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Outlining budget


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Published in: Education
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Outlining budget

  1. 1. Posters TV Advertising campaign Outlining Budget Actors paid for 3 days work Bill boards equivalent to 12 hours’ Buses Pictures £500 per person cinema Letters 4 actors TV Total price = £2000 Mirror Advertising £1000 Actors Props £500 each £100 Costume needed 2 crew members Total budget Costume for each actor. £200 each Crew pay £200 £6300 Casual clothes Directors £200 each Assistant Camera man Crew may have more than one roll Location rent £500 TOTAL= £400 Equipment Food for cast& £2000 crew £100 Horse and groom =£166.66 The lake = £166.66 Food to be given to cast and Housing = £166.66 crew as part of the contract. Camera TOTAL= £500 Food will be purchased by Computer the crew and given to cast & Editing equipment crew on set at appropriate time.