Compare and Contrast Paper


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Compare and Contrast Paper

  1. 1. Compare and Contrast by Claire Dobra I'm comparing two stories; they are Ali Baba and the forty thieves and Aladdin. The reason why I'm comparing these two stories is because I want to see which is the better folktale is. My first similarity is both stories have greedy people. They're Jafar and Cassim. When Ali Baba tells Cassim about the treasure and the cave he tries to steal lots of the treasure but doesn't even get out of the cave. Jafar wants the treasure which is the lamp. The bad thing is that he can't go get it because only Aladdin can go in to the cave of wonders. Jafar tricks Aladdin into entering the cave. When Aladdin tries to escape Jafar tries to grab the lamp but Aboo the monkey steals it back. The genie helps Aladdin escape. Another similarity is there are thieves in both stories. Aladdin is the thief in his story and slightly Jafar because he tried to steal the lamp. In the end Aladdin wasn't a street rat/ thief, he was marring a princess. Ali Baba was the main character but he wasn't a thief instead he had forty thieves after him for knowing about their secret cave full of valuable treasure. None of them were anything more than thieves because Morginia killed them all. My favorite similarity is all the magic. In Aladdin the magic is 1. the genie 2. the cave of wonders 3. the flying rug. All the magic really did make the movie a lot better, because the genie was funny and the cave was almost scary and the rug was a really good companion Aladdin. In Ali Baba the cave is the magic and the magic words. The cave opened on the words 'open sesame'. The last similarity that I have is treasure. In Ali Baba the treasure was in the cave. Ali Baba only takes a little treasure although Cassim tries to take a lot of the treasure but can't because he dies. Aladdin has to go into the cave of wonders to get the the lamp. The lamp is the real treasure out of all the gold and jewels that were in the the first part of the cave but the second half contained of the lamp and a ruby. When Aboo touches the ruby the cave starts to collapse because he wasn't supposed to to touch anything. My first difference is that Ali Baba has a family.He almost relies on his family to protect him from the unknown enemies waiting outside his door(the thirty eight thieves in the oil containers) . Aladdin doesn't. He doesn't have a family that's why he lives as a 'street rat'.
  2. 2. Another difference id that there was no royalty mentioned in Ali Baba. There was no royalty mentioned or the thieves wouldn't even be there. The royalty was a big part of the movie. Princess Jasmine was the second biggest character in the movie. She was going to marry Aladdin in the end of the movie. One more difference is that Aladdin has a pet. His name is Aboo. Aboo is a monkey and he is very helpful to Aladdin. Ali Baba doesn't. There are no animals/pets mentioned in the story except for the one time used when Ali Baba was cutting down a tree instead of lumber he put sacks of gold on his donkey, but that really isn't a pet or at least doesn't qualify as a pet. In conclusion, after comparing and contrasting these two stories I feel that Aladdin was better. Not because it was a movie. I thought it was way too gruesome for my taste.