Ignition 5 12.11.12


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  • Ignition 5 12.11.12

    1. 1. 12.11.12
    2. 2. This Week...Professional Clicking, Pony, Instinct of Colour, Playable Billboards, Dublin TaggedProfessional ClickingBuyralPonyToys R Us & eBayInstinct of ColourOPIPlayable BillboardsJameson Irish WhiskeyDublin TaggedDublin Design Collective
    3. 3. Professional clickingBuyralHere is the simple foolproof solution to making yourvideo go viral- Buyral. It uses children, theelderly, interns, and well programmed machines to clickfuriously on your videos and send them viral. They haveplans to suit every budget, offering businesses thechance to secure 1million views for just $29.99!Of course this is just a parody video, and ironically it’sfrom the Canadian agency John St, that have brought usPink Ponies and Catvertising, two viral videos thatweren’t paid for!
    4. 4. PonyToys R Us & eBayWhat little girl doesnt want a pony for Christmas? eBayand Toys R Us makes that dream come true in this funChristmas TV ad for one little girl.An overly ambitious Dad goes out on a limb to give hisdaughter the ultimate holiday surprise. Unfortunately,things dont quite go according to plan until, that is, themother swoops in to save the day with a little help fromher eBay Mobile app to buy her a gift from the Toys R Usstore on eBay.
    5. 5. Instinct of ColourOPIA stunning new ad from OPI nail polish, using femaledancers and a horse. Each dancer represents a differentshade of polish but the horse was the star of the show.OPI wanted to demonstrate that each nail colour is ameans of self expression. This ad will draw you in andthe music is brilliant.
    6. 6. Playable BillboardsJameson Irish WhiskeyJameson Irish Whiskey has launched a huge Blipparactivation in Australia for the launch of their new RTDs.The Blippar campaign turns the bottle (where ever it isseen) into a game when scanned with the BlipparApp, which is powered by Image Recognition technologyon an Augmented Reality Platform, creating ‘playable’billboards, adshels, websites, banner ads, the Facebookapp and even the real bottle itself, to launch the gamefrom any smartphone.The campaign was created by VML in Sydney, andactivates a multi-million dollar outdoor media buy tointegrate the outdoor campaign with the digitalcampaign.
    7. 7. Dublin TaggedDublin Design CollectiveThe Dublin Design Collective has created DublinTagged, an exhibition aimed at encouraging people torediscover their cities.In Dublin, from the 6-12th November, you will finddotted around on 80 large individually craftedtags, insights into Dublin city. These insights are from abroad range of people, many of whom are activelyinvolved in making Dublin even more dynamic andinspiring.The central exhibition takes place on 4 CapelStreet, where you will find a map to help you discover allthe tags within Dublin. A competition is being run to see who can find the mosttags, all of the prizes are Dublin based which is reallycool. At the end of the exhibition, as a thank you, thosepeople whose memories were used on the tags willreceive the key that unlocks their specific tag.The exhibition is being funded by DCC through its PivotDublin 2012 Programme.Check out the site here!