Ignition 5 22.04.13


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Ignition 5 22.04.13

  1. 1. 22.04.12
  2. 2. This Week...Lo-Fi real time weather, Ignite LED Bottles, Real Beauty Sketches, Baguette Street, DoMoreLo-Fi real time weatherMetServiceIgnite LED BottlesHeinekenReal Beauty SketchesDoveBaguette StreetCuisine de FranceDo MoreRexona
  3. 3. Lo-Fi Real Time WeatherMetServiceThe simplest ideas are often the most effective.Metservice created this billboard frame, which wasmocked up to look like a webpage, to show off howaccurate the company’s weather monitoring is.It’s so simple, that people could probably just look outtheir window without having to log on to the site!
  4. 4. Ignite LED BottlesHeinekenHeineken wanted to do something fun and innovative toshowcase their product in the environment where it’s actuallyconsumed. They decided to host a VIP party to unveil their new‘Ignite Bottles’. The Ignite bottles were special bottles, fittedwith LED lights that react to sound, motion and touch.It’s only done on a small scale, but is a nice novel idea that helpsto bring a party lo life!
  5. 5. Real Beauty SketchesDoveWomen are their own worst beauty critics. Only 4% ofwomen around the world consider themselves beautiful.Dove conducted a social experiment to prove thatwomen are more beautiful than they think, as part of itscontinuing focus on "real" beauty in its advertising.They employed FBI-trained forensic sketch artist GilZamora, who usually sketches people described by crimeeyewitnesses. First he drew portraits of womenaccording to their own description, and then he drewportraits of those same women according to strangerswho had met them on the day.The differences between how they describe themselvesand how others describe them are immediately striking.The video is poignant and really touches a nerve withthe women involved.The Real Beauty Sketches campaign is online atdove.com/realbeautysketches and is being promoted onTwitter with the hashtag #wearebeautiful.
  6. 6. Cuisine de FranceBaguette StreetLast week Cuisine de France turned Dublin’s Baggot Streetinto Baguette Street! The street takeover was as part oftheir ‘Say Bonjour’ campaign.Media-wise they ran a massive baguette adshel special,promotions and OBs on Dublin’s 98FM and carried outsome on-street sampling to get people engaged.On the whole, this campaign got really good exposurebecause of the novel idea.
  7. 7. Cuisine de FranceBaguette Street
  8. 8. Do MoreRexonaUnilever has developed a YouTube channel to promotedeodorant brand Rexona, known as Sure in the UK andengage with a young and active cohort as part of itsglobal Do:More campaign.Developed by R/GA London, and featuring twointeractive films, one about base jumping and one aboutstreet dance, the site is aimed at inspiring and enablingonline communities to do more of the things that theylove.The site, built to promote Rexonas Degree deodorants,also encourages people with an interest in adrenalinesports or street dance to find their own localcommunities with a finder for local specialists.Check out the site here!