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  1. 1. Design Technology Process Journal - Mar. 28th, 2011 - Cutting the wood. Today’s lesson was easy for me and everything ran great! I have done themeasuring and marking out part, so I cut it follow the lines that are drawn. Today I used many familiar tools, like the tenon saw and the pull saw and a G-clamp. I didn’t use any new tools. But the teacher introduced a new tool to us today, whichis the coping saw. This saw can help us cut the parts that are inside the wood board,which the tenon saw and the pull saw can not cut. I think the coping saw is designed great,because it was really helpful. I think I will use it later. And the G clamp is for keep the woodtight on the table. I found my project first when I went in to the work shop. I used pencils to remark mylines because it was faded a bit. And then, I found a tenon saw to continue to cut it.Everything ran great in this section except for 2 little problem that happened. When I wascutting the second cut that I need to cut, it was perfect at the start. But at the end, theuseless piece of wood was about to fall off, but it still sticked on it. So I used the tenon sawto cut it hardly, and it fall down. I thought it was perfect, but when I look at the edge, a littletriangular shaped edge fell off with the useless piece of wood. I was worried, so I found theteacher to have a look. But the teacher said it’s ok, he will teach me how to solve it later.Therefore I left it there and start to cut the last cut that I need to cut, this time was easy.The other problem was I accidentally cut my finger with the pull saw, but it was ok becausethe cut wasn’t too big. I need to be careful in the future because this is the second time Icut my finger. I think today’s lesson related to the AOI inquirers, because I asked some questionsto my friend and to the teacher. And the answers are helpful. This encouraged me to askmore in the future.
  2. 2. This is apicture ofme using apull sawand a G-clamp to cutthe top.
  3. 3. This is a picture of my using a G-clamp and a tenon saw to cut my top.