Human rights risk


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H rts risk timeline partner call feb2014 ii

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Human rights risk

  1. 1. CSO Workshop – 6 December 2013 Human rights risk Timeline February 2014
  2. 2. CSO Workshop – 6 December 2013 Global Fund Strategy The Global Fund Strategy, Investing for Impact 2012-2016, commits to protecting and promoting human rights by: – Integrating human rights considerations throughout the grant cycle, – Ensuring the Global Fund does not support programs that infringe human rights, and – Increasing investment in programs that address human rights barriers to accessing health services. 2
  3. 3. CSO Workshop – 6 December 2013 July 2013-December 2014 Transparency, accountability, participation - Timeline and process posted online - Staff and Human Rights Reference Group work together - Biweekly Secretariat brown-bag discussions Review and develop measures to manage risk of programs violating human rights Develop guidance and tools on human rights for the New Funding Model Capacity-building Communications Phase 2 (2014) Address risk of rights violations Phase 1 (2013) Investments to address barriers to access Human rights at the Global Fund: Timeline to implement the strategy
  4. 4. CSO Workshop – 6 December 2013 Timeline in detail 4 July 2013 Phase 1: Investments Focal points training & manual Brown-bag series Human rights in staff induction Country profiles Human Rights Info Note TERG review Portfolio review Phase 2: Human rights risk Research and workshop New standards & procedures Dec 2013 May 2014 Dec 2014 Completed Feb 2014 TBC April 2014 May 2014 SIIC TBD Board TBD TBC March 2014
  5. 5. CSO Workshop – 6 December 2013 Human rights risk working groups Internal risk group • CRG • OIG • Legal • GMD • ORM • Procurement 5 External groups • Privileges and Immunities Convention • Aid accountability at other donors • Conflict areas/fragile states • Prisons and closed settings • Torture in health care settings • Developing Country NGO Delegation – community consultations to begin soon • Others… ? CRG Link between both groups
  6. 6. CSO Workshop – 6 December 2013 Two broad areas of human rights risk: Environmental Beyond direct control of PRs and SRs, addressed through human rights interventions • Criminalization of key populations • Weak or no rule of law – courts do not function independently, or do not work at all • Gender-based violence • Discrimination by employers, schools • No harm reduction services • NGOs not allowed to register, open bank accounts • LGBT, AIDS advocates jailed • Policing practices • Conflict, war • Etc… Programmatic Managed through selection of PRs and SRs, or through contractual relationships with them • Treatment that constitutes torture, is inhumane or degrading • Use of scientifically unsound practices • Forced sterilization • Coercive testing and treatment (without informed consent) • Chaining patients, locked rooms • Violations of medical confidentiality • Other issues in discussion with GF Human Rights Reference Group 6
  7. 7. CSO Workshop – 6 December 2013 Assess and manage environmental risk through grant design 2. Interventions from Human Rights Information Note Use a rights-based approach to health service design and delivery • Consult with key populations, women • Put the patient at the center, tailor services to patient needs, integrate services with local community Package of interventions to remove legal barriers to accessing health services • Legal environment assessment and law reform • Legal literacy and legal aid • Rights training for officials, health workers, and police • Community-based monitoring • Policy advocacy and social accountability Examples • Zambia’s prisons have inmate TB peer educators who assist with outreach, screening and testing • South Africa’s prisons have prisoner support groups who monitor treatment access • Myanmar networks of PLHIV and key populations will monitor cases of medical discrimination against PLHIV and TB patients, and share them with a national law reform working group of civil society and MPs • Indonesian civil rights group LBH Masyarakat trains people who inject drugs to be community paralegals who advise their peers • Legal aid services for MSM charged under sodomy laws in Cameroon
  8. 8. CSO Workshop – 6 December 2013 Develop policies and procedures to address programmatic rights risks • Establish minimum standards for grant recipients • Developing draft standards in consultation with Human Rights Reference Group, OIG, Legal, etc. • Office of the Inspector General is already accepting human rights complaints on its whistle-blower hotline • Questions raised in discussions about how to handle future allegations of abuses • Who receives allegations? Who investigates? • What falls within Global Fund mandate? What can the Secretariat and the OIG investigate? • What is the role of the CCM? • What is role of technical partners, civil society? • What is role of LFAs? • What steps should be taken to investigate and manage allegations? • What procedures will be followed if allegations are found to be true? • What additional needs will there be for training and resourcing the Secretariat and the OIG?