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Dole Peel then Play


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My Senior Thesis Project for Dole.

Published in: Design
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Dole Peel then Play

  1. 1. pick bite
  2. 2. pick bite
  3. 3. peel
  4. 4. peel
  5. 5. play
  6. 6. play
  7. 7. play
  8. 8. pick bite peel play Creative Brief : Dole Fruits and Vegetables Consumer problem Fruits and vegetables are boring and not as exciting as other food or snack choices. “The medium is the message.” Objective We want to make fruits and vegetables the snack re- In this evolving digital world, more and more people are living their quested by our target and their mothers. lives through backlit screens. As with media changes before it such as the switch from radio to television, the switch from printed and Target traditional media to innovative and digital is inevitable. Children ages 5 to 7 who are growing up in the digital world and are somewhat picky eaters and their parents. In this Dole campaign, the target is 5 to 7 year olds who have always grown up with a computer at their fingertips. These digital natives Insight don’t interact with a print world but rather need to be communicated The desire to satisfy your hunger and need to be enter- with in their interactive vernacular and in new innovative media that tained. is part of their world. Consumer Benefit/Message This incentive-based better nutrition program will provide concrete Fruits and vegetables are and lead to fun. gaming rewards for reinforced healthy eating habits. Support Dole will reward you with fun and games for the more fruit you eat. Tone What is the tone and manner of the brand? Young, Cute and Fun