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  1. 1. Design Technology Process Journal –Feb. 17th, 2011<br />-Measuring and marking out a doorstop.<br />Today, we measured the wood and cut it in to the right size. I didn’t do it with a partner, because my partner was cutting another piece of wood. I don’t feel hard to do it by myself, instead it’s really fun.<br />We used many of the tools that we didn’t use it before. This is the first time I used those tools. The designs of the tools are really smart, the tools are easy to use and they are useful. Basically, I used a metal ruler, tri-square, pencil, a tenon saw, a cross cut saw, a bench vice and a bench hook. The metal ruler is for measuring the length and drawing the lines. I used the tri-square to draw a right angel on the piece of wood. Also, I used a tenon saw to cut the wood into 2 pieces, and a cross cut saw to cut the diagonal line. We used the bench vice to hold the bench hook. And then, we put the piece of wood we were cutting on the bench hook to hold it tight. With these tools, the work became easier. The wood we used was called pinewood.<br />To make the doorstop, we followed the steps. First of wall, we watched the teacher do the cutting part. He taught us about how to create a groove before cutting it, and how to use the saw and all those stuff. Second, we started cutting it by ourselves. I measured the length and the size at the beginning, to make sure the size is right. Then, I started cutting it. The cutting part was a bit tricky, we had to follow the line and make sure we cut it straight down to the end. I think I did this part quite good, I followed the line I drew on the wood. Even though I didn’t finish cutting the whole thing, but I think I did quite well. I will be cutting the angle in the next lesson. <br />I think today’s lesson related to the learner profile, RISK-TAKER. I didn’t use the tools and I didn’t try to do the cutting process before, this was my first time. Therefore I think I took risk in this lesson. For area of interaction, I think it mainly related to human ingenuity and the environment, because measured, we cut, and we drew also we used pinewood.<br />This is a picture of me wearing an apron. The apron helps me to protect my clothes.<br />I used a metal ruler to measure the length.<br />I used a tri square to draw the right angle.<br />This is a picture of me cutting the wood into 2 pieces.<br />This is a picture of me cutting the wood in to the doorstop shape.<br />