Winter Formal 2013 Dress Code


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Appropriate attire for the Winter Formal 2013: "A Night at Gatsby's"

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Winter Formal 2013 Dress Code

  1. 1. WINTER FORMAL 2013 “A Night at Gatsby’s” Dress Code
  2. 2. Dress Code: Formal Attire• Dress code regulations must be followed by all students attending – current CCHS students and off-campus guests• Guidelines will be strictly enforced. Students not in compliance will not be able to attend the dance. Refunds will not be issued• A student may be given the opportunity to enter the dance, if he/she is willing to be in compliance with the “CCHS Loaner” clothing option. (CCHS Loaner clothing is defined as athletic short and/or t-shirt.)• Please stop by the Deans Office, if there are any questions about the appropriateness of your attire.• As a reminder, attire must represent the modesty acceptable for a Catholic school dance.
  3. 3. Gentlemen Dress Code (as noted on the bid)• Dress shoes with sock – ONLY• Dress pants• Suit or Tuxedo (dress shirt, tie, jacket, belt)• Shirts must be buttoned and tucked in at all times• No earrings, costumes, or canes• Hair should be well groomed• Clean shaven
  4. 4. Appropriate Attire Suits and tuxedos with dress shirts and ties, dress shoes with socks, clean shaven, and well manicured.
  5. 5. Inappropriate Attire No sports shoes or boat shoes, no dress shirt or tie, no dress pants, and not clean shaven.
  6. 6. Ladies Dress Code (as noted on the bid)• Dress shoes only• No plunging necklines or low backs• No bare midriffs/sides• Dresses must be of appropriate length (no shorter than 5 inches above the middle of the knee) and not excessively form fitting.• Slits on dresses and skirts must be modest and adhere to length requirements.
  7. 7. Appropriate DressesGowns must be of appropriate length (no shorter than 5 inches from the middle of the knee) and not form fitting. Examples of Appropriate Dresses
  8. 8. Inappropriate Dresses Too Too short &short& too Too too tighttight Short
  9. 9. Appropriate DressesSlits on dresses and skirts must be modest and adhere to length requirement
  10. 10. Inappropriate Dresses Slits too high on leg
  11. 11. Appropriate DressesNo plunging necklines and/or backs
  12. 12. Inappropriate Dresses Plunging necklinePlunging back
  13. 13. Appropriate DressesNo bare midriffs and/or sides
  14. 14. Inappropriate Dresses Bare midriffs and sides Bare sides &plunging back
  15. 15. Dress Code Information …Continued• There are many beautiful dresses available that meet CCHS requirements for a Catholic high school dance.• If you are altering your dress to meet our requirements, fabric inserts must be sewn, not pinned, on the dress.• Dresses must meet requirements without cover-ups (shawls, jackets, sweaters, etc).
  16. 16. Show Your Personal StyleMore examples ofappropriate attire
  17. 17. Have Fun! Stay Safe!Make Good Choices!Winter Formal ~ 2013