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Testing the Integrity of Package Seals


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Fantastic seals are needed for confidence in the packaging integrity for many types of packages. Read about the advantages and disadvantages of six unique test methods of seal testing in “Testing the Integrity of Package Seals”, my latest article in IFT’s Food Technology magazine #foodpackaging

With 30 years of experience across the food science and packaging spectrum, Dr Claire Sand through her company, Packaging Technology & Research, offers clients solutions using Strategy, Technology, Consulting and Coaching.

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Dr. Claire Sand | Owner, Packaging Technology & Research, LLC; Adjunct Professor, Michigan State University; Columnist for Food Technology Magazine

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Testing the Integrity of Package Seals

  1. 1. Testing the Integrity of Package Seals The following article can be found in the print copy of IFT’s Food Technology magazine or by visiting my website JULY 2018 Connect with me at 612-807-5341 or Dr Claire Sand’s article in IFT’s Food Technology Magazine