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Eight Types of Social Media Fundraising


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Eight types of social media fundraising - how does your campaign fit into one or more of these categories?

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Eight Types of Social Media Fundraising

  1. Eight Types of Social Media Fundraising: How are charities using social media to raise money?
  2. Characteristics: Online community, group or committee organizes to fundraise on behalf of a cause or charity. 1) 3rd Party Group Initiatives Externally Driven
  3. Twestival: Raised $1.2 million within 14 months for 137 nonprofits. Community Fundraising Model (… Just Not In A Park) Nothing new here! Like a fundraiser in a park…
  4. Characteristics: Individuals are empowered through third party social networking sites to fundraise for personal causes. 2) 3rd Party Individual Initiatives Externally Driven
  5. “Peer to Peer Fundraising” = “Social Network Fundraising” Think of the crazy stuff folks can do on your behalf
  6. Characteristics: The cause marketing model meets digital CSR. “For every X we will give Y up to Z amount.” 3) Corporate Sponsor Challenges Externally Driven
  7. Corporate sponsorship model
  8.’s Five Facebook Giving Campaign Success Stories 4 of the 5 success stories profiled were corporate sponsored! =
  9. Characteristics: Leverages the digital supporter base of a celebrity champion for a charitable cause. 4) Celebrity Endorsement Externally Driven
  10. Big press, big media splash…
  11. Big press, big media splash…
  12. Characteristics: Organization uses social media or a particular tool (Flickr, Facebook, Groupon etc.) independent of other channels. 5) Single Channel Project Internally Driven
  13. Good for experiments … "Those banners outperformed the other ones two-to-one." $16 million
  14. Good for experiments …
  15. Characteristics: Social media strategies used by a charity to support a campaign across multiple channels. 6) Multi-Channel Project Internally Driven
  16. Characteristics: Social media tools given to participants to support an offline event managed by the organization. 7) Integrated Offline Event Internally Driven
  17. We used to stop at seven types… But here’s a sneaky 8th…
  18. Characteristics: Game or activity designed with a “social good” pay-off. 29% of the Internet population will play social games by 2012. 8) Social Gaming For A Cause Externally Driven
  19. A Rule From Cause Marketing … If the product is crummy, it doesn’t matter how many cause ribbons are on it.
  20. Not Social Media Fundraising (… but fairly close) Trying (& Failing) To Win Popularity Contests!
  21. Associated Tasks … Finding influencers 80 / 20 rule of fundraising
  22. Associated Tasks: Showing Love To Sponsors
  23. How does the cash come in? ● Individual donations directly through your web site ● Lump sum at intervals through a 3rd party web site ● Gifts through 3rd party application (mobio/twitpay) ● SMS text-to-give (cell carriers) deposit ● Group/event fundraiser proceeds ● Corporate sponsor gift match donation