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Ignition 5 17.02.14


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Ignition 5 17.02.14

  1. 1. 17.02.14
  2. 2. This Week... The Lego Movie ad break, Icons, because they are great, Big Mac challenges, Find your storybook, heated adshel The Lego Movie ad break Warner Bros & ITV Icons, because they are great Sunday Times Big Mac Challenges Mc Donalds Find your storybook Expedia Heated Adshel Caritas
  3. 3. The Lego Movie ad break Warner Bros & ITV Warner Bros. teamed up with ITV1 last weekend to promote its upcoming film "The Lego Movie" by recreating an ad break in Lego. The entire three-minute break, which ran during Dancing On Ice last Sunday, recreated already-running ads by The British Heart Foundation,, BT and Premier Inn before moving on to a promotional trailer for the movie. To tie the ads more explicitly to the film, characters will appear on-screen between each of the three TV ads.
  4. 4. Icons, because they are great The New Sunday Times Culture Magazine Grey London has created a TV ad for The Sunday Times Culture Magazine. It has been called the Icons ad. The main idea behind the spot was, however, not to celebrate the icons but to show that all icons – real or imagined – are carefully constructed, by media, by culture and by us.
  5. 5. Big Mac Challenges Mc Donald’s McDonalds is challenging people not to get distracted by a Big Mac in a digital campaign to accompany its current TV spots in which professionals find their thoughts hijacked by the burger. The work, by Razorfish, kicks off with a hidden-camera video of unsuspecting people being asked to take a photo of a couple. While a poster of a Big Mac is carried past them, the girlfriend in the couple changes places with another girl, and the boyfriend appears not to notice. Viewers can click through to an interactive website in which Big Mac challenges you to a series of mind games -to see whether you, too, are distracted by the product. Test yourself here!
  6. 6. Find Your Story Book Expedia Europe is portrayed as a story book in Expedia’s new ad series. The campaign is called “Find your Storybook” and tells the story of a little boy who fantasises about villages floating on water (Venice) and Castles becoming houses only to discover (via Expedia) that those things are actually real occurrences in fairy-tale Europe. This particular ad also includes a partnership between Expedia and Visit Britain designed to promote British sites in the US.
  7. 7. Heated adshel Caritas Last autumn, the homeless people in Vienna's City Park were evicted. So charity Caritas (which looks after homeless people) decided to help. Agency DDB Tribal Vienna created an adshel that gave off heat every time someone put in one Euro. The idea was to raise awareness of the charity's work, and show that even a small contribution can make a difference. The slogan on the heated bars of the shelter translates as "Give Warmth."