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How to Make Managing Social Network Accounts for Your Business Easier


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Find out how you can make managing social network accounts much easier for your business.

Published in: Technology
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How to Make Managing Social Network Accounts for Your Business Easier

  1. 1. How to Make Managing Social Network Accounts for Your Business EasierSocial networking is a big part of building your brand and establishing an online presenceas a business. If you want to make managing your social network accounts easier, youneed to find an application that can include Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profilemanagement all in one. This would allow you to update your status on all of thesedifferent social networks, all at once. Additionally, it would be an application that runs onApple devices like the iPhone, iPad, or even iPod. This would allow you to publish statusupdates and update your profiles on these social networks, from any of these mobiledevices. This is extremely important, because being able to update your status and profilewhile on the go from a mobile device can make your business more efficient. Businessestoday often need a way to stay in touch with their customers and relate to them on apersonal level. Social networking applications that incorporate many different socialnetworks into one device are perfect for this. Be sure to search on the iTunes directoryand find an application that works for you, you may want to consider one MyLife is an application that can make things much easier for yourbusiness, it incorporates Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn profile management, all intoone central device. You can find out more information about the application by going, or you can view the application page on iTunes.Using an application allows you to update statuses while on the goWhen you have an application like, you can update your status while youare on the go. It doesn’t matter where you are, your mobile device will allow you to loginto the application and publish a status update on Twitter, Facebook, or even LinkedIn.This is a great way to connect with prospects and customers that you have on these socialnetworks, you can keep in touch no matter where you are at. The best part about theapplication is that it offers a streamlined experience. You will no longer have to wait anytime at all for the application to work with your social accounts, as soon as you turn it on,it will login and make all of the features of the social networks accessible to you withinseconds. You can update your status, reply to a status of a friend, view pictures, viewprofiles, or do anything you can on normal social network applications. MyLife.comcompletely replaces the default applications of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Youwill no longer have to worry about logging into the inefficient applications that thesesocial networks provide you. They only work for their individual website, but application will work for all of them at once.When you are a business, you need to do what you can to make your business moreefficient and more effective at what you do. Social media accounts can be difficult tomanage, so why not streamline this area of your business and make it more simple?Applications like allow you to do exactly that! They make social mediaaccount management dead simple, their application has literally revolutionized the waythat businesses log into their accounts and manage them when they are away from theoffice.
  2. 2. Did you know that applications like can make managing your social networkaccounts simple? find here provides a straightforward solution to social network accountmanagement!