Ignition 5 07.10.13


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Ignition 5 07.10.13

  1. 1. 07.10.13
  2. 2. This Week... Follow the frog, Axe dirty balls, look inside Jack Andraka, Honda messy car twitter campaign, the hamster stunt Follow the Frog Rainforest Alliance Axe dirty balls Axe Look Inside Jack Andraka Intel Honda messy car twitter campaign Honda The hamster stunt Volvo Trucks
  3. 3. Follow the Frog Rainforest Alliance A great storytelling piece on what we would like to do to feel better about ourselves and never do but what we could do instead. It’s all about saving the rainforest. You could give up your job, your family, your life, and start a movement with the local tribesmen of Nicaragua. Or you could follow the frog.
  4. 4. Axe Dirty Balls Axe The product in question was the Axe Detailer "shower tool", a souped-up loofah with a soft side "for lather" and a rough side "for scrubbing." The name itself is reflective of how the target demographic thinks: Cars good, soft skin bad. A Unilever spokesperson said the company would not disclose sales figures, but the campaign was responsible for "Axe retaining the No. 1 position in the male personal care category."
  5. 5. Intel's new brand platform, "Look Inside," hopes to, through a series of short films, encourage people to look within themselves to find what makes them special. The first film for the campaign, created via Venables Bell & Partners, tells the story of 16-year-old whiz kid Jack Andraka, who was the recipient of the 2012 Gordon E. Moore Award, the grand prize at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair. He won the award for his role in developing a new method to detect pancreatic, ovarian or lung cancer. Mr. Andraka was inspired by the death of his uncle to pancreatic cancer -- a death that could have been prevented, perhaps, if only they had more time. The film, directed by Britton Caillouette tells his story in reverse, starting with his big win. Look Inside Jack Andraka Intel
  6. 6. Honda messy car Twitter campaign Honda Car-maker Honda has come up with a funny Twitter campaign targeting messy food brands, for its range of Odyssey cars that come with vacuum cleaners. Latching onto the common phenomenon of food particles getting lodged in cars, Honda took aim at offending companies like Oreo, Orville Popcorn, and Skittles, warning that any snacks that end up on the floor of a Honda car will be sucked up. The resulting series of witty tweets have garnered much publicity and some of the targeted brands have shot back with retorts of their own.
  7. 7. The hamster stunt video goes a long way for a brand that few would seemingly want to watch a video on. This one is for Volvo Trucks and it’s to showcase their dynamic steering feature which is meant to be so light that even a hamster could steer it up a mountain. This stunt shows how a truck is steered along narrow, uneven tracks in a quarry in Spain by a hamster named Charlie. This video has racked up almost 5 million views in only 3 weeks – a success story for Volvo Trucks! The hamster stunt Volvo Trucks