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Ignition 5 21.10.13


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Ignition 5 21.10.13

  1. 1. 21.10.13
  2. 2. This Week... The great phone swap, Volvo trucks #4, cancer awareness, needless calories, homeward bound The great phone swap Sony Xperia Volvo Trucks Running of the bulls Cancer awareness Pink Ribbon & #mamming Helping the malnourished Needless calories app Homeward bound Saroo Brierley
  3. 3. The great phone swap Sony Xperia A clever stunt by Sony, and a great way to get your product into people‟s hands in a fun & engaging way. Sony mobile sponsored Sweden‟s biggest festival „Way out West‟ this summer. Whilst having a presence at the festival, they also wanted to promote the new Xperia Z. They knew that people like to experience a new handset for themselves before changing, and so they set up a service station, that allowed festival goers to swap their phones that had no battery left with a Sony Xperia for the duration it took to charge their phone. They took this a step further, and encouraged people to „live large while you charge‟. All of their contacts and information was swapped over and Xperia began to target them with redeemable offers and treats. Lovely work from Sony, and they had the spontaneous recall of all associated sponsors. highest
  4. 4. Volvo Trucks Running of the Bulls The fourth in a series of live test stunt videos for Volvo trucks, this serves as the follow up stunt to the mouse steering a truck up a dangerous mountain. This time, in order to test the capabilities of the trucks, the video is shot in a Spanish city, trying out one of the favourite activities of the Spaniards, bull running. Ranking up millions of views within a few days, the popularity of these stunt videos are worth the risks taken.
  5. 5. Cancer awareness Pink Ribbon & #Mamming As October is breast cancer awareness month, it seemed fitting that we would show some of the ideas from around the world that will help build awareness. In Iceland, the Icelandic cancer society were looking for a new way to promote the Pink Ribbon. So they took to the streets and with good help from local volunteers, they painted the biggest pink ribbon in the world. In the USA then, Mamming was created. #Mamming is a social media declaration that inspires women to embrace and care for their bodies & the campaign strives to eliminate the overwhelming anxiety surrounding breast checks, basically encouraging women to get a mammogram. Two female ad creatives from New York came up with the idea and starred in the video themselves, one of whom is a breast cancer surivivor.
  6. 6. Helping the malnourished Needless calories app Dieting is difficult and every incentive to stick with it is much appreciated. Red Cross Poland has created an app to assist dieters and help the many malnourished children in Poland at the same time. The app encourages the user to log their cravings and gives them encouragement to resist and beat their cravings. To up the feel good factor, the app then asks the question, “How about donating the needless calories you just beat to children who need those calories?” Polish Red Cross then buys meals for mal nourished children with funds raised via donations. They also use celebrity messages of encouragement and motivation. Following the launch of the app, within three weeks, donations went up by 75%. There are over 6000 app users and this number continues to grow.
  7. 7. Homeward Bound Saroo Brierley Saroo Brierley was a young Indian boy who was orphaned after he was abandoned at a railway station and subsequently was adopted by an Australian family. For 25 years he longed to find out more about his roots, and had frequent flashbacks about his home town. He started using Google Earth to explore his homeland. Eventually, he traced a path right back to his front door and his mother. His story made global headlines, and unsurprisingly Google snapped Brierley up and created a 3 minute film which is very heatwarming but also does a decent job of promoting Google Earth.