Walt disney case study


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Walt disney case study

  1. 1. Walt DisneyCase Study
  2. 2. • The Walt Disney Company (known as Disney) wasfounded on October 16th 1923 by brothers Walt andRoy Disney as a small animation studio.• Now it is one of the largest Hollywood studios.• It owns 11 theme parks, 2 water parks and severalTV channels, including the American BroadcastingCompany (ABC.)• Disney’s corporate headquarters and primaryproduction facilities are located at the Walt DisneyStudios in Burbank, California, USA.
  3. 3. • June 12th 2006 – Disney Mobile phoneservice is launched.• January 23rd – Disney announces a dealto purchase Pixar Animation Studios in anall-stock transaction worth $7.4bn.• July 2006 – Disney film Pirates of theCaribbean 2 is the highest grossing film inopening weekend history at$135,000,000 USD.• Employees 2006 – 133,000.
  4. 4. Media and Entertainment:• American Broadcasting Company• Buena Vista Distribution• Buena Vista Motion Pictures Group• Walt Disney Studio Entertainment• Walt Disney Parks and Resorts• Disney Consumer Products
  5. 5. Strengths:• Global Standardisation.• Achieves target audience (children.)• Creative Process.• Brand name known across the world.• Diversification• Financially strongWeaknesses:• High sunk cost.• Excessive research and development.• High investment.• High risk factor.
  6. 6. Opportunities:• Merchandise expanding.• Global localisation.• Characters of national or regional appeal.• Cheaper alternatives to soft toys.• Disney Music Channel.Threats:• Competitors: national, regional & global.• Employee retention.• Highly demanding in terms of sales, creativity andinnovation.• Brand consistency.• Profit differentiation.
  7. 7. • Disney Channel.• Disney theme parks and resort.• Disney Stores.• Disney Studios.• DVD/Blu Ray/video.• Soundtracks.• Board games.• Offers a co-branded Visa card to adults – card holders earn $1 for every$100 charged to the card (can charge up to $75,000 annually) and then canredeem earnings for Disney merchandise or services.• Home depot – offering a line of licensed childrens room paint colours withpaint swatches in the signature Mickey Mouse ears shape.• Licensed food products with its characters on its brands, e.g. Disneyprovides a yoghurt called Yo-Pals yoghurt with features Winnie the Poohand friends.
  8. 8. • Pirates of the Caribbean – video game,DVD/video, TV series and comic books.• Home on the Range – accompanying sound trackalbum, line of toys, clothing featuring theheroine, theme park ride and a series of books.• Kim Possible – stationery, lunchboxes, foodproducts, room decor, sportswear, sleepwear,daywear, accessories, action figures, beanbags,fashion dolls, diaries, junior novels, comic books,soundtrack, DVD/video and a Game Boy Advancegame.
  9. 9. • Net income: $5.7bn – an increase of 18% from 2011.• Revenue: Record $42.3bn – up 3% from 2011.• Gained the media brands: ESPN, ABC, Pixar andMarvel.• Wreck-It Ralph delivered the highest grossingopening weekend in Disney Animation history andalso became the 75th Disney film to cross the $100mdomestic box office threshold.• Marvel’s The Avengers was the year’s #1 hit as well asthe third-highest grossing film of all time, with morethan $1.5bn.