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Ignition 5 04.11.13


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Ignition 5 04.11.13

  1. 1. 04.11.13
  2. 2. This Week... Volkswagen Suite, Tweet a coffee, Art is motion, The Queen Anne Hotel, Europe is just next door Volkswagen Suite Volkswagen Tweet a coffee Starbucks Art is motion Lexus The Queen Anne Hotel Europe is just next door SNCF
  3. 3. Volkswagen Suite Volkswagen Driving whilst tired is one of the main causes behind road accidents. Volkswagen decided to make use of old and unused hotel/motels and create comfortable clean rooms for those who needed a rest. They called them the „Volkswagen Suites‟, and all drivers needed to access the rooms were their VW car keys. The campaign successfully gets the point across while portraying VW as a brand that gives due importance to its customers and allows them to enjoy all the facilities that they truly deserve. VW looks to create a brand experience as it uses the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility and wraps it up with compassionate selling.
  4. 4. Tweet a coffee Starbucks Coke envisioned a world where one day you could buy the world a coke to promote harmony. Now Starbucks are letting you do something similar with the help of Twitter. Customers in the U.S. can now simply sync their Starbucks account to their Twitter account and tweet to @tweetacoffee and the Twitter handle of the gift recipient, which will then send the recipient a $5 digital eGift. Customers can them redeem the $5 Starbucks Card e-gift at participating Starbucks stores in the U.S., either by printing out the e-gift, showing it directly on their mobile device, or by loading it to their Starbucks mobile app. The first 100,000 customers who tweet a coffee using a Visa card will also receive a $5 Starbucks Card e-gift for themselves. This is Starbucks next step in the social digital gifting offering.
  5. 5. Art is motion Lexus Your car is an extension of your personality. But what about your driving style? Happiness Brussels and Lexus worked together to build a generative artwork on-board system on Lexus‟ new IS 300h hybrid car that “paints” a digital picture of the car‟s owner in real time based upon his driving style and efficient use of energy, every second he drives. This is displayed on the front video screen of the car. A photo of the owner is uploaded onto the on-board computer which collects data on RPM, speed and hybridity. Through the work of generative artist Sergio Albiac this is converted into paint brush strokes. For example, if you drive fast the brush strokes will be more abstract, less realistic. Cool blue hues mean the driver is enjoying a chilled out grand tour while silently cruising along in electric mode.
  6. 6. The Queen Anne Hotel has dared customers to stay in 7 of America‟s most haunted hotels in their chilling Halloween ads. The campaign has used a series of movie style posters and a movie trailer themed TV ad. The posters rolled out in movie-theatre lobbies across America beginning Oct. 25. The ad copy at the bottom of each ad is designed to replicate the style of movie credits. Each poster promoting a different property, all apparently inhabited by ghosts, each with a different story behind it. have also used a TV commercial which specifically focuses on one of the haunted hotels advertised in the campaign, the Queen Anne Hotel, where room 410 is supposedly haunted by Miss Mary Lake, the headmistress of a school that used to be housed at the property.
  7. 7. Europe is just next door SNCF Very cool stunt from SNCF. What if it only took the opening of a door to be sent, in a second, from France to another large European city? Passersby in Paris were able to play with a mime artist in Milan, have their portraits drawn in Brussels, dance with a hip-hop crew in Barcelona, share a romantic boat ride on Geneva Lake, and join a group of young Germans on a bike ride across Stuttgart.