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Answer to essay


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Published in: News & Politics
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Answer to essay

  1. 1. Explain the role played by the media in the construction of collective identity.The representation of youths today is a negative representation, with the research I havecollected and read up, all show that the press has given youths a negative representation oftheir identities. For an example if there was a teenager wearing a hoodie with the hood upthey would be classed as a stereo typical teenager as a hoodie by society. When people seeteenagers with hoodies on they automatically feels threatened because they have beenreading or listening to the negative points of views from the press. Mass media has affectedthe way people look at youths especially during the London riots which started on Saturday6th August 2010 and finished on Tuesday 9th August 2010. Most rioters were wearinghoodies and scarf’s on their faces to hide their identities from the press so the press can’tdistribute the images to the police. Most representations came from the older generationfor an example the chief executive editor of the sun Dominic Mohan is an older person he isnow 42 which is a mature age and will have a negative point of view on teenage youths. Iwill be mentioning different theorists in this essay who I think is related to London riots andthe identities during the riots. I will also be discussing two films that I have researched andlink to identities which is Quadrophenia and The clockwork Orange. Finally I will be talkingabout Plan B and his song ill manors.A Clockwork Orange was made in 1971; it was written, directed and produced by StanleyKubrick. It shows disturbing, violent images, facilitating its social commentary on psychiatry,youth gangs and other social, political and economic subjects in a dystopian, future Britain.The press are looking at the film in a negative way because people are copying scenes fromthe film for an example from the mail online “Girl kicked gay man to death in an attack likescene from A Clockwork Orange” the newspaper goes on and explains what the two womendid to the victim. A witness mentioned that the level of violence to a scene from AClockwork Orange which caused an outrage on release over its depiction of a gang ofteenagers carrying out violence. Stan Cohen’s theory would be related to this film withdeviance amplification because the numbers of gang violence is rising and the press arereporting it to be related to the film. Quadrophenia was made in 1979, British film, looselybased around the 1973 rock opera of the same name by The Who. The film stars Phil Danielsas a mod called Jimmy. Franc Roddam directed the film. The representation of Jimmy is thathe wants to be apart of a gang, identity is very important to Jimmy. Jimmy wanted to bedifferent but he was just the same as any other normal mod. At on point in the film Jimmy’sidentity was compromised when his friend Kevin was beaten up. Mise en scene thatreinforces the idea of youth culture was locations: they had house parties with loud music,alcohol and drugs were involved. Drugs were mainly taken by the generation in the filmbecause the adults know what they were like; most pubs/clubs were just full of teenagersdrinking. Vehicles, most of the teenagers were in a gang either the mods or the rockers,both gangs had certain vehicles. The mods had a lambrella scooters and the rockers hadmotor bikes, all the adults would drive cars. Clothing, the mods wore parkers (coat) with
  2. 2. demin jeans and fredperrytshirts, the rockers wore full leathers for their bikes the oldergeneration wore shirts and ties.All newspapers that have been created during the London riots have been focusing on theyounger generation because of the acts of violence. The images used in newspapers arenegative for an example they have photographs of youths waiting out side of a shop to lootor they are inside the shop with the items in their hands they are going to steal.Underneath most of the images have captions and news reporter explain what they wantedfor or what they are doing and mostly uses the words youths or hooded yobs. This does notgive a fair voice to the youths because it is just images showing what was happened anddoesn’t give them a chance to freedom of speech. I do agree that most of these peopleshould be caught and punished for what they did that is what the article is for to catch thosewho were doing wrong to society but they are mostly hooded youths so they can protecttheir identities. I think because of the London riots teenagers with hoodies on will becomethe stereotypical teenager. With the news coverage most reporters interview young ladswho look like they apart of gangs and wear hoodies. For an example a reporter interviewssome young lads who have been to Blackpool and got off the train to the riots, as they weretrying to get on another train to go home like they were told by the police but got caught inthe riots crowds and got pushed to other places.The reporter interviews some young lads who have been to Blackpool and got off the train to theriots, as they were trying to get on another train to go like they were told by the police but the gotcaught in a crowd and got pushed from on place to another. The reporter also interviews anotheryouth who is taking part in the riots and violence. The first youths were not trying to hide theiridentity because they havent done anything wrong to do so, while the other youth hides his identityand also explains why to the reporter "because the police will get you on camera, then nick youdown the line, 3 months down the line." This shows that some youths dont care and just want tojoin the violence and get drunk. I think that this broadcast is biased because the reporter doesnt letthe first set of youths explain properly and jumps straight over to the hooded youth. The youthsdont get a fair voice in this broadcast because the just concentrate with the hooded youth. The agesof people in the court rooms and the percentages were the following: 11-17 19% and 18-24 51%,this shows that there was more than half of the people in the courtrooms getting charged wasteenagers.There is a positive point that we have got from the London riots and that is the campaigns to showthat not every teenager is negative towards the society when they are wearing a hoodie. For anexample the goodie in a hoodie campaign is trying to show the other generations and working classthat you can’t judge peoples identity from what they are wearing. There are many campaigns thatkicked off from the London riots such as not in my name campaign-NCVYS, young not dumb andgoodie in a hoodie. There are many positive out comes from the London riots for an example youthsused social media to help the clean up in London: Facebook-Riot clean up, Twitter-#cleanup. Social
  3. 3. media has been seen as a good and bad thing because rioters were using it to organise the riotsonline and on the good side people were using it to organise groups to clean up the areas that werehit by the London riots.I think that the media plays a big role in constructing the identity of youths today and I think if theideas of youth’s identity do change I think it will just get more negative and I think that this willcause more trouble throughout Britain between youths and the older generation. I think that theyounger generation will get the chance to give a fair voice for the overall youths today I think thatpeople like plan b are helping those who can be helped and will then start helping other people todo so. We need younger people to do that also then we have more of a chance to change thenegative views from the mass media and the older generations. I think that the social media hasgiven youths a chance to have a fair voice but within limits. I think that this will help teenagers to saywhat they want without causing trouble and maybe then the older generation will actually look atwhat younger generation want to say. I still think that the mass media will still control the idea ofteenagers identity because it’s the older/more mature generation working on the mass media, ifthey start to get younger people then it might change but until then identity for the youngergeneration will still be negative.EAA 9EG 10T322/50You need to make sure that you structure your essays carefully and always use specific points asyou tended to use general points which showed little evidence of detailed research. You also onlyattempted to use a little theory and did not fully integrate this theory with your ideas. Make surethat you always use the point evidence explanation structure and always link your points andargument back to the question posed.