians and cyclists
  15. 15. Objectives for Routes Our Seven Strategic Routes will … be comfortable to the user: minimising effort and exertion and respecting topography be direct and coherent, giving clarity throughout the route and fully integrate with neighbourhood routes be attractive enough to get people to 'dust down their bikes' and not just appeal to the 'experienced' cyclist feel intrinsically safe to the user: away from fast traffic and avoiding conflict by giving cyclists greater priority conveniently link key centres of employment, retail, culture and education, transport hubs so that we have a reason to use them
  16. 16. 3. Stakeholder group role & responsibilities 1. Maintain the vision of AMBITION 2. Comment from your local groups 3. Inform technical & management groups 4.Champion within communities
  17. 17. 3. Stakeholder group chair
  18. 18. 4. Questions and discussion Do People Need Clarification on any Items? What are People’s Priorities? What does success look like, what are key issues/areas, infrastructure /severance etc.