Ignition 5 20.01.14


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Ignition 5 20.01.14

  1. 1. 20.01.14
  2. 2. This Week... Eyes on the road, Sapeurs, LookNBook, P&G, Old Spice Eyes on the road Samsung Sapeurs Guinness LookNBook H&M Thank You, Mom P&G Mom song Old Spice
  3. 3. Eyes on the road Samsung Samsung have created a mobile app in Singapore to combat phone usage whilst driving. It’s called Eyes on the Road. When motion is detected the app hides all the basic functions on your phone preventing you from using it. Users are rewarded with fuel/ insurance vouchers.
  4. 4. Sapeurs Guinness The latest instalment of Guinness's "Made of More" campaign takes us to the Republic of Congo and celebrates the Society of Elegant Persons of the Congo or "Sapeurs". The video shows the members of the society's - who are a real group of men united by their love of style and a aspirational attitude underpinned by strong moral code transforming from their working day attire to extravagant outfits as they head out to meet up with friends for the night. While the video was shot in South Africa rather than the Congo and employed the services of a stylist, it is nonetheless accurate and captures the spirit of these men. There is also a documentary on the society available on guinness.com http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/blogs-magazine-monitor25783245
  5. 5. LookNBook H&M During one week in November, passers-by in Stockholm, Sweden, could interact with a H&M LookNbook installation for an exclusive pre-view of the Isabel Marant Pour H&M collection. A new garment was showcased and available for prebooking everyday. H&M used a totally new technology for the installation. Curious pedestrians and dedicated fans could tweet #HMLookNbook and the glass became defrosted. Then the new garment was visible for 15 seconds. After that the glass became frosted again.
  6. 6. Thank You, Mom P&G The latest instalment of P&G's "Thank You, Mom" campaign entitled "Pick Them Back Up" has been created for the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. It brought out tears (for some people in the office) the last time, so here we go again...
  7. 7. Mom Song Old Spice “Old Spice may cause boys to become men, girls to become girlfriends, and moms to become sad”. This is the warning from the new Smellcome to Manhood product from Old Spice. Their newest campaign features obsessive mothers in song stalking their sons and bemoaning the role of Old Spice in their boys becoming men with sex appeal.