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Clear Asbestos Testing Adelaide


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Asbestos testing is a job to do professionally, to know that, you can read this slide share. And for more information, you can visit this site thank you

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Clear Asbestos Testing Adelaide

  1. 1. Have you tested your property for asbestos?
  2. 2. Do you plan to buy an old property or do you consider redesigning your old building? You should be extra careful if you are going to do so. Old premises, which were made before the 1990s, have a high probability of containing asbestos containing materials (ACMs). The ACM is classified as a lethal substance. Exposure to this hazardous mineral can result in severe diseases. The risk will be higher if an ACM is disturbed and releases fibres into the air. But why it becomes a threat? It is very clear that many people spend their daily activities indoor, whether to live or to work. Sometimes you just have to ask yourself, how good is the air quality in your living or working space? Breathing contaminated air can be life threatening. One of many sources that can pollute the air is asbestos fibre. testing/
  3. 3. The best way to know if an ACM exists in a property is by doing asbestos testing. Clear Asbestos Removal Adelaide can help you when you need to test for ACMs. As an endorsement body, we will get you in touch with local, trusted removalists for handling asbestos testing works. Our endorsed contractors have the knowledge on how to perform safe asbestos testing Adelaide processes efficiently. Not only for private properties, they also provide their services for business, industrial, and government properties. They can deliver a comprehensive testing service; starting from the initial identification, sampling until the examination process through a NATA approved lab. You will get the outcome right away. If you feel uncertain about the ACMs in your property, contact our endorsed removalists today!
  4. 4. Asbestos threats in Adelaide Asbestos is a hazardous material that still takes victims until now. The fact is, one out of three houses in Australia are suspected to contain ACMs. This is why you must raise your awareness of the use of ACMs in many buildings across Australia. You probably have the same problem as other people. They are aware of the danger, but cannot tell which building material has ACMs and which one is not. Most people find it hard to identify fibrous materials. Only the manufacturers can inform you about fibre contamination in their products. However, that is not the best option you should take, as it’s only a waste of time. If you want to figure out whether you have been exposed to ACMs or not, you must get professional help. They can assist you in identifying ACMs that may reside within your house. Insights on asbestos hazards An ACM is made from fibrous mineral, which is formed naturally. It was mainly used for its great properties, including heat and fire resistance. It’s also very affordable to use as building parts. However, it has negative effects to human’s health that the government decided to ban it in 2003.
  5. 5. ACM types There are generally two types of ACMs, which are: •Friable ACM – This kind of ACM can be easily crumbled by hand pressure. Its fragile nature allows fibres to become airborne easily. Resulting in a broader contamination area. •Bonded ACM – Also called as a non-friable material. When this type of ACM is undamaged, it has the smallest potential risk to the surroundings. But overtime, it can also release its fibres and cause health hazards to human beings. Keep in mind: Either it’s a fence, fibro sheet or even a roofing material, if you find those ACMs in the above condition, you must take an extra precaution and call for help from a certified removalist. Read more about ACMs here: 1. 2.
  6. 6. Identify fibrous materials the right way A homeowner would have a hard time to identify an ACM. Even DIY asbestos testing kits cannot provide a good help to recognise the fibrous materials. You can get exposed to fibres since the package only includes standard safety equipment. It won’t be enough to protect you from tiny fibres. Moreover, improper asbestos testing Adelaide procedures can disturb ACM products and release the hazard to your entire house. Some ACMs can hide beneath your building structures. Locations such as under the tiles or behind the wall can be contaminated as well. Therefore, you have to seek help from professionals since they know where to look and how to do safe asbestos testing Adelaide jobs. An assessor who has a proper certification can tell if a wall contains the deadly fibres or if they are lurking behind it. The sampling and testing works will be performed if he is unsure about the presence of ACMs there. The asbestos testing Adelaide processes are based on the safe work practice guidelines and the national health and safety standard regulations. Here is the brief description of the protocols, so you can get a better understanding of how important it is to do it safely.
  7. 7. Collecting samples The contractor will follow all safety measures to prevent fibre exposure. The actions are described as follow: •Wearing personal protective equipment and seal the testing area. The equipment is a standard procedure to keep the worker secured. On the other hand, the area needs to be contained to prevent fibre generation. Furthermore, it is better to assume that friable products are involved, so both occupants’ and also the worker’s safety is guaranteed during the work. •Before taking the samples, the assessor will wet the product and prevent fibre release. The sample taken should be as big as a coin for analysis purposes. He will then take a chunk of the sample and put it inside sealed and thick plastic bags. Each bag will be labeled with the type and origin of the sample. Afterwards, any broken or damaged products will be sealed using a sealant or adhesive to avoid further contamination. •The samples will be sent to a lab that is accredited for ACM analysis. The samples will be analysed by specialised equipment such as electron microscopy. This is the reason why you cannot do the identification process by yourself.
  8. 8. Cleanup The sampling area will be decontaminated to ensure that it’s safe for reoccupation. It’s highly recommended that the room, if the ACM is located indoor, be sealed before you get the result from the lab. If the result is negative, you can remove all the seal. But if it is positive, you must take the next step to remove all contaminated ACMs from your property. Other Services In handling an ACM contamination, you may need other services to ensure a complete remediation process at your place. These services can be selected based on your needs: 1.Asbestos removal Adelaide 2.Asbestos management plan Adelaide 3.Asbestos roof removal Adelaide 4.Consultant 5.Soil remediation 6.Air monitoring 7.Demolition 8.Emergency repair
  9. 9. Who is Clear Asbestos Removal Adelaide? Through clear asbestos removal Adelaide, get the comfort in seeking the right help from a certified contractor. Our seal of endorsement only goes to those who have met our standards of checklist. Rest assured that our members have proper training to deliver high-quality services. We believe our certified contractors’ capability as they have a full B-class license, equipment, and expertise to conduct a safe sampling and testing. Get a piece of mind since you’ll get a fast and efficient result. They manage to do the job for any building, either it is a project for a house, commercial property, or even an industrial premise. When you need asbestos testing Adelaide services in large premises, our endorsed members can also help! Pick up your phone and contact them directly to get free and no-commitment quotes. You can get 100% free quotes from 1,2, or even 3 removalists. All you have to do is choose a service provider that suits your needs. No place can give the same service like we do. It’s easy and straightforward!