Facebook presentation


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Facebook presentation

  1. 1. Noel O Donnell (Guest User) MotivationConnect with friends.Check what is going on in home town.Check what events are coming up.Upload photos and videos.Play games and use chat feature.
  2. 2. InteractionChecks notifications and news.Uploads photos or looks at hisfriend’s new photos.Agrees to attend events or not.Plays games and chats to friends.
  3. 3. InterfaceLogin section and notification icon.Scroll bar and chat box. Upload, select photos and create album buttons. App section, game tab and play button.
  4. 4. VisualText and images on newsfeed and events page.White photo upload box.Text in chat list and green circles.Colourful games screen.
  5. 5. Claire O Donnell (Personal User) Motivation Use chat feature. Connect with friends and organise parties. Upload personal photos. Play games.
  6. 6. InteractionCheck notifications andnew mail.Check my newsfeed.Look at friends new photosor upload my own.Play games and chat tofriends.Send mail to friends toarrange to meet up at theweekend.
  7. 7. InterfaceNotification and inboxicon.Message box andreply button.All photo relatedbuttons.App section andgame tab.Level selection andchat box.
  8. 8. VisualLogin section andred icons on toolbar.Text and images onnewsfeed.White message boxand upload box.Colourful gamescreen.Name list and greencircles in chat box.