Transition From Stay-at-Home Mum to Work-at-Home Mum


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Transition From Stay-at-Home Mum to Work-at-Home Mum

  1. 1. ho m e wo rkingwo m m http://www.ho mewo rkingwo m/wo rk-at-ho me-mum/Making The Transition From Stay-At-Home Mum To Work-At-Home Mum – Four Reasons Why It’s EasierT he Stay-at-Home and Work-at-Home Mum’s brigade are starting to take over the Internet.Seriously!T he popular blog say that they have over 4 million visitors per month totheir site and this number is just f rom one mum-orientated social network site in the UK alone.In f act I was quite surprised to hear f rom the owner of one of the top blogs If ollow about blogging,, when he said that the majority ofhis readers are stay-at-home-moms. I mean, this is a blog written by a twenty-something year old Australian guy about blogging – I wasn’t expecting hismost loyal f ollowers to be stay-at-home moms (I checked his blogdemographics on and this stands correct).T his really got me thinking about how much the Online community is gettingswamped with women, especially stay-at-home mums.Why So Many St ay At Home Mums Online?Over the last f ew years there has been a distinct shif t in women wanting to stay at home with their babyas opposed to returning back to employment. Today’s mums see that staying home with their childrenthe ideal situation. Maybe this change in attitude has something to do with high priced child-mindingf ees. In many f inancial circumstances, it just isn’t worth the woman going back to work as most of herwages go on child-minding.Of course there are probably several f actors which are collectively responsible f or thisgrowing presence of stay-at-home mums, but the f act remains that this number is growing each andevery year.Q) So, when you’re a stay at home mum and your toddler is napping or playing quietly (or your childrenare at nursery/school) what do you do?A) Browse the Internet (amongst many other things of course!)AndQ) What are these mums f inding on the Internet?A) Mums just like them blogging or making money Online in some other way.So this post is for all you stay-at-home mums wanting to become a work-from-home mum.Four Reasons Why It ’s Easier Now For Mums To Earn From Home# 1 T he Acceptance Of T he Shift In AttitudeT he above example of the readership prof ile shows proof of the change in attitudesof women, especially stay-at-home mums. Mums aren’t just hanging around parenting social networks orrecipe blogs any more, oh no, they are on a mission to work f rom home and bring in the bacon to helpcontribute towards the house-hold bills and f amily holidays.T his is just becoming the norm and is being widely accepted that there are more and more work at home
  2. 2. mums than there ever has been and this trend will more than likely continue. Don’t forget, a proportion of these SAHMs used to have professional careers before having children (me included – in fact, I was the bread winner). It’s very hard to go from this to earning no money and not stretching your brain.# 2 It’s All T hanks To T he InternetT he chance f or women to earn money f rom home today is largely due to the Internet. Technology hasreally progressed with thanks to broadband, and now the impressive f ibreoptic broadband. T hesebroadband connections make the Internet much f aster and robust so sharing and downloading audiodigital f iles is a breeze. T his consequently opens up a whole new era and marketplace f or the smallbusiness person – all of a sudden the world seems to have become a lot smaller!But this isn’t a bad thing of course. What this means is that you don’t need to stay ‘local’ any more as asmall business Internet service provider. You could just as easily do audio transcription typing, f orexample, f or a client in Australia as you could in your home town of Leeds in the UK or a small suburb inthe US – geographical location is not an issue in today’s digital era.# 3 T he Emergence of Single Entrepreneur ’sAs brief ly mentioned above, the Internet has opened up a whole new gate f or the independent businessperson taking their business global with no extra ef f ort. T here are thousands of ‘wannabe’ Internetentrepreneurs (netpreneurs, inf opreneurs) popping up daily in the hope of earning a f ull-time income andmore f rom home.Of course only a very small proportion of these people succeed, but this still leaves thousands ofsuccessf ul Internet business owners making a sizeable income which allows them to expand theirbusiness by outsourcing a lot of their tasks to virtual assistants. Which leads me onto the next point…# 4 Examples of How Mums Can Make Money OnlineT here’s two ways to make money Online, 1) by being a service provider or 2) by running your ownInternet business.Don’t worry this isn’t as daunting as it sounds, let’s take a look at both.Being a Service ProviderJust as the title suggests, you will be providing a service in exchange f or money. T his is known asf reelancing where you are ‘hired’ (not employed) which means you are self -employed and you areresponsible f or your own taxes.Some types of work as a service provider:#1 Virtual Assistant – T his is a very popular way to make money on the Internet both with women andmen. T he variety of tasks carried out by V.A.’s are very diverse but can include general Online admin,doing Internet marketing, being a social media manager, organising teleseminars, webinars etc.T his type of work is very popular with secretary’s, P.A.s, clerical/of f ice workers as V.A.s are just like a‘virtual secretary’. So if you have secretarial or clerical skills then you might want to consider becoming avirtual assistant. T he tasks of f line secretary’s would enjoy is typing transcription work, and the generalorganisation of your virtual employer.#2 Email Customer Service – In a sense this is another type of virtual assistant but I thought I would listit separately because this type of work is so very popular it is a role in its own sense.
  3. 3. Basically, there are thousands of Internet marketers who sell products Online. T hese products can beboth tangible or none-tangible, but are mainly inf ormation products and downloadable sof tware. T hebusy Internet marketer needs a help desk in support of his/her products and hires f reelance emailcustomer support agents to man the help desk f or him/her.#3 Web/Graphic Designer - If you have the skills of a website or graphic designer then you can hire yourservices out Online. You could get in touch with of f line small businesses who don’t have an Internetpresence yet.#4 Freelance Writer – T his is another very popular type of Online service provider. T here’s always aneed f or f reelance writers to write blog posts, articles, web pages or any other type of Online content.T he other type of f reelance writing is to be a ghost writer and write none-f iction ebooks f or Internetmarketers or f iction books f or wannabe authors.Places to f ind Online work:T he f ollowing are sites where Internet marketers go to hire serviceproviders and where service providers set up a prof ile and portf olioto f ind work.#1 Elance – People Per Hour – Freelancer – www.f Guru – – If you don’t mind earning only $5.00 f or a gig, then thiscould be a good additional income source. T hese small jobs areknown as a ‘gig’, so if you can think of something you can of f er asa ’f iverr gig’ then this could be a great little earner f or you –www.f Your Own Internet BusinessIf you don’t f ancy working f or someone else then you might want to consider earning money with yourown Online business.#1 Blogging - T his is really popular amongst stay at home mums as there are literally thousands ofmummy/mommy blogs. However, most mum bloggers only set out to blog about their home lif e f or f unwith no intention of earning money f rom their blogs.But as we discussed at the beginning of this article, stay at home mums are getting very wise and theynow realise that they can monetize their blogs and earn at least a part-time income f rom them. If youwant to earn money f rom blogging, then I suggest you set out and start with a business blog f rom theonset with the intention of earning money f rom it.#2 Business Website – Building a business website is a bit dif f erent f rom blogging, but the basics arethe same in that you write web content about a certain topic with the intention of eventually earning f romyour writing.#3 eBay Business – T his is one of the most f amiliar Online businesses. Many of you will have alreadysold something on ebay f rom around your house or your children’s old clothes. T here are many peopleearning more than a f ull-time wage as an eBay Powerseller so if you don’t mind listing and posting stuf fthen this could be f or you.#4 eCommerce Store – T his is an Online shop. It could be a clothes ecommerce store or beautyproducts, toys… the list is endless really. You will have to be quite marketing savvy to start out in orderto get customers through your door in the f irst instance and I would hazzard a guess in that you would
  4. 4. need a decent marketing budget to get it of f the ground.Yahoo of f er ecommerce stores f or individual small business owners.Over To You!So we have noted the rise in stay-at-home-mums who are now wanting to make an income working f romhome – they want to make the transition to become a work-from-home-mum.While there are still many of f line opportunities f or women to work f rom home (jewellery making, dogwalking etc.), the Internet has brought about a whole lot of new shiny opportunities to mums wanting towork f rom home as listed above.Do some homework tonight when your little ones have gone to bed and make a list of potential incomeearners which you would enjoy. Would you like to be home-based or Internet-based? Research intoeach one and make notes of positives and negatives.Whittle your list down to three and delve more deeply into those taking your current circumstances intoaccount. Try the one which is at no.1 f irst and take it f rom there. If that doesn’t work out, try your no.2… then no. 3 – you will eventually f ind your dream home business, it just might not be your f irst choiceor f irst try.If you’ve read my about me page you will see that I’ve tried many many home businesses over the yearsuntil I f ound two which work f or me – my typing business and this blog your reading!Don’t give up – you can and will make money working f rom home, but only if you have that burningambition to do so.Why not get your f ree copy of my 30+ Home Business Ideas For Womenebook.Instantly downloadable and completely f ree!Download f rom here: