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  • 17 % of people read word for word on the internet
  • Users are not tolerate on the web. So many options.
  • Relavant to our movement our supporter base and our mission
  • General idea is that web users are active, tv or newspaper readers are passive
  • SEO too
  • People need to know what they’re clicking on
  • People need to know what they’re clicking on
  • 2 aspects-clickabile and SEO friendly. You’re trying to get the click. How you get more views.Teaser means speaking to curiousity and weird thingsEngagement= using ‘you’ wit, humor, puns, just be entertaining and personal.Other: SEO means keywords for search engines (canada, enbridge, tar sands, harper) otherwise google wont find you-simulate sharing. Look at your title and ask if you’d click on it if it were in your FB feed-length (6-7 words)Visual elements (punctuation, numbers, caps, () )Try writing your title first. It will matter the most as far as getting people to your page.
  • Around the world in 38 words. Clear, consise
  • Think about your aim and your subject matterMost blog content in one study was 100-500 characters. Most people aren’t going to read more than 500 wordsIt’s the completeness of the message that matters – not its length. Truth is, as snotty as it sounds, very few writers can make their point and make it quickly. Give yourself time to master this.
  • Cornerstone content means linking back to work we’ve already done, especially if it’s high quality.-SEO: links matter first and foremost for seo. Creates a page of links. Chose popular phrases to rank well with people’s serach terms.
  • Bloggingbootcamp writing

    1. 1. Blogging Boot Camp Writing for Blogs
    2. 2. Best Practices: Writing for Online PublicationPeople don’t read on the internet (they skim)
    3. 3. Users…aka your web visitors‘Users are JacokNielsenselfish,lazy, andruthless.’
    4. 4. How do people read on the internet?• Web is an active medium• People are on a mission• Users spend 80% of their time “above the fold”
    5. 5. 9 tricks – Writing for webTrick 1: Write relevant content
    6. 6. 9 tricks – Writing for webTrick 2: Get to the point. Immediately!
    7. 7. 9 tricks – Writing for webTrick 3: One idea per paragraph
    8. 8. 9 tricks – Writing for webTrick 4: Lists are great!• But please• No more• Than• Seven• Items• Per• list
    9. 9. 9 tricks – Writing for webTrick 5: Use active writing Active voice example: Samantha loves cats. Passive voice example: Cats are loved by Samantha
    10. 10. 9 tricks – Writing for webTrick 6: Short. Sentences. Please
    11. 11. 9 tricks – Writing for webTrick 7: Internal sub headings
    12. 12. 9 tricks – Writing for webTrick 8: Link your copy to more info
    13. 13. 9 tricks – Writing for webPROOF READ
    14. 14. Blog writing that works
    15. 15. Blog writing: titles - Will the FBI Turn Off the Internet on March 8, 2012? - Hairstyles for Bridesmaids: 3 Different Styles, 3 Easy Steps! - Why IT Should Step Away From Adobe Flash - What Are The Top 10 Baseball Movies? - Is Cloud Computing Right for Your Company? - Beyonce Losing the Baby Weight: Secrets Revealed!
    16. 16. From BBC: Clearest titles ever • Italy buries first quake victims • Romania blamed over Moldova riots • Ten arrested in UK anti-terrorism raids • Villagers hurt in West Bank clash • Mass Thai protest over leadership • Iran accuses journalist of spying
    17. 17. Blog writing: length• People aren’t going to spend long on your page. Make your point and make it quickly.• They want quick, easy access to info• Can you get your point across in 200 words? Or 1,000?• Content is king
    18. 18. Blog writing: in linkingIt’s selfish, butwe like tokeep peopleon our site.
    19. 19. Blog writing: in-linking- Use highly relevant links- Link back to your cornerstone content- This matters for search engines rankings- Makes content easier to scan
    20. 20. Successful Blogging Trends• Write from the heart• Be insanely useful• Think of your audience• Interact with readers• Give them a reason to come back (anticipation)