Ignition 5 02.09.13


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  • Ignition 5 02.09.13

    1. 1. 02.09.13
    2. 2. This Week... Fan check magazine, Tracing your Jeans, Dare to be tender, Personalised road and The first installation that makes you do nothing Fan check magazine Billboard Magazine Tracing your jeans All American Clothing Company Dare to be tender? Milka Chocolate The personalised road Coca-Cola The first installation that makes you do nothing Amstel
    3. 3. Fan check magazine Billboard This is an interesting idea from Brazillian music magazine Billboard and agency Ogilvy. They decided to give away free copies of its magazines to readers. However, before readers could get their hands on it, they had to pass a test to prove they're real music fans. By plugging in your iPhone to a specialised vending machine, it would review your music collection. If you had 20 songs by the artist featured on the front cover, you got a free magazine. For those who hadn't, well, the magazine would remind you that you're not as big a fan as you thought you were.
    4. 4. Tracing your Jeans All American Clothing Company Traceability campaigns are becoming more frequent with food. Now the All American Clothing Company have brought the concept to their clothing lines, allowing buyers to track the farmer whose cotton made their jeans. Each pair of jeans in the collection has a “Certificate of Authenticity” tag and a trace number that customers can use to track down the American farmers who grew the cotton used in that pair of jeans. Customers can enter the trace number on the company‟s website to find out where their jeans came from.
    5. 5. Some nice brand ambition from Milka, with a campaign that uses their product as the medium, called „dare to be tender‟? They‟re producing chocolate bars with one piece missing and asking consumers to make the choice between claiming that piece for themselves, or gifting it to someone else. This is huge, the brand are amending the production of their entire range for this campaign idea. Dare to be tender? Milka Chocolate
    6. 6. The Personalised Road Coca-Cola Playing on the back of things like „Share A Coke‟ made famous in Australia, Coca-Cola in Israel have created „The Personalised Road‟ a long popular strip of billboards that have been converted into personalised Coca-Cola messages for anyone who downloaded and connected to the app. Using geo-fencing, whenever a consumer approached the billboard, their phone would broadcast their name into that billboard, and automatically send a message to the users smartphone notifying them that their name was up in lights!
    7. 7. At a time when brands seem to be competing with each other to deliver ever more elaborate promotional vending machines Amstel have bucked the trend. Building on the insight that our lives are becoming increasingly hectic they have developed a machine that rewards you with a beer for standing still and doing nothing…for 3 minutes. The first installation that makes you do nothing Amstel