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September 2021 Controlling Moisture in Foods Using Packaging



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With 30 years of experience across the food science and packaging spectrum, Dr Claire Sand through her company, Packaging Technology & Research, offers clients solutions using Strategy, Technology, Consulting and Coaching. ​
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Dr. Claire Sand | Owner, Packaging Technology & Research, LLC; Adjunct Professor, Michigan State University; Columnist for Food Technology Magazine

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September 2021 Controlling Moisture in Foods Using Packaging

  1. 1. Controlling Moisture in Foods Using Packaging September 2021 Connect with me at 612-807-5341 or Dr Claire Sand’s article in IFT’s Food Technology Magazine
  2. 2. • Claire Sand is a Global Packaging Leader with 35+ years of broad experience in the food and packaging science spectrum in industry - from basic research to marketing - and in academia - tenured professor and director. • Sand's mission is to enable a more sustainable food system with science and value chain innovations that more sustainably increases food shelf life and prevents food waste. • She solves packaging and food industry challenges using a blend of packaging and food science and value-chain expertise. • Dr. Sand holds a PhD in Food Science and Nutrition from the University of Minnesota and MS and BS in Packaging from Michigan State University. Questions? Let’s Connect! Call 617-807-5341 or email